Chapter 56

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I’m sorry.
—Dante’s point of view—

“… I am sorry, I am really sorry.”

Eliza bowed deeply while apologizing to me who was leaning against a wall.

… Ah, I still see stars.

“N, no, it’s all right… please raise your head?”

… After I kissed Eliza, she slapped me with all of her might.

It didn’t have enough power to send me flying, but I did stagger backward.
Thus, for a few minutes, my cheek was in nice reddish fall color.

… Eliza came to her senses a while after hitting me and tried to go get ice to apologize, but I stopped her because she would get lost anyway.
She would probably never return.

“But… it stands out so much.”

Eliza stared at my cheek and sighed sorrowfully.

After staring at me for a while, she suddenly raised her voice.

“… Hey, Dante! What did you do something like that for!?”

It seems that she almost forgot that I kissed her after hitting me.

… Is she softhearted or a fool?
Even though she’s smart, I wonder why she’s like that?

“… What do you think?.”

… I was aware that Eliza was dense, but I didn’t think it was to such an extent.
I’m surprised she didn’t notice even after I kissed her.

… Is she perhaps thinking that I wouldn’t kiss someone I don’t like?
If so, I will feel terribly hurt.

“… I don’t know! It’s not like you overenthusiastically bumped into me, no!?”

… I feel dizzy from Eliza’s slanted reply.
Olga is dense too, but isn’t Eliza denser than her?

It’s not easy handling these type of people.
Even the protagonist of a romance story must have it easier.

“Do you really think that?”

“… I mean, I can’t come up with anything else.”

Eliza hung her head and pouted.

… Even though the noble young ladies misunderstand when you look into their eyes just for a moment.
This difference is way too extreme.

“… You are stupid, Eliza. Stupid and dense.”


I mean, it’s true.
Although even normal friends would start becoming conscious a little, Eliza is belligerent as usual.

It cannot be helped that I felt like saying something reckless.

“… The correct answer is, I like you, Eliza.”

Well, it’s Eliza, so she will forgive me in the end.

Because I like Eliza a little… no, because I have fallen deeply for her, my anger will disperse immediately.

… Eliza looked like her soul escaped from her mouth.

“… Ha? Eh, Dante… what did you say just now?”

“I said that I like you.”

Whether my embarrassment disappeared after saying it for the first time, the words smoothly escaped from my lips the second time.

“… No, eh? Dante… eh? You like me?”

Her soul seemed to have returned, but she was greatly confused.
It seems she really didn’t notice, huh. Although I even kissed her.

… On the contrary, I am interested to see to what extent she wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell her.

“… Wait a moment, I will reorganize my mind and soul.”

Eliza who was at the pinnacle of confusion started taking deep breaths.

Suu, haa. Suu, haah.

… Do you have to take deep breaths while looking deadpan?
Well, if it can help her to reorganize her thoughts…

I sat cross-legged, waiting for Eliza to get composed.

“… Suu, hahh… cough!?”

“You are choking… are you all right?”

Eliza must have breathed in way too much and started a coughing fit.

Peeking into her face, Eliza separated from me with a red face.

… No, did I do something wrong?

Yeah, I did. I forcefully kissed her.

“… I, I am fine?”

“Is that so…?”

I stared at Eliza who’s complexion didn’t look to be fine, even her voice was shaky.

… Eliza’s face gradually turned redder and tears started appearing in the corners of her eyes.
… Eh, do you become like that when you go beyond red?

“… U, umm… I…”

Probably feeling that turning me down would be awkward, Eliza couldn’t look at me.

… Even if she turns me down, I just might have wanted to say it.

“… You don’t have to force yourself, turning a person down is difficult after all.”

When I said so, Eliza shook her head.

“W, wrong! That’s not it!”

… Eliza shook her head even more vigorously.

She certainly isn’t doubting me anymore.
However, I am afraid of thinking that this is just a dream.

If it is, my self-esteem will drop even further…

“… T, that… Dante.”

Eliza suddenly started fidgeting, and frequently peeking at my face.
… Is she feeling guilty of something?

Or does she already have a boyfriend…?

Well, at any rate, I have completed the conditions for her to tell me about the person she likes.
I confessed until I got slapped, so I think of not letting Eliza off.

… Although I deserved that slap.

“… So, Eliza. I told you whom I like, so you will tell me as well, right?”

“… E, ehh?”

Ah, crap, I forgot. Eliza looked at me with such an expression.
… I won’t hold back even if you look at me with those puppy eyes of yours.

… Probably.

“… E, err… i, it’s embarrassing.”

“I confessed to you, no?”

Being reminded, her face reddened and she fell silent.

Her unusually obedient self is adorable as well, but won’t she show me her usual liveliness?

While thinking such, I waited for her reply.

… At last, she looked as if she had made up her mind.

Is she finally going to say it?

“… Ha?”

Then, she suddenly grabbed me by the collar and looked at me with determined eyes.

… And then, she pulled onto me.

Our lips touched.


Because Eliza pulled me by a force, there was some pain from our teeth hitting against each other, but this isn’t time for thinking about that.
What I should be minding is that I am being kissed by Eliza.

While thinking about how soft Eliza’s lips are and how ticklish the strands of her hair are, the kiss ended and Eliza separated from me.

“… I also like you.”

Eliza said such with a bright red face and a faint smile.

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