Chapter 48

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“… Eh? Yes, let’s calm down.”

“You calm down.”

No, wait. Cool down, me. Chill out, my head.

… Eliza likes Dante?
… Err, in other words… what is it?

“Eh? Are you for real?”


I will be truly troubled if you declare that with such bright red face.

… Eh, why not marry Dante? Even though that was supposed to be a joke.
No wonder Eliza’s face got red…

“T, that… congratulations…”

“What kind of character are you supposed to be? And what are you congratulating me for…”

… Eliza uninterestedly threw me down like junk.
Eliza’s face was completely stunned, there was no fragment of a red tinge to be found.

To tell you the truth, this was my strategy to get rid Eliza of her embarrassment!
It was a success! Yaay!

… I’m sorry for lying. I am just ignorant of a talk like this.

“… S, so it was like that, I didn’t notice at all…”

“… I thought so, you are abnormally distant to love after all.”

It’s vexing that I cannot deny it.
Even I am aware of it myself.

… I was like this in my past life too, so I probably won’t be able to get cured anymore. How sad.

“… W, what do you like about Dante, Eliza?”


Eliza’s face got bright red once again.

… Hmm, she looks completely like a maiden in love like this, but I couldn’t see that Eliza who usually complains about Dante would be this way…
In front of the person she likes at that.

“… Err, it’s fun being together with him, and I feel that I can be myself around him.”

“… I see.”

Certainly, it does feel like Eliza is able to say everything she wants in front of Dante.
She is a daughter of a noble too after all. She is not in the position to say whatever she likes.

… I feel that I say plenty of things, but let’s ignore that.

Besides, because Eliza has to marry, she always has to act gracefully in front of the noble sons.
There’s no need for me to do that. That’s why I can do what I please.

“… Yes, well Dante’s face certainly looks nice, his character too… is not bad, so I wouldn’t have any objections if he was your partner.”

“That’s definitely not going to happen!”

… Eh.
She has unexpectedly denied my thoughts strongly.
Was I too meddlesome, I wonder…

I wonder if I said something that rubbed her the wrong way?

When my face turned gloomy while thinking so, Eliza explained in a panic.

“T, that’s not it! I am sorry! It’s not like your words hurt my feelings or anything! … I simply think he and I would not be a good match.”

“… Why?”

Eliza is a beauty, her personality is good as well (she has a wicked tongue at times though), I believe she would be the perfect bride (with superhuman strength though).

Dante is handsome, his personality is good too (he has been acting somewhat incompetent recently though), and as the second son of Duke, I believe that he is a first-rate article (his character seems to be changing recently though).

… Though there might be slight difficulties, I believe the beauty and the hunk are suitable for each other.

“… A woman of no redeeming qualities like me is not suitable for Dante.”


I wanted to say that it’s not true, but I couldn’t say anything as Eliza had a smile that already gave up.
She really thinks this way.

… Eliza is perfect, but I think her low self-esteem is her only problem.
A generous person that would understand Eliza and cover for her would suit her the best.

“… Yeah, that’s Dante.”

He understands Eliza, and he seems to be the only one who would be able to help Eliza recover.

Rishell and Lance get along with Eliza well too, but it’s not to Dante’s extent.

“… What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, just talking to myself.”

What I thought must have shown up on my face as Eliza’s face turned bright red once again.

… Eliza with a bashful face is cute too, but she herself doesn’t want to look like that.
I wouldn’t like it as well.

“… Hey, I really do think that you and Dante would be a good match. Do you want me to help you?”

“… It’s fine.”

Eliza shook her head sorrowfully.

… If she has no confidence, I thought of being her close supporter, but she declined me.
… She did not want even that.

“… Why?”

“… I am fine with my current unrequited love. If I appeal too much to him, my feelings will get exposed, and I wouldn’t like not being able to be close to him… I’m fine staying like this」

Eliza said so with a faint smile.

I certainly can understand her feelings.
… If she makes a mistake while approaching him, their distance will get bigger than before.

… It’s a development I saw countless times both in books and in reality.

… I wonder why true love cannot have a smooth path?
Even though things like this always end promptly in manga and novels.

In reality, God does not do his work at all.
… I don’t know whether God really exists or not, but there is surely that someone who has reincarnated me.

I mean, I wouldn’t be able to explain my reincarnation in an Otome Game otherwise.

… Even if it doesn’t go like in the manga, I hope that Eliza will find happiness.

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