Chapter 64

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Questioning. Part 4
Yes, that being the case, I have successfully asked all of the capture targets about their love life.

… That everyone likes the same type of person is scary.
Do all sons of nobles like beauties with long hair?

… And so, Celsior is the only one left…

At first, I thought it would be all right to not ask, but I remembered that he said that he has a person he likes.

… Maybe, just maybe, Celsior might have progressed with the person he likes.

“… Alright, let’s ask.”

That being the case, let’s strike while the iron is hot.

There might have been a tiny possibility, so I decided to go to his room at once.

───Knock, knock.

“Celsior, are you in~? I have a little something I want to ask you.”

I knocked on Celsior’s door after dinner.

“Yes, come in.”

Having received a reply, I entered inside.

… I don’t remember when I entered his room last, but it’s clean as usual.
I wonder if he hides something dubious under his bed as is common among boys in puberty?

… Probably not, Celsior doesn’t seem interested.
But, the friends in my past life said that people who seem like that are those who do it the most…

Oh well.

“Sorry for coming over so suddenly, Celsior.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Celsior replied with a smile.

… My little brother really is an angel. It’s a different story when he snaps.
… Well, he’s not my real little brother though.

“So, what did you want to ask?”

“Ah~… you said that you have someone you like, right? I was wondering how things are going for you…”

They might have made progress.

Both for Celsior and my sake, it would be better if they made progress.

“W, why are you asking that all of sudden!?”

“You are my little brother, so I would like to support you in your love.”

I have already gotten used to answering this.

I have already asked three times, so I have come prepared.

“I, is that so… I am your little brother, is it?”

… Why do you look so dejected, Celsior.
Are you unable to stomach me calling you a little brother…?

But, even by a mistake, you are not the older one…
What a difficult age he is in.

“I, I understand… I will tell you.”

“Why do you seem like you received so much damage…?”

Does he dislike being called little brother that much?
What if he actually wanted to be the elder brother? There’s nothing I can do about that.

… Or is this fellow thinking that supporting him in love is not my business?
I don’t think Celsior is that kind of child, no?


… It’s really something different, right!?

“E, elder sister…?”

“S, sorry! Please, go ahead!”

I was apparently making a silly face, as Celsior called out to me with a puzzled expression.

It seems that brooding over things is becoming my habit. Let’s be more careful…

“Y, yes… so far, we have not made any progress…”

“I, is that so…”

I did expect it, but there was apparently no progress.
Well, Celsior is pure-hearted, so… it can’t be helped.

… Did Rishell or Lance teach him how to treat women?
But, I don’t want to see Celsior becoming like those two.

“So, who is it? The person you like.”

If it’s Celsior, he might tell me. I looked at him with expectations.

… Then, Celisor’s face gradually reddened.

“Ce, Celsior…? Your face is red, you know…?”

“A, ahh! Isn’t it too hot today!?”

It’s not.

There are many things I wanted to say, but I couldn’t before Celsior’s angry look.

“Ah, yes… it is…”

When I lost to Celsior’s gaze and gave a half-hearted reply, he went: “That’s right, it’s hot today, is it not!” and started walking around the room.

… Won’t you feel hotter this way?

“W, who is it? Celsior.”

He might be acting like this in order to divert the subject, but it might also not be the case.

… Celsior’s walking speed increased.

“I got it, I won’t ask who it is anymore! Stop already, Celsior!?”

… Celsior’s walking speed got so fast it made me worry.
His face is uncommonly red too, did he encounter some kind of a disease?

… Celsior finally stopped and lowered his waist on a chair.

“… Are you all right, Celsior? Your face is red, are you not ill?”

“That’s not it! … I, it’s a common illness during puberty. It will heal if left alone.”

“I, I see…”

Sorry, I almost interjected and asked what kind of disease it is.
… But, Celsior’s blood vessels were seemingly at the point of exploding, so I stopped myself.

… Rather than that, Celsior. Your breathing became rough and your entire face is red, is this really not some kind of a new disease? Isn’t this unrelated to puberty at this point?

“S, should I call a doctor!?”

“Please, doooon’t!”

… Celsior’s shouting voice resounded around the mansion.

After that, the servants who came running after hearing Celsior’s shouting were thrown out of the room, and our conversation has become vague.

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