Chapter 53

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Nothing is fine.
“Is that so…”

Dante sighed in relief.

… By the way, I have been thinking this since a while ago, but.
Dante is making a face of relief, but is he all right with this?

If he likes Eliza, then he should be stopping her.

“… Dante, are you fine with not stopping Eliza?”

When I asked, Dante made a face that asked “Hah?”.

… What the hell.

“… Why?”

“Why, you ask… you like Eliza, right? At this rate, she will end up marrying someone else, you know?”

I don’t know what is Dante thinking about, but I would like my friends to be happy by all means.

I cannot stomach something like a bad ending.

“… It’s fine, I probably wouldn’t be able to make her happy, and she has a person she likes anyway.”

… No, that’s you, alright? You are the one she likes.

Also, each and every one of you, isn’t your self-esteem way too low?
It’s mutual love, so why aren’t you a bit more confident?

“Why are you giving up? If you have the will, you should be stopping her.”

Rishell said so.
I won’t say it will be immediate, but if you don’t act fast, Mika… what was his name again? will steal Eliza from you?

“I can tell even without trying. Eliza will probably come to hate me if I try to stop her.”

Are you seriously a young man in puberty!?

Eliza is just merely a tsundere, so there’s nothing to worry about.

“… Is that something you’ve heard from Eliza herself?”

“I, I can tell just by looking.”

I’ve had enough of this fellow.
Despite quarreling with Eliza all the time, he didn’t even try putting himself in her shoes.

“Enough with that already! You will regret if you don’t act soon!”

I, who grew impatient, made the arguing Dante dumbfounded with my shout.

… So stubborn.
If you wish for Eliza’s happiness, then just go and convey your feelings to her.

“… No, I am hopeless…”

“That’s enough, you big idiot!”

I snapped at Dante who continued grumbling and hit his head with all of my strength.

Baa~m, a dull sound resounded around the classroom.


“You, look here! You have been talking about not being able to make Eliza happy and stuff since a while ago, but Eliza’s happiness isn’t for you to decide! Besides, you cannot give Eliza up with those feelings of yours, can you!? Act before you regret that she’s taken by someone unknown, you stupid! If you really wish for Eliza’s happiness, then help her get together with the person she likes!”


“O, Olga has snapped…”

Rishell and Lance were watching me, who went on a crazy rant from a distance.
Don’t retreat for heaven’s sake.

“Well, I am of the same opinion as Olga.”

“Me too.”

Lance was still a bit choked, while Rishell spoke with a smile.

Did they started feeling pitiful for Dante who fell on his backside, I wonder…

“E, even you two.”

“I mean, I might as well wish for you two to not have any regrets.”

Leaving Rishell’s whose view of life has already become a mystery aside… well, we are generally in an agreement, but Rishell is fast to talk about life.

Aren’t you still a youngster?
I am not one to speak though.

“… That’s why, Dante. Go, quickly. Before you regret it.”

“B, but.”

Eei, so stubborn.
It’s mutual love, so quickly confess and get engaged with each other.

“There are no buts! You are going! Your answer!?”


I heard stuff like: what an unreasonable person or as expected of Olga, but let’s not mind it.
It will be my loss if I mind it.

Anyhow, we have to quickly reconcile Dante and Eliza… no, they did not fight in the first place…

There’s no script, but it’s better than giving up.

I just want to live in the countryside to avoid the death route of the game, so Eliza’s matter takes priority.

The weakness in Eliza’s love… they are both too dense. Also, Eliza’s sense of direction.
That’s unrelated though… no, it is! It super is!

“Thaaaaat’s it!”


Dante got startled and turned towards me at incredible speed.
… Well, it’s Olga after all. Rishell and Lance looked at me with lukewarm gazes.

… At least watch over me warmly.

“… So, what’s up with “thaat’s it!” Olga?”

Rishell inquired while expressly imitating my embarrassing shout.

… Yesyes, I thought of somehow having Dante and Eliza speak of their real feelings.

… It might be better not to inquire further into their business, but I have come up with a good place.
Moreover, they can talk right away.

“… Dante, immediately go around the school and ask for Eliza’s whereabouts.”

“… Haah!?”

What is this fellow thinking? Dante looked at me with an expression like that.
Even though it’s such a good idea, how rude. Why are you dissing me?

“Quite some time has already passed since Eliza left, you know? She might not be here anymore.”

Lance, that is a super decent question.
However, that’s what I was aiming for.

… Eliza has no sense of direction, she will get lost even on the way to the restroom.

… I’ve been told that I don’t have a sense of direction as well, but I believe it’s not to Eliza’s extent.
As expected, I can at least find my way to the restroom that’s near the classroom.

… By the way, Eliza got mysteriously lost one time, she even got herself to the outside of the school building.
Why did she go outside?

“… I believe that Eliza is still wandering around the school.”

“That fellow always gets picked up by someone from the student council after all.”

Eliza worries the people of the student council too much, so they come to pick her up after school every time.

“… Well, certainly. She’s now probably looping the same place endlessly.”

Just these words are enough to make me imagine Eliza’s current situation.

… It’s a good opportunity to talk, and he will be able to protect her too.
No way, I am so dreamy!

“… I got it, I just have to go, right?”

“Talk it out properly.”

Supported with Lance’s words, Dante left the classroom after smiling a little.

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