Chapter 45

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Rumors are scary.
“… Eh, what are you saying?”

I thought he might be joking for a while there, but Keith isn’t one to say such poor jokes and his eyes were serious.

… Eh, what? Such rumors came out?
Seriously? I’m going to die goddamnit.

“… Is it not true? The rumors seem to have become quite big in the entire school, you know? That you are always together, it says.”

… Eliza and Dante are also there, oyyy!
Don’t ignore the two, okay!? Put them into your eyes, everyone!

… Well but, those two get along, so… the fools must have thought that those two are already a couple and that I am going to get engaged with one of the two.
That’s definitely not it though.

“That’s not true, I am not engaged to either of them.”

I told him clearly.

The entire school is filled with this rumor… I would like to think that it was just a joke.
So that means that Celsior also knows about it…?

Possibly, Rishell or Lance may already know about it for a while.
I don’t know why I did not hear them complaining about it yet…

… Besides, I wouldn’t like to die because of such a weird misunderstanding…
Is there not a way to resolve the misunderstanding of all students?

… Yup, there’s none. How sad.

Gatherings in this school happen only occasionally and I don’t know the names of other student council members aside from Eliza… asking her would be no good.

In the first place, the other students don’t work at all because Eliza is way too diligent…

“It’s not? You get along well, so I was sure that…”

Don’t say that with such a surprised tone, Keith.
You are a capture target too, you know…?

No, he’s not conscious of it at all though.
Stay indifferent, please.

“Absolutely not. Rather, an engagement that even the steward isn’t aware of…?”

When I declared so, Keith made a relieved face for some reason.

… Does he not want any more bad influence from the rumors of his young noble ladies to affect him?

“I am sorry for causing you to misunderstand. I will make sure to not strangely influenced by this, Keith-san.”

I will walk with more distance between us from now on.
I also won’t let anyone put his head on my lap.

… It’s not like I wanted to become a lap pillow or anything anyway.

“No, that’s not it…”

Huh, was I wrong?
Then, why did you make a relieved face?

… Jealousy? Surely not.
No, that’s not possible.

I mean, the story has been changed way too much already and I don’t remember doing anything that would cause him to be fond of me.

… Few things like getting kidnapped by Oswald happened too.
I feel scared.

“Is that so? … Well, anyhow, I will be more careful.”

“… Yes.”

What a strange reply.
What’s the matter?


… Is he not feeling well?

But, Keith seems to be managing his condition well…

“… Keith-san? Are you all right?”

“… I am fine.”

When I called out to him, his reaction was still strange and his reply short.
… They were short to begin with though.

“Are you not feeling well? At times like these, it’s fine to return home to rest, you know?”

Just when I thought Keith must have been really not feeling well, his eyes blinked in surprise.

… Eh, am I wrong after all?

“… Why do you think I am not feeling well?”

“… Somehow, I thought your reaction was different from usual.”

Eh, somehow, it really seems to be the case.
Does he have any special circumstances?

… Well, Keith is expressionless and difficult to understand, but he wouldn’t reply immediately so I thought something was wrong with him…

“… You can tell?”

“Yes, I can?”

Isn’t that only given? He works as my steward and is always by my side.
No matter how expressionless he is, I would notice that something was wrong with him.

“… Is that so?”

He somewhat seemed to be happy.
Did I say something wrong?

Eh, I only said that I can notice when something wrong with him, right?
I did not erect a strange flag, did I?

… This wasn’t an event, right!?

I’m too anxious because I can’t rely on knowledge from my past life’s memory anymore.
I can’t even judge whether something is an event anymore goddamnit.

… Moreover, the details regarding the characters have not been really helpful recently.

Oswald wasn’t in the game and there also shouldn’t be a setting where Celsior got angry like that.

… I can’t take it anymore, just when will I be able to live in this savage world without worries?

At the very least, I have to be wary until all capture targets get closer to somebody that is not me.

Celsior seems to have a sister complex too, so I am worried whether he could get a girlfriend properly…

“… Olga-sama? Are you all right?”

“Ah, yes, there’s no problem.”

I seemed to be seriously overthinking as Keith spoke to me worriedly.
… Not good, if I keep thinking about my past life and the game, it will become a habit.

“… Haah.”

Keith watched me strangely as I kept sighing anxiously.

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