Chapter 59

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Intermission – Certain Prince’s Recollection
— Rishell’s Point of View —

Rishell Viaveil.

The name of this country’s second prince is well-known all over the country.

Unlike the first prince Albert who is widely known for being useless and the first princess Lucretia who is famous as the Tragic Princess, his standing was recognized as the top of the country in the future.

Although there still was the first prince, he was smarter and his outward appearances were also nicer.
There were many people who pushed him towards the position of the Crown Prince.

… But, behind the shadow of his fame, he was putting even more effort to get it.

“… Haah.”

Study, study, study, even though I am only ten years of age.
Even today, I had to wake up at 6 am, and studied from 7 am to 12 am, and will have to study again after taking an hour-long lunch.

… Do you know how much I have been looking forward to lunch?

I think it’s thoughtless to force such schedule on me just because I am the second prince of this country.

In the first place, why is my elder brother Albert allowed to laze around all day while I have to suffer like this…

I understand that it’s because no one has any expectations of him, but I am swirling with dissatisfaction.
… Everything is the fault of the elder brother’s incompetence.

Hearing about the national politics at this age endlessly is agonizing, and I will be troubled if told to become the Crown Prince.

First of all, the first prince normally becomes the Crown Prince, so I will do without that obligation.

They might be cynical thinking that a ten-year-old like me can do anything.
It goes without saying that I am irritated by my elder brother who does nothing every single day.

He wasn’t like this until about five years ago, but when was it that rumors about his incompetence started circulating?
… Ahh, I remember now. It was since the time he barged into the hall during Father’s audience with the neighboring country’s King.

Afterward, I started hearing that he was fed up with studying.
I certainly do understand his complaints, but he’s stupid for letting others call him incompetent.

Well, the person himself was seemingly happy to be called incompetent as he didn’t have to study anymore.

I walked towards the dining room while thinking such.

… And on the way, I found a girl who sat in the corridor and cried.

… What is she doing? Is she a servant’s child?
Her attire doesn’t look like that though…

“… What are you doing?”

When I called out to the girl with a calm voice, her body jolted and she timidly turned towards me.

“You are…”

I recognized her shiny silver hair and big amber eyes.

… She was elder brother’s fiancée, Olga.
However, why is she here…?

“… Rishell-sama?”

She really was crying as her amber eyes were wet with tears.

… I have never seen a girl of the same age cry before, so I got panicky.

“W, what’s the matter!? Did Aniue do something to you!?”

The lack of trust of my own brother showed as that was the first thing that came to my mind, but let’s ignore that.
To think that elder brother was such a scum that he would make a younger girl cry…

When I silently got angry, Olga denied in a hurry.

“A, Albert-sama is unrelated to this! I got separated from Okaasama and Otousama…”

Is this why she was crying here all alone?

Since she came to the castle with her parents, she was most likely asked to meet Albert.

… To go to a parlor but get lost in the opposite corridor that leads to a dining room… this girl’s sense of direction is probably nonexistent.

“Is that so…”

There, I pondered for a while.

If I bring this girl over, I will lose my free time.
However, leaving her alone after finding her here would disqualify me like the royalty.

… I decided to take the girl to the parlor.

In the first place, I wanted to try talking with her a little.

Thinking such, I stopped minding that my free time got reduced.

“… Why did you come to the castle today?”

Nine out of ten cases would be for Albert though.

My expectations proved right.

“I was told to see Albert-sama… But, I don’t want to see Albert-sama that much.”

The fiancée of my Aniue suddenly remarked.

… Well, I don’t feel sorry for him though.

“And why is that?”

“… Albert-sama often bullies me… he says he hates me… also, he’s super condescending.”

“The last thing was especially concrete, huh.”


The two points felt quite childish, but the last point was terrible. Condescending, huh.
Moreover, she declared that without hesitation with a serious look on her face.

“It’s very troubling that I will have to marry that person in the future…”

“… There are many things I want to say, but please live strongly.”

I don’t think there are many things she could do now that she became his fiancée, but I think I don’t want her to give up.
I would also firmly refuse if I was in her position.

… The first prince’s character is so bad that even his face and status cannot save him. Amazing.

… At the same time I thought that, I got interested in her.

Her honest manner of speaking betrayed her childish appearances.
If I had to be frank then… well, she got quite a wicked tongue.

If it was any other young noble lady, she would be trying to get close to me.
What a difference.

… What an amusing child. This child might not even get surprised if I revealed my true character to her.

While thinking such, we arrived at the parlor.

… Several months later, after meeting repeatedly, I tried disclosing my true character to her.

“I thought something was strange, this way is much better!”

She declared with a whole-faced smile.
Quite terrible.

She’s not conscious of it herself, but she does have quite a wicked tongue.
I am worried about her future prospects.

… She may be able to keep Albert on a short leash though.

… However, six years later, an unbelievable incident occurred.

“… No, release me! Stop it!”

“Don’t worry about it, just come!”

I was on the way to my room from an official business when I heard these voices.

… These voices are Aniue and Olga?

When I went towards the voices to see what was happening, I saw Aniue trying to drag Olga into his room.

“Stop it… release me! I am still…”

“I am telling you to come! You are my fiancée, aren’t you!”

… Yeah, I understand now.
Aniue was most likely trying to force himself on Olga.

To think he would not be satisfied by servants and other young ladies and try to force himself even onto her.

Even though it’s an established custom to protect one’s chastity until the marriage.

“… How about you stop?”

Aniue was pretending not to hear me and continued pulling Olga into his room, so I spontaneously punched his face and glared at him.

Aniue didn’t think he would get hit, so he was looking at me in a shock.

“You, hitting me, the first prince…”

“Did you not learn anything about the betrothed keeping their purity together?”

When I said so while glaring at him, he glared back with cold eyes.

… Olga took as much distance from Albert as possible while trembling.
Is she all right?

“Wha… that’s not your business! Trying to lecture me despite being the younger brother!”

“Are you aware that you are losing to this younger brother’s reputation and achievements? If you don’t want me to lecture you, how about you at least try to keep up with me?”

I laughed at him and walked away.

… Aniue glared at me vexingly, but thinking that I was talking down to him again, he immediately retreated to his room.

… I was thinking what I should do if he told others that I hit him, but his pride is too big to complain that he was hit by his younger brother, so it will be probably fine.

“… What the hell, that pervert! What was he thinking!?”

Brining Olga to a place with no people, she started spitting fire.
I thought she was frightened, but it seems that I was wrong.

Her trembling from before also seems to have been anger.

“… Seriously, this Aniue of mine is hopeless. To think he would resort himself to rap*ng women…”


Not receiving any shock from the words “rap*ng women” she nodded in agreement.

… Even though he already has a fiancée, he’s stupid enough to think that his cheating is not known to anyone.
All the people in the castle know.

… Still, she became beautiful, didn’t she?
Her silver, long hair got increasingly charming, and her amber eyes shined as always.
No matter how I think about it, she’s wasted on that lust demon.

… I wish she could marry me instead.

I was shocked by my own thoughts.

I wasn’t aware at that time that it wasn’t just a delusion of mine.
That’s because I have already fallen in love with her.

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