Chapter 43

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Are you two dissapointed?
“At least wake up when being woken up…”


I got jolted in the carriage with Rishell on my lap for about thirty minutes.
Somehow or other, we arrived at the castle… is what I would like to say, but when I saw that we would be arriving soon and tried to wake up Rishell, he did not budge at all.

Even when I shook with Rishell to wake him up, he just let out “N~” and wouldn’t wake up, so the guard who helped me out looked at me with “Eh… did you do it…?” eyes though.

You goon. You should go and explode.

“… I did not have much sleep recently, so it seems I fell sound asleep because of that.”

“As I thought.”

That idiotic prince bastard.
Only increasing Rishell’s work.

“… And so, where are we going to?”

I accompanied Rishell on the walk, but we have passed by the usual parlor.

Just where does he plan on going?

“… Who knows?”

… Is there a need to keep it secret?
There’s none, right?

He’s secretive in weird places…

“Ah, we are here.”

Walking while dissatisfied with Rishell in my mind, we have reached Rishell’s destination before I noticed.

… No, where is this? It was a room with a larger door than the parlor with wonderful decoration.

I have never visited a room like this before though?

“Rishell, what kind of room is this?”

“It’s my room?”


… I cannot understand why I have been brought to Rishell’s private room.
If he wanted answers, he could ask in the parlor…

… Is it not usable by some kind of circumstances, perhaps?

“Ah, is the parlor unusable, perhaps? Want to postpone it to another day?”

“No way. You would come up with an excuse in the meanwhile.”

… My sneaky suggestion was apparently seen through by Rishell.

… As one would expect of him.

“Yes, after you.”

… I would like to think that the door that opened before me only looked like the gates of hell.

“Excuse me~…”

Muttering such, I stepped inside Rishell’s room.

… Huh? There’s unexpectedly little decoration for a room of the royalty.

The bed with the canopy is huge, but the desk is practical and although the carpet is luxurious, it’s similar to the ones at my home.

… Albert’s room in which I was dragged into the last time was all sparkly and shiny though.

I’m glad that wasn’t a common room for the royal family.
If that was the case, Rishell’s aesthetic sense must be despairingly different.

“… It’s unexpectedly normal.”

“Well, there are simple people among the royalty… Albert’s room is an exception in various ways.”


… Ah, so Rishell knew about it too.

Besides, he was still calling Albert “elder brother” before… he changed how he addresses him when Albert got deprived of his status.



… With my impressions of the room, we exhausted the things to talk about.
I desperately tried to come up with a topic, but I couldn’t think of anything.

… No, Rishell, say something too!?
At this rate, we will both only feel awkward, you know!?

───Knock, knock.

Just as I thought of excusing myself to the toilet, there was a knocking on the door sent by a God.

Uooooh, I don’t care who, even if it’s a servant, just help me!

Rishell went to open the door while I was screaming such in my mind.

“Yo, Lance.”


“… What the hell.”

Lance stood there.

… No, why the hell?
Why did he call Lance here?

… I have no idea what Rishell is planning though.

“Then, sit down, you two… Ah, sit next to me, Lance.”

Rishell guided Lance and me to the sofa and sat us on the opposite sides.

Rishell might not have the image of talking casually with Lance, but that’s because they meet at the school most of the time.

Eliza who was treated the same way complained about how gross it feels.

“… Now then, Olga. Let’s get down the business.”

My body stiffened and Lance made a puzzled expression.

“… What business?”

“… That reminds me, I didn’t let you know, huh. The reason Olga was kidnapped so easily.”

Lance’s face seemed to say “???” even more.

Well, Lance believes that I was suddenly struck from behind so it cannot be helped.

“You did not notice? That was a lie.”


Lance looked at Rishell as if wanting to say “what is this fellow saying?”

… I quickly averted my gaze.

“… Seriously?”

Guessing it was the truth from my behavior, Lance scratched his head.

… No, it was Rishell who came up with that.
I seem to be misunderstood.

“Why did you lie about that? … Was it something so hard to say?”

Lance asked while looking at me.
No, I’m telling you to ask Rishell about it.

I mean, he deceived you all while I was still troubled about it.

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