Chapter 57

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“… Eh? Eeeeeeeh!?”

“You are too loud, Olga.”

How could I keep calm!?
I’m shocked by what you just told me!

I heard about what happened after we sent Dante chasing after Eliza yesterday.

… It appears that Dante somehow managed to find Eliza after we forcibly kicked him out of the classroom.

Well, him being able to find the person he loves was within my expectations, but to think they would become intimate just like that.

… I feel that it went way too swimmingly though. I mean, they become a couple after that, you know? I did not expect that.

… Are they the so-called campus couple now?

“… But, to think you would kiss.”

Among the things Eliza said, there was the story about the two kissing as well.
I thought that one wouldn’t normally talk about this with friends, but Eliza is quite pure, so she must have judged it to be fine to talk about.

… Also, I think that she simply trusts me, but am I too self-conscious?

“Don’t speak so loud… I did it forcefully too after all.”

To think Eliza would take such an action.

I was startled that the incompetent Dante kiss her, but to think Eliza would be so assertive too?

“How did it feel…?”

Unfortunately, I haven’t kissed even in my past life.
However, I do have an interest.

Even I look like this, I am a woman.

“R, right… it was soft and warm?”


As I thought, it’s same as described in books or manga.

Well, the feeling might change depending on the partner.
I haven’t done it before though.

“Then, was his face really close as I thought? Were you nervous?”

“E, errr…”

“How did you feel when… ow!”

When I asked three questions in succession, Eliza’s Boyfriend-sama has stopped me (with a fist).

“Olga, why are you questioning things with no delicacy?”

“No, I mean, the feelings of the incompetent you and the dense Eliza has been successfully conveyed so… ow!? Again!?”

Dante who smiled like a Hannya dropped his fist on my head again.

… Uwaa, tears came out.
I will surely have a bump there… moreover, I was hit twice.

I am against violence!

“… What might you be doing?”

“… Geh, Rishell.”

I discovered a malicious smile that was unpleasantly looking at Dante behind me.

… I feel that it has been a long time.


“Dante, what did you just do to a lady just now?”

… Lady?
I don’t have such a character~…

There are people from the classroom here, so Rishell is speaking with honorifics, which is quite scary.
It shouldn’t be only me feeling cold sweat running on my back.

“… I am very sorry.”

“As long as you understand.”

He’s not the one you should be apologizing to though.
I don’t think Dante should be apologizing to you, Rishell.

“… So, you said something about no delicacy… what were you asking, Olga?”


Crap, I feel that he would scorn me if I replied honestly.
“Are you not aware about things you should and should not inquire about?” I feel that he’s going to scold me with a serious look…!
I was curious, so it couldn’t be helped!

This is way too mentally tiring…

“No, nothing in particular…”

“She attacked Eliza with questions about kissing.”

Dante betrayed me…
He wasn’t cooperating with me to begin with though.

… Ah, crap. Rishell stiffened.
Was it that unexpected…?

“… Kiss, is it…? Of fish?”

“What’s wrong, Rishell!?”

Rishell who stiffened was asking incomprehensible things for some reason.
You don’t have to try so much…

I mean, kissing belongs in this world…

“On the lips with a person, all right!?”

“Lips… mouse… kiss… why did you ask about that…? Are you interested in stuff like that?”

He was glaring at me for some reason.
Why… why was this the fate with Rishell that was chosen for me?

No, it’s not only my imagination, I seriously feel like I will get mentally killed.

… If I said that I am interested, I feel that he would tell me “What color of stupid are you?”. If I say that I don’t, it would be “Are you really a woman?”.

What an unreasonableness.

“E, erm… I have never done it, so it can’t be helped that I am curious…”

“I see.”

In the end, I chose the “Middle” way that will cause the least damage.
Was it a hidden choice…?

“… Is that so?”

Rishell squinted his eyes and smiled.

… Is it just my imagination that his smile looked dark to me?
It’s not, right?

… That malicious smile of yours, I would like you to stop.

My body quivered a little as I let out a sigh.

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