Chapter 46

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You too, oy?
“Elder sister!”

I was called out by Celsior after I finished having dinner and returned to my room, a while after Keith asked me about the rumors.

“Ah, Celsior. What’s the matter?”

“I have something I’d like to ask Elder sister… is that fine with you?”

… The truth is that I wanted to take a break in my room, but I cannot win against those sparkling puppy eyes, goddamnit.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Truly!? … Umm, we shouldn’t speak here, so how about we move to the parlor?”

… Certainly, Celsior and I are currently in the hallway, so there are many servants passing by.

Since he’s minding the public eyes, is it something that should not be asked?
I wonder what he wants to talk about?

“Sure, let’s go.”

… Something that he doesn’t want others to hear… surely not, a love talk!?
That Celsior who has never dated a woman, talking about love…?

No, it’s not like I think that Celsior has never fallen in love, but I just can’t imagine it.

I went to the parlor somewhat excitedly.

“… Elder sister, is it the truth that you are engaged either to Lance-san or Rishell-san?”

… You too, oy!?

These were the words Celsior spoke as soon as we arrived at the parlor.
No, just how far did this rumor got spread?

“… Ce, Celsior, where did you hear about that…?”

“My classmates talked about it in school, you see? Is your older sister engaged? They asked me.”

When he asked about it, he apparently learned about this rumor.

No, why do both Keith and Celsior think I would not tell them about getting engaged?
As expected, I would inform my steward and little brother about it.

“I’m not, we are just friends, alright?”

When I said so, Celsior made a face of relief.
… You too, oy?

Why are the two making relieved face knowing that I am not engaged?

… Too strange.

“Is that so, I understand!”

“Y, yeah…”

Your tension went up quite a bit, Celsior.
Why so suddenly?

Hmm, I don’t understand quite well what boys in puberty think about… I am a rotten woman after all.
Both now and in my past life.

“C, Celsior… you seem to be in quite a good mood?”

“You think so?”

I do.
Your tension raised up so much the moment you heard that I am not engaged.

… If you are happy about me not being engaged, you must be a siscon of outrageous measure, Celsior.
I’m sad that I cannot abandon such possibility though.

“… Let’s return.”


I left the parlor with the mysteriously excited Celsior.


“… is what happened.”

「Oh my.”

One night later, at the school.
Just now, I am talking with Eliza about yesterday’s happenings.

… I mean, in a situation like this, borrowing the power of your friend is the best.
A friend of the same sex, I mean.

… I might raise a weird flag with the opposite sex.

“… In other words, you want to know why Keith-san and Celsior-kun made relieved faces, why Keith-san’s state seemed to be strange, and why Celsior-kun seemed to be in a good mood all of sudden? … Also, you’d like to extinguish the rumors.”


Everything’s too mysterious.

No, I mean, Keith looked like something was definitely different from his usual condition.

He seemed to be working from early in the morning.
He went to school today too.

Following yesterday, Celsior was in high spirits today as well.

Even though he always have troubles waking up in the morning, today he greeted me bashfully “Good morning! with a refreshed face.
Truly, what’s up with him?

Otousama and Okaasama were startled by his freshness too.

And, one more.
I want to erase the ridiculous rumors about me being engaged to either Rishell or Lance.

… So I won’t get beaten up by all those jealous noble ladies.
My life is important.

“There seem to be many things troubling you, huh…”

“They are adolescent women after all.”

When I said that, Eliza sent me a「The hell is this fellow saying?” face.

“Well, starting with Keith-san and Celsior-kun’s matter, there is most likely nothing you can do about it, so it would be better to give up.”

“So quick!?”

I really didn’t consider being told to give up right from the beginning though!?
Isn’t this too heartless!?


“… Well, that’s probably because it would be best to hear that from the two directly, I believe.”

What is it!? Are those two being mind-controlled!?

Or are they simply emotionally unstable…?

“… Is there nothing I can do?”

“… Nothing at all.”

… That’s apparently it.
I’m sad, yes.

Eliza has been muttering “They have it hard, those two…” with a distant look since a while ago, but what is it about?
Just what is Eliza seeing…?

“… Eliza?”

“… Oh my, I am sorry… so, you wanted to erase the rumors about Lance and Rishell?”

I feel that it might be dangerous if they are not erased after all…
I mean, at this rate, I might be left in a half-dead state again…

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