Chapter 51

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“… Well, it will work out somehow, the two of us should watch over them.”

“… Yeah.”

We certainly cannot do anything at the present time.
It would only cause Eliza and Dante troubles.

… I wish Eliza happiness, but her happiness is not something I can or should decide on.

“… First of all, Olga. Don’t do something unnecessary, all right?”


Why can’t my friends trust me at all?
Eliza told me the same thing.

“… I hope it turns out well.”

I rubbed my glabella and sighed.

… And then, something extreme happened the day after our conversation.

“”””… Engagement!?””””

… Our cries echoed in the classroom after school.
Eliza told us that she has something important to tell us, so she had Lance, Rishell, Dante, and I remain in the classroom.

… And she told us this. Eliza has an engagement.

“… Yes, it’s not decided yet though. However, it will most likely happen unless there is a better partner.”

It’s not Dante?
… Even though she said she liked him the last time.

… The very Dante who was next to me froze in place with a pale face.

Too easy to understand.
How did I not notice before, I wonder…

“W, who is it!?”

Lance vigorously leaned forward.

… Rishell noticed too, so Lance might have noticed that Dante likes Eliza too.

“… The second son of Duke Ragveil… what was his name again? Michael, I think.”

“… Isn’t he older than you?”

Nobody except us is in the classroom right now, so Rishell exhibited his memory and information.

As expected of the Prince, it looks like he remembers the names and ages of every noble.

“Yes, he’s five years older than me.”

… Well, this age difference is not rare among nobles.
Couples that are 10-15 years apart are everywhere.

“… W, why did you think to get engaged with such a person?”

The one who asked Eliza was the gasping Dante whose HP neared 0.

… Someone, cast recovery magic on him. It looks like he will die anytime soon.

“… My parents wanted to form ties with influential nobles. Therefore, they selected the most influential one among the proposals.”

Eliza muttered quietly.
… She looked very sad, it made my heart tighten.

“… The person I like doesn’t seem to have interest in me anyway.”


You are going to say that now-!?

… This was my and Rishell’s inner voice.
No, this kind of remark is the worst for this timing, no?
This will birth misunderstanding, won’t it?

Moreover, you said you don’t want to let others know yourself!

Look, just take a look, a soul is escaping from Dante’s mouth, see!?
Far from recovery magic, he needs a resuscitation!

“… P, person you like…?”

Dante looked so wilted he might get himself carried away by the wind.

… He received quite a shock, it seems.

“… Yes, my wish won’t come true, so I thought it didn’t matter whether I say it or not.”

Please don’t say more than that, okay?
Dante is about to get shattered into pieces and scattered by the wind.

… Lance, Rishell! Stop being dumbfounded and do something!
For Dante’s sake too!

“… W, who is that?”

“I won’t tell, I can’t now that I will get engaged.”

A sound argument. No, it is a sound argument, but.
Just say it here! If you could say it here, you would confirm that you like each other!

However, Eliza had no intentions of saying it as a bright smile floated on her face.

“… I am sorry for having you listen to my engagement talks while you are busy. Then, I will be returning now. I am meeting Michael-sama was it… today… I have to, don’t I…?”

“Ah, wha!? Eliza!”

Did you think I would mishear you if you whispered-!?
At least remember the name of your fiancé candidate!

Eliza feeling somewhat unpleasant briskly left towards the door of the classroom and threw them open, throwing a last glance at the absentminded Dante and quickly running away.

… Let’s pretend I didn’t see the door deviate from the rail.
This is not the time for this.


“… Oy~? Dante?”

When I tried calling out to Dante who has blanked out since a while ago, there was no reaction.
He didn’t move even when I waved my hand in front of his eyes.

… This is a serious illness. Should we call a doctor?

“… Oy, Dante! Eliza has left, you know!?”

“… Wha!? Eliza!?”

The moment Dante heard Lance’s voice, he shouted out all of sudden and got dejected.

“… Ah, she left already, huh.”

“Lance already said that, alright?”

He probably reacted to Eliza’s name.
… No, how convenient his hearing is?

“… I see.”

Dante let out a dispirited laugh and turned away from us with a sigh.

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