Chapter 52

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s act.
“… Eliza had a person she likes, huh.”

“… Yeah. You were the only one who wasn’t aware though.”

Rishell said.
… Oy, you there, this is not the time to say something like that!?

When I looked at Lance, he was making “I don’t know what’s he’s doing either~” face.

“… Is that so!?”

“Yeah, you are too dense.”

… I have thought this for a long time, but Rishell-san yo. Isn’t your way of speaking too harsh…?

Moreover, when you say it with a whole-faced smile, there’s no way of objecting, you know?

No, was he perhaps aiming for that?

“Even though you would know immediately if you just looked… do I call you pitiful or what for not noticing…”

“Let’s leave my pitifulness aside… who is the person that Eliza likes?”

Dante who collected himself a little thanks to Rishell’s dissing asked.

… Lance and I averted our gazes as a shrewd smile floated on Rishell’s face.

“… Hey, what’s up with that expression of yours? What is everyone thinking about…?”

“T, today’s dinner…”

“… At this time, that’s not possible, no?”

I wanted to scold Lance for what he said, but he already said it so it cannot be helped.

… I was doing my best to deceive him, you know!
I can’t make up lies like a certain malicious prince.

“… Olga, you are stupid, aren’t you?”

“I’m telling you, you are too harsh…”

I think what I said was wonderfully simple, but now it turned into verbal abuse.
Take some consideration, Rishell.

… Well, it might be better than him being in honorifics mode and nagging persistently.

“… Are you guys hiding something?”

“No, nothing?”

… He’s suspicious. He’s super suspicious.

I saw sparks between the Rishell and Dante who were staring at each other.

“… The person Eliza likes-”

“We won’t tell you.”

This fellow interrupted him in the middle.
Isn’t it the time to tell Dante already? He’s still your Knight.

… That’s why he might be too comfortable with him though.


“Rather, I want to ask you… why are you so curious about the person Eliza likes, Dante?”

Asked such, Dante was at a loss for words.

… He seemed to be thinking how to deceive us, but he apparently didn’t come up with anything good.

“… What do you want to achieve by asking that?”

He returned the question.


… Of course, Rishell wasn’t fazed and quickly replied back to keep Dante in the predicament.

“What do I want? To achieve? I was just curious so I asked, alright? … Or is it something you cannot tell us?”

… Haah, he went all out. I don’t know what precisely, but it’s all out.

Rishell said that Dante likes Eliza, but he also said that he didn’t hear it from the person himself.

… I don’t think it’s wrong to think that Dante really likes Eliza by now, but is he thinking that there is no meaning if he cannot admit it himself?

Thanks to that, Dante’s HP is quickly approaching zero though.

“Ah, err~ ummm.”

“Say it already, we have mostly guessed it anyway.”

When Rishell said so, Dante’s face looked like screaming.
No, just how much shocked are you?

Did you think we would not notice after bringing up the subject like this…?

“Wha, what might you be talking about?”

“I think it’s impossible to keep trying to deceive us after coming this far?”

… Now, the second round of staring has begun!
Sparks are scattering around as usual!

Oh, is this the victory of the whole-faced + malicious smile Rishell as expected? The blushing Dante has no chance of victory, no?

… Dante averted his gaze~!

… What am I doing?
I felt left out by the two staring people.
Lance looks somewhat bewildered too, won’t Rishell quickly put an end to this already?

“… I got it, I just have to say it, right!? It’s because I like Eliza! Yes, that’s all!”

… Are you an elementary student or what, Dante?

Still… in the game, Rishell looked considerably more aloof when arguing.

As I thought, the personalities of characters here are different from the game world, aren’t they?

“You finally admitted it…”

Lance looked at Dante with a face that said “Finally?”.
… As I thought, he noticed. Dante looks to be easy to understand after all.

… I wouldn’t notice if Rishell didn’t tell me. I am too miserable.

“… Am I that easy to understand?”

“Yeah, quite.”

When Rishell replied immediately, Dante crumbled to the ground. Are you a girl or what?

… Be at ease, Dante. I had not noticed until I was told about it.
It’s laughable.

“… T, then, does Eliza know…!?”

Dante who was prostrating on the (dirty) ground looked at us with a snapping vigor.

… No, he’s already desperate.
You somewhat seem like Rishell’s plaything, but live strong.

“… No, I don’t think so.”

“Just now, you said that I am easy to understand…”

“… Eliza and you are about as dense as Olga when it comes to yourselves.”

… Dante made a complicated expression of relief and regret and sighed.

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