Chapter 54

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I want a resolution.
—Dante’s point of view—
… Ah~ I can’t find her.

I have been running around for about twenty minutes since Olga (forcefully) told me to look for Eliza.

I cannot find her anywhere.

“… Where did she get lost?”

Imagining her crying somewhere alone, my heart hurts.
… It might be a serious illness.

“… Oh well, I have to find her quickly.”

Eliza has no sense of direction, she generally doesn’t move without someone by her side, so looking for her will take time.

This is too dangerous.

I heard that the last time she went to the restroom, she ended up on a rooftop so I am worried.

Sighing out, I continued running around, looking for Eliza.

… I found her about ten minutes later.

She was sitting on an emergency staircase that’s not usually used all alone, holding her knees.

“… You were here, Eliza.”

“… Wha!? Dante!?”

When I approached her, intending to talk, it seemed that Eliza was crying as her eyes were red.

… Why is she crying? Was she thinking about the guy in her heart…?

Thinking so, my heart was filled with jealousy.

How many times did I wish that I could be the person in her heart?
How many times did I think of conveying my feelings?

… But, I couldn’t do anything about it because I am a coward.
The result is this.

Making sure to not show my heart on my face, I approached Eliza.

“… Did something happen?”

“N, nothing at all!”

Saying such, she quickly stood up and turned away while saying “hmph!”.

… However, her eyes were certainly swelled.
Her golden eyes that are always shining were wet from tears, just what happened…?

“… Something surely must have happened. This is my first time seeing you cry.”

Getting conscious of my words, she half-heartedly snapped “Don’t care!” in the middle.
It seems she was minding it.

“It’s all good if nothing happened, but make sure to tell me if something really did happen, okay? … We are friends after all.”

The moment I said “Friends”, my heart ached.

However, this pain is the punishment for my cowardice, so I decided to deceive and endure it.

“… Yes, thank you.”

Eliza smiled and said such, but she was obviously forcing herself.
Coupled with her swelled eyes, she looked really pitiful.

… Even though there’s no need to force herself.

“… So, Eliza. What were you doing in a place like this?”

Well, she was lost.

Eliza let out “Eh?” and tried to deceive her way with all of her might.

“E, err… that…”

“You lost your way, huh?”

Looking into her face that quite couldn’t say it, I smiled wryly.

Eliza’s face reddened a little as she glared at me.

… She wasn’t really scary or anything, rather, finding her glaring with puppy eyes cute, I laughed a little bit.

“T, that’s right, but… why are you laughing!”

Mu~! She pouted.

“No, sorry. It was as I expected…”

“I, it’s not like I get lost every time, alright! I can find my way one time in ten!”

“That’s not something to be smug about…”

It’s one-tenth, alright?

I think that’s a sufficient problem.
I’m scared of the disaster that might happen sometime soon.

“… Gee. What did you come for, Dante?”

Thinking of changing the subject, Eliza asked with her face still reddened.

… How do I explain this?

At least ask her about the person she likes! I cannot tell her that I was forced out by Olga.

“… Somehow, I thought that you might be lost.”

“… Rude.”

She said with a face that seemed still a little offended.
… Ah~ what do I do? At what time should I ask about it?

“… Ah, not good! I have a meeting with Michael-sama, so I must return home early!”

Sorry Dante, see you tomorrow! I unconsciously caught the hand of Eliza who was trying to leave.

“…? What is it?”

“Ah, umm…”

… I can’t ask her about the person she likes at a time like this…

It might be fine to not ask, but I really want to know.
I envy that fellow.

… At least, if they are suited for each other, I would like her to be with him.

“… Eliza, do you want to get lost again? You definitely won’t be able to reach the entrance on your own.”

In contrast to my feelings, words of falsehood flooded smoothly out of my mouth.

“… That’s true」A little angry, Eliza sulkily lined up next to me.”

“… Then, Dante. Will you bring me?”

“… Yes.”

… I just have to ask about the guy in her heart on the way.
I thought absentmindedly in a gloom mood while gazing at Eliza’s face.

… That being the case, we were on the way.
However, the moment I thought of bringing up the subject.

“Say, Dante.”

“… N?”

As we walked, Eliza spoke out to me.

… Somehow, her face was red. I wonder what she wants to ask about?

“… Dante, do you have a girl in your heart?”

“… Eh.”

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