Chapter 69

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Too unexpected.
“Lu, Lucretia…?”

Rishell spoke, obviously at a loss of words.

… I believe that I was the most confused one though.
Even my voice doesn’t come out.

Lucretia-sama silently started approaching me.

… Lucretia-sama then vigorously hugged me, who was ready to put myself on guard.

“”… Wha?””

My and Rishell’s voices splendidly overlapped.

… Eh? What? What kind of situation is this?
Errr… Lucretia-sama suddenly came out of her room and embraced me… what’s up with that?

“… Olga-sama, I wanted to see you so much!”

… Lucretia’s first words were this.

In this way, my confusion was increased even further, and as smoke was starting to escape from my head, Rishell who finally recovered came to my help.

“Lu, Lucretia. Leave it at that. Olga is so confused her head is about to burst out…”

Saying so, Rishell tried to tear Lucretia-sama off of me.

… But, even so, Lucretia-sama didn’t let me go.
The degree of my confusion rose even more.

“No way! If I let go of Olga-sama, you are going to monopolize her all by yourself, right Oniisama!?”

“I won’t!? … No, there are many things I want to do though!”

… I was so confused, that I couldn’t hear who said what anymore.

… Someone, help me! Acutely!

Not hearing the voice of my heart, Lucretia-sama kept clinging to me for a while after that.

“… Are you okay, Olga?”

At last, Rishell pulled Lucretia-sama off of me and we moved inside Lucretia-sama’s room.

Although the maids didn’t seem to be allowed in while she shut herself in, her room was comparatively clean.

“Yesimfine, noproblem.”

“You are not fine at all, right!? … See, Lucretia? As consequences of you wouldn’t letting go off Olga, she has degenerated in her head.

“I, I am sorry! I got too excited…!”

My head which wasn’t working properly had its hands full of holding an infant-level conversation.
I probably can’t even pronounciate properly.

Thinking that I can’t stay this way, I shook my head to regain my sanity.

“I, I am fine. I have regained my sanity.”

After reporting so confusedly, I reached towards the tea at the table before the sofa I was sitting on and sipped it.

… Ah, it’s Rosemary. My heart is calming down.

Once my heart calmed down, I naturally had a question.

… Why did Lucretia-sama embrace me?

“Lucretia, why did you hug Olga all of sudden a while ago?”

Rishell naturally had the same question, so he inquired from Lucretia-sama.


Lucretia-sama’s cheeks quickly dyed red as she replied while fidgeting with her gaze directed downwards.

“That… I wanted to see Olga-sama all this time… but I was scared to go outside and I couldn’t go to see her myself. But, I was too happy hearing that she came over to see me… I unconsciously got a little too excited.”

Was she so fond of me…?

I looked at Rishell while stopping Lucretia-sama who was apologizing to me with all of her might.

… Rishell looked at me as well.

(… What am I supposed to do from now on?)

When I asked such with my eyes, Rishell also replied with his eyes.

(First of all, if she could go outside even for a moment… next, I would like you to persuade her to go to the ball.)

(… Are we really doing it? I don’t want to pressure Lucretia-sama too much.)

Lucretia-sama who was looking at me with blushed cheeks and sparkling eyes resembled an adorable squirrel.
She’s stimulating my desires to protect her, yeah.

… She somehow feels similar to Celsior.

(However, if we don’t do it then Lucretia-sama will be ridiculed as someone who missed her marriage within the noble circle.)

I bit my lips.

It’s common for the women of royalty and nobility to be engaged at sixteen years of age.

… I would like Lucretia-sama who is this cute, who is so fond of me, to avoid being maliciously gossiped about.

I can understand from having experienced it myself, but I am unexpectedly quite strong-willed.

“… Lucretia-sama.”

“Yesh!? What is it!”

Straightening her back, Lucretia-sama looked into my eyes with her sparkling eyes.

… Ou, the sense of guilt is steadily rising.
What do I do?

“… Umm, Lucretia-sama… have you thought about your marriage?”

I said it like some person from a matchmaking agency.
I have never been there though.

Lucretia-sama was startled, but she began speaking after thinking about it.

“Erm… I don’t think the talks have advanced much, but I won’t deny if it’s to benefit the country.”

She unexpectedly doesn’t seem to be in refusal.

I thought that she would be extremely against it since she’s a shut-in.

… It seems that she stayed a shut-in just because of her dislike of that stupid prince.
I understand her feelings so much.

“… Then, would you make an appearance on the next ball!?”

Yes, I ended up saying that with vigor.

… Lucretia-sama pondered over it for a moment.

“… If Olga-sama is going, then I will go too!”

“”… Eh.””

Once again, the voices of Rishell and I overlapped.

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