Chapter 44

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Please, don’t be angry.
“… Are you stupid?”

This was Lance’s reaction when I explained the reason I got kidnapped by Oswald so easily. I got verbally abused.

… Eh? Rishell?

… His malicious smile is floating next to Lance.
He’s angry…

“… I am sorry.”

I also think I would call people stupid if they told me that they got kidnapped because they wanted to live in the countryside.
However, in my case, my life is on the line.

These two probably wouldn’t understand even if I told them and it’s not like I know what will cause my death.

“… You, do you want to get separated from us that much?”

Lance asked such.

… Eh, his eyes are serious though.
I feel that I will get killed if I don’t answer properly though…

Besides, I will have to explain this to Celsior and Keith as well.

“Eh, err, that’s… that, you know! It’s not like I really wanted to go, but since I was asked: “Do you want to go?”…”

“… If you felt like that, why did you not wait for Celsior in the carriage? Normally, you would at least tell him where you are going, right?”

… Ugh. There’s nothing I can say.

In order for Rishell and others to not come to me, there’s no way I could tell him my destination…

That backfired on me and now I am being interrogated by Rishell though.

“… Umm, but my parents are so overprotective… I believe they wouldn’t allow it if I properly reported.”

“Then, you could at least tell Eliza. She would be worried if the communication suddenly broke off.”

… Ugh, are you going to refute all of my excuses…?

Rishell is clever so I was expecting it to some degree though.

Though Lance should be smart as well, he’s confused from our conversation.
O~y? Are you all right~?

“Ugh, I cannot comprehend your reasoning…”

“D, don’t overdo it.”

Well, Lance’s thoughts are usually simple.

Even though he is smart, it goes only for his academic results, so he’s not quite versed at situations like this.

… That means, Rishell is my only opponent.

How do I persuade this fellow…

… Not good, the last boss is way too great.
I don’t feel like I can win…

“E, Eliza is overprotective too, no? I mean, it’s her we are talking about, I felt that she would want to follow me… it’s not like I can let her tag along with my selfishness.”

I said so to Rishell with the best smile (slightly cramped one) I could amass.

Rishell’s malicious smile deepened even further.

… The hell!? I would like him to stop making that face when talking to people!
It makes me scared for no apparent reason!

I stared into Rishell’s eyes while screaming in my mind.

“… I see, so that’s your point. I have asked Oswald and he really didn’t say anything…”

You already interrogated him, oy!

I’m glad, Oswald didn’t say anything unnecessary…

“… Well, let’s leave it at that for the time being.”

Why is this person talking in this sore loser way of talking?
Does he hate to lose this much?

Well, that’s definitely it though.

“… I don’t understand.”

… And, Lance was confused as always.


“… I am home.”

I returned home and dragged my exhausted body to my room.

… That was really tiring. Although Lance was still confused in the teatime following afterward, Rishell kept asking me questions that revealed my faults with a whole-faced smile.

… Is he doubting me even now? He surely is.

───Knock, knock.


I just lazily replied while stretching my body on top of the bed.

Who is it, I wonder~ Celsior or Aira, perhaps?
Though I would not like to be seen like this by Keith, it’s probably one of the two.

“… Excuse me.”

No, why is it youuuu!?

… The one who opened the door and walked in was Keith.

I stood up from the bed in speed that left behind after images and hurriedly sat on the bed.

“… O, Olga-sama.”

Surprised by my speed, Keith stiffened.

… No I mean, showing my laziness to the family is all right, but I have some opposition to showing myself like this to a stranger (an extremely handsome one at that).

… Keith stepped back a little, but let’s ignore that.
It would be my loss if I mind it.

“How can I help you?”

I pressured Keith with a crisp “Nothing happened, all right?” face.

Keith was making a little bit of “eh” face, but… it seems he will do as if he didn’t see it.

As expected of Keith. What a gentleman.

… If this was Rishell or Lance, they would ridicule me like a fool “I saw it, you know?” both would try to shake me up.

Compared to those two, Keith is an angel.

“… Umm.”


Keith seemed to have something difficult to say.

… Why is he hesitating?
Is it something so difficult to ask?

… What am I going to do if he asks me whether I grew fat recently? I was quite stressed recently (because of the kidnapping), so I think I’m rather thinner.

While having such useless thoughts, Keith’s next words were like a bomb.

“… Olga-sama, are the rumors about you becoming engaged to either Rishell-sama or Lance-sama true?”

“… Wha?”

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