Chapter 55

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What’s going to happen?
—Eliza’s point of view—

… I asked, I finally asked!

I, who had asked “Do you have a girl you like?” stared fixedly at Dante who froze in place.

Since my love won’t come to fruition anyway, I think I might as well get to know whether he has someone he likes.

I might feel jealous if I know, but thinking that it isn’t me, my heart wouldn’t calm down…

Concentrate, concentrate…

“… W, why do you ask?”

Dante who was clearly shaken asked with a trembling voice.
Recently, I have become somewhat poorly impulsive…

“No, I was simply curious.”

It’s fine if he doesn’t answer, but I would like to know if possible.
It’s necessary in order for me to properly give up about Dante.

“… E, erm… eh…”


You don’t have to be hesitating so much, no?
Or are these perhaps someone’s initials?

… Someone like Eida or Erina perhaps?
It couldn’t be me…

“What? Say it properly, alright? You will not make up an excuse that you don’t have anyone you like now, will you?”

“… Ah.”

Dante finally realized that he cannot get out of this and his face completely reddened.

… Fool.

However, I must be a fool as well for finding his honest simplicity cute.

“… Ugh~”

“Stop stalling already.”

If he doesn’t tell me right away, the carriage will arrive to pick me up.

The truth is that I wanted to say farewell here, but I feel that I won’t have any other opportunity to ask this.
… I am a coward after all.

“… Eh~ you won’t tell anyone?”

“I won’t.”

I’m getting irritated by now, but it seemed that he might say it now, so I waited.

… But, words that I didn’t except escaped from his mouth.

“… But, I don’t think you would believe me, Eliza.”

“… Hah?”

What is this fellow saying?

Just what did he say to me that has known his for such a long time?
Even though we quarrel often, I believe that Dante understands me as well.

… Was that only me?

Thinking so makes me sad.

… And irritating at the same time.

How can Dante say this without knowing one’s mind?
I certainly didn’t tell him because I am a coward.

However, this is heartless no matter how you look at it.

Others might not mind it, but I who has to get engaged to a person I don’t even like is simply in a bad mood.

“… You, look here. How dare you think that I wouldn’t believe you? We have known each other since such a long time ago, so it’s only you who doesn’t have trust in the other!”

If not, Dante wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t believe him.

Though Dante doesn’t believe in himself much, I thought that he believed in me.

“I, I didn’t mean it like-”

“Then, what did you mean!?”

I seized Dante’s collar.

Dante is naturally taller than me, but I am quite tall for a woman, so I can manage to grasp his collar.

“… I believe you, alright? I would believe you even if you said something crazy! However, it seems that you are not the same way!”

I just noticed that I was looking at Dante’s face point-blank, but this is not the time to mind it.

“… Enough, I don’t care about the person you like anymore! Instead, I won’t answer your question either!”

Saying such, I cast away Dante, turned my back on him and vigorously started walking away.

… I will probably get lost again, but it’s painful being near him.
Even if his words didn’t mean to hurt me, being close to him makes me want to cry.

“… Where are you going?”

Dante who was freed from my superhuman strength asked while coughing.

“Home… I have a meeting with Michael-sama.”

Saying so without turning around, I noticed that I started crying a little, so I hastened my steps.

Faster, at least a second faster, I have to separate from him.

I might start bawling if I see his face.

Dante will surely not come to hate me because of this.

While thinking such and quickly walking away, I heard the sounds of running footsteps and then my arm was seized.

“… Wait.”

“… What are you doing!”

There’s only Dante and me in here.
Therefore, only Dante could have grabbed my hand.

… Right now, I felt a little happy when Dante grabbed my hand, but I turned around and glared at him.

“Did you…!?”

When I turned around, Dante’s face was way closer to mine than I expected.

I tried to make a distance in a hurry, but I couldn’t.
Dante pulled on my arm and we got even closer.

… And then.


Dante’s face was at a point-blank range.

I couldn’t talk.
Something soft and warm has blocked my mouth.

… In other words, I was being kissed by Dante.

The moment I realized that, my face turned unbelievably red.

What!? What is happening!? What is Dante thinking!?

Was it on purpose!? Is he trying to harass me!?

While having such thoughts going round and round, he separated his lips from mine.

“… I’m sorry for hurting you. The person I like is───”

… The moment Dante said that, I was confused from the embarrasment and explodingly slapped Dante’s cheek.

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