Chapter 47

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A solution.
“Well, this is pretty simple… you just have to not be with them.”

“I thought so~”

I have gotten along with both of them even before my past life’s memories returned due to the annulment of my engagement… well, it was to the extent it wouldn’t obstruct with my engagement, but we did get along quite well.

… I did think that I should stop seeing them, but in the end, they are the only few people who look at me in a favorable light.

Well, that’s because I seem to get avoided by the other classmates due to all the bullying.

Would we be able to get along if Sherina did not bully me, I wonder…?

“Hmm, should I stop being together with them from now on…”

“… Why do you want to erase the rumors in the first place, Olga?”

Ohh, so she asked?

I don’t know how I should explain.

“Because I might die”?… No, it would end with her making the “What are you saying?” face. No way she would believe me.

“I have another person I like”?… Hmm~ I feel that this is also not it. Eliza would thoroughly interrogate me.
It would be meaningless if Rishell and others would question me.

“I have no interest in marriage”? This one feels the safest.
It’s only natural for noble women to get married, but there occasionally are people who don’t.
Besides, I plan to retire to the countryside right away, so getting married would be pointless.

“… I, I have no interest in marriage.”

“Is that all right…?”

It’s not. My life if I get married, that is.

Fortunately, I don’t tend to love that much, and I did not have a boyfriend in my past life either, so I don’t know the pleasure of having one.

Therefore, not being a Riaju, I should be able to live fairly happily… I think. Probably.

“I would like to live only as I like.”

“… How envious that way of thinking is.”

Well, that’s so very like you, Eliza smiled wryly.

What’s that? Are you praising me? Speaking ill of me?

“… You are the only child, aren’t you?”


Eliza has no brothers or sisters, so her future prospects are most likely set in stone, or her husband will succeed Eliza’s House.

She can succeed the House without getting married too, but because there would be no heir after her, she will almost certainly get married to some second son at the very least.

By the way, our House has Celsior, so there is no problem there.

… Come to think of it, isn’t Dante also the second son?

“… Say, Eliza.”

“What is it?”

“Dante is the second son, isn’t he!?”


“That certainly should be the case, but… why do you ask?”

“Well, it’s not like you really don’t want to get married or anything, right?”

She said that she was envious of me just a little while ago, so it’s not like she’s not interested in marriage.

“In that case, if you married Dante, wouldn’t you two be able to live while… hey, Eliza!?”

I intended to half-jokingly propose this to her, but… looking at Eliza, she hung her head down with a completely bright red face.

… Is she embarrassed!? What is it!? Eliza was able of an expression like this!?

“E, Eliza!? What’s wrong!?”

“I, it’s nothing, okay!?”

No, it’s definitely something!? Your face is uncommonly red, you know!

Even Celsior wasn’t this red when he caught a cold with a high fever, alright?
Just what has…

“You are uncommonly red though, seriously…”

“D, don’t mind me! This is… right, that! A sunburn!”

“It’s cloudy today!”

Of course, sunburn does exist in this world too, but young noble ladies don’t go out without parasols that much, so they shouldn’t get a sunburn in the first place.

… Besides, it has been cloudy since a while ago.
It looks like it’s going to rain heavily.

“I, it’s sunburn even if it’s cloudy!”

“How unreasonable can you be!? … Eliza, is there really not something wrong with you? I will hear you out.”

I proposed to soothe Eliza who was unreasonably confused.
Getting sunburn from clouds… even if that was the case, she was in the classroom all day long.


“Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone!”

… There are cases where I might not be able to carry the burden on my own though.
Something like drug abuse. Or being threatened.

… Drugs are surely not involved, by being threatened is not impossible.
Eliza is a noble lady after all.

“Y, you really won’t tell anyone, right…?”

“Of course!”

If it’s something one person could bear, that is.
Even though I look like this, my tongue was quite solid even in my past life.

… Although what I talked with got exposed quite a lot.

“… I got it, then I will tell you… I think you have already noticed though… I like Dante.”

“… N? … Eh?”

… At that moment, my thoughts stopped.

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