Chapter 50

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That’s heartless.
What a heartless way of speaking.
You don’t have to be this straightforward in telling me that I am dense.

… I certainly do occasionally think that as well though!
I am hurt when others say it though!

“A, aren’t you way too terrible!?”

“Not at all.”

… This fellow replied immediately.
You would normally take consideration there. Well, it’s Rishell so it’s not like he would do that.

“… So, you asked about the person Dante likes?”

“Yes, correct.”

We finally returned to the main subject.
I don’t care about being called dense… I actually do, but why don’t I leave it aside for now.

“… Well, I do know.”

“Eh!? Really!?”

My intuition was correct after all!
I was spot on to think that Rishell might know.

“Who!? Who is it!?”

“Y, you coming at it forcefully, huh… hmm, it’s just what I am thinking on my own, I don’t have a proof anything, you know?”

It’s fine, there’s no problem.
I mean, what Rishell suspects turns out to be true frighteningly often!

“… Hmm, don’t tell anyone?”

“Yes, I won’t tell!”


“… In my opinion, Dante likes Eliza.”


Seriously? Isn’t that a mutual love~

This is not the time for this, I have to let Eliza know… wouldn’t I get exposed if I told her!?

It would pass just barely in the terms of the promise, but Eliza would be probably mad…

“… What do I do, Rishell.”

“What? Are you troubled because I told you it might be a mutual love but Eliza told you not to tell anyone?”

“Aren’t you too good at guessing!? Thank you very much for summarizing!?”


Seriously, conversing with Rishell is easy.
… Rather, this is not a conversation anymore, he just guesses my thoughts before I say anything.

… In other words, he’s super sharp. And smart.

… That’s obvious though!

“Hmm… we can only watch over them…”

“I thought so…”

If I told Eliza that I heard about the person Dante likes from Rishell, she would leave me half-dead.

No, truly. Physically.
Wouldn’t she win even against soldiers with that superhuman strength of hers?


… It’s so possible I don’t like it.

“… Rishell, did you hear something from Dante? How do you know it’s Eliza?”

“It’s not like I am for certain but… when I look at Dante when he’s talking with Eliza, I feel that he’s more vivid.”

… Ohh, Eliza also said that she can act comfortably around Dante, don’t they match up just perfectly!

Feeling at ease is important, no?
Going on dates with a boyfriend that matches you, dress smartly and put on make-up… and finally, after getting worn out, say goodbye and part ways for the day.

“… I believe that the two are made for each other very much.”

“I think so too.”

… However, those two are probably equally stubborn.

I mean, despite both Eliza and Dante being popular, I never heard rumors about them having a lover before.

… Thanks to that, I thought that Rishell was dating Dante for a period of time.
As expected, I did not want to see that.

“… Can’t we do something about those two?”

“… Dante isn’t stupid. He should understand that someone is going to steal Eliza from him if he keeps silently watching over her, no?”

Eliza has to look for a marriage partner, so it’s not like she will stay free like this for a long time.
Of course, the same goes for Dante.

They both like each other and surely wouldn’t like to get married to someone they don’t even like just because they didn’t convey their feelings.

However, it’s not like it’s my place to interfere…

Ahh not good, I’m going in circles now.

“… Well, I also wish for Dante and Eliza’s happiness. Dante has been serving me since I was little, and Eliza is my precious friend.”


However, Rishell spoke with a wry smile.

“… Even if they convey their feelings for each other and become lovers, they cannot necessarily become happy.”

“… Why?”

I mean, it’s mutual love, so I thought everything would turn all right if they just said “I love you” to each other.

“… I am guessing that both have already received marriage proposals. What would happen if they become lovers after accepting those marriage proposals?”

“… Ah.”

I forgot about the marriage proposals after having my engagement broken.

A normal young lady would already receive many marriage proposals at this age.
The sons too.

A suitable partner will be found among those proposals and they would get engaged.

… However, if she found a lover at that time?
The bonds with the Household her family built up thanks to the marriage proposal and the trust of her Household would be lost.

… That’s why Dante and Eliza cannot be together so easily.

I guess Eliza didn’t tell me because she’s gentle, but also because I would object to it.

… Truly, the engagement system is a shit.

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