Chapter 49

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That’s a lie, right?
“… First of all, don’t tell anyone about this… especially to Dante… also, please don’t ask Dante things like ‘Do you have someone you like?’ okay?”

“… Yeah.”

I left school after given a warning.

… Eliza, she strangely has low self-esteem, doesn’t she?
Did something happen to her in the past?

I thought so in the shaking carriage.

“… Olga-sama, is something the matter?”

“… No, it’s nothing.”

The truth is that I did want to ask Dante whether he has someone he likes, but Eliza stopped me from doing it, so I won’t do it.

… I would hate if we couldn’t be friends anymore just because I exposed Eliza’s feelings.

We are friends no more! … I can’t imagine her saying that though.
I truly cannot believe that the contrast between her strong-will and low self-esteem.

… I realized that strong will and self-esteem don’t necessarily scale proportionately.

“… Ah!”


… Right, I came up with something good!

She did tell me not to ask Dante, but she did not say anything about Rishell, yeah!?

… I’m almost sure that Rishell has noticed Eliza’s feelings anyway!

… Weird rumors might come out of it, so I have to be careful, but this is a chance!

“O, Olga-sama…?”

“Ah, s, sorry.”

Keith seemed to be startled by my sudden loud shriek.

… A hunk with a surprised face is still a hunk, huh.
Gee~ staying beautiful no matter what you do, how envious.

… Keith is so cool I could make money from selling his photographs.

Rather, isn’t the face value around me way too high?
Roses are clearly visible in everyone’s background…

“… Olga-sama, are you thinking about something strange?”

“… No, what might you talking about?”

Noticed by Keith who is quick on the uptake, I tried to deceive him.


“… That being the case, Rishell. I have something I want to ask you, may I!?”

“… I don’t know what is happening and what is this about, but please go ahead. I will answer if it’s within my ability.”

… Make hay while the sun shines.
Wanting to act quickly, I came to the castle the next day after school.

… Here, I won’t get seen by other people, so no rumors should spread!
… Maybe just a little while talking alone, but a little is better than getting seen completely.

“… Am I fine being here?”

“… Ah, right.”

Dante said somewhat hesitantly.
Which reminds me, this fellow is Rishell’s guard, so he always stays by his side.

… He can’t be here while we talk.

“Ah, sorry. Could I have you leave as well, Dante?”

“Eh, something you want to talk about with me not around… surely not, the announce-”


“… Hii!?”

“Don’t say stupid things.”

We are currently worried about the rumors in the school, yet this fellow mentions it and brings on the wrath upon himself.


… Thanks to that, Dante shrunk down.
No way~ my legs gave up~

“Ah~ sorry, my legs had-”

“I am stupid for saying something stupid, right!? I will apologize, so stop already! … Then, please take your time!”

Dante left the room after grinning at Rishell.

… What’s up with him?

“… What’s up with him?”

“… Who knows?”

… Dante’s grin left even his master Rishell unawares, so a delicate atmosphere flowed in the room.
… You fool, Dante. This is your fault.

“… So, what is it? What did you want to ask me?”

“Ah, right~… you know, I will ask directly… does Dante have someone he likes?”

… The moment I asked, the smile on Rishell’s stiffened.

“… Ri, Rishell?”

“… Why you might be asking this?”

… Eh!?

What do I do, it’s not like I can tell him the reason…
Asking Rishell about this is barely passing, so telling him the reason would be an out!

I don’t want my friendship to be broken!

“… Ah, err~ umm.”

“… You can’t tell me?”

“Too close, too close, too close!”

… Right now, I’m regretting terribly.
Even unreasonableness has limits.

… Although this is not really unreasonable, I feel that Rishell’s gaze is trying to kill me right now!?
Rather, I’m gradually getting pushed to the wall though!

“… I hope this is not it, but Olga? … Do you perhaps like Dante?”

“You are totally wrong!”

How did it become like this!?
And why does he need to ask that while pushing me against a wall!?

We are on the verge of Kabedon though!?

“… It’s not like that?”

“It’s not!”

Dante is my friend, not the person I love, alright!

… When I stressed that, Rishell laughed.
I’m glad I did not get Kabedon-ed.

“… Then, why did you ask?”

It seems he returned back to normal.

Get away from me! Rishell who received such gaze from me shrugged his shoulders and separated from me a little.

“… Yes, well, this and that, you know.”

“Ah, Eliza, huh.”

“How did you know!?”

Did Eliza consult with Rishell too!?

… No, that can’t be.
Looking at her state the last time, I doubt she told anyone else about it.

Rishell looked at me somewhat pitifully as he spoke up.

“… Eliza is easy to understand, you know? You are just too dense.”

… No, aren’t you too cruel!?

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