Chapter 58

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“… Oy, what are you guys talking abo… whoa.”

Apparently, Lance who couldn’t endure being alone approached us and simply blatantly grimaced when he saw Rishell’s face.

“What whoa, what are you whoa-ing for?”

“Sorry, your smile was so dark I got startled.”

Certainly, his maliciousness oozed out from his smile at the end.
I still can’t comprehend what did he show his maliciousness here for.

It seems to be a mystery for Lance too.

“… What were you talking that made you display your maliciousness at a full-throttle?”

We were talking about kissing.
His face became as such just because I asked what does being kissed feel like.

It’s not my fault. Probably, most likely, definitely.

“… Olga was asking Eliza what does kissing feel like.”

“… Ah~”

Why are you making an understanding face, Lance!?
You cannot nod in consent here!

… I don’t know whether it was something between men that I didn’t understand, but the two nodded at each other.
The hell?

“… So, what did you ask about?”

“Nothing special, really…”

I don’t think I did, at least.

“Err, I only asked about the feeling, distance and whether she was nervous at that time.”

“Too many!”

But, I am curious… it’s an unrelated story to me after all.
Lance and Rishell seem to be simply well-versed in this, will they answer me if I ask them…?

… I ignored the “Eh!? You answered that, Eliza!?” “… I only told her how it felt” “You answered that!?” conversation of the lovebirds behind me.

… As long as they get along.

“… Did you guys kissed anyone before?”

The moment I asked, the surroundings froze with a snap.
Dante and Eliza stopped moving too.

… Eh, what? What’s up? Did I ask something strange…? No, I did, but was it so bad for the mood to become like this?

“… W, what’s wrong?”

Even when I asked, Rishell was just laughing without moving, Dante and Eliza were trembling while looking at Rishell, and Lance froze in place with his face bright red.

… They are collectively ignoring me. Whoa~ that hurts~

“… Why are you asking that?”

Several seconds later, Rishell questioned with a whole-faced smile, but his voice was frighteningly stiff.
Not cold, but stiff.

How rare for Rishell. His face is cramping too.


“… No, you two looked experienced, so…”

When I said so timidly without knowing if I incurred royal wrath, I seem to have trampled upon a land mine with all of my might as Rishell’s face cramped even more while Lance’s face got even redder.

… Why, what is going on…? Everyone is making extremely comic faces though.

“… Ah, sorry… even if you have the experience, it’s not like you have to be well-versed in it, yes?”

… Snap. The atmosphere froze even more.

… Again!? What is it!? How about someone smashes this frozen atmosphere so we can remake it from the start?

This wish of mine did not come true, as the conversation with Rishell who has a cramped smile and the red-faced Lance continued.

… Dante and Eliza? They blended with the atmosphere. That’s mean.

I also want to blend with the atmosphere. Seriously.

For the atmosphere to freeze this much even without knowing the reason…

“… I will leave it to your imagination.”

After a while of silence, Rishell spoke up. He ran away.

“… I, I see.”

I would like to get more info out of them, but I feel like I might have gotten enveloped in darkness if I continued.
… Mainly by Rishell. In the first place, I don’t think anyone but Rishell would be capable.

“… You did good escaping, Rishell.”

“… Yeah. I am glad Olga understood that she was going to die if she said any more.”

… The two were whispering something behind me, Lance seemed to be still disordered.
… What are you so disordered for?

I certainly said that I don’t have any interest in marriage, but it’s not like I don’t have any interest between the matters of a man and a woman.
I am also no different from a pubescent girl.

I am interested in the couple date courses (I won’t go to a one though), I am also curious about the kiss like I heard a while ago.

Rather, I want to know what I did not experience.

“How about you try doing it if you are so curious?”

“Ah, I am fine, thanks.”

… Is what Rishell said, but let’s not mind it.
Even though I said I didn’t want to do it.
Though the listener might have misunderstood from my questions.

… Why are you making such despondent faces, Lance, Rishell? If you two ask, there will be people lining up for you.

But well, the two seem to hate people that gather around them because of their faces or power.
I am worried about their future.

I am just as worried about Celsior.

… I am worried that the romance circumstances of all capture targets are too obscure.
I especially have no idea about Keith.

Alright, let’s gather information about the love lives of the capture targets from now on.

… Let’s do my best to not get exposed to Rishell.

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