Chapter 42

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Please don’t be unreasonable.
“Ah, but you see! Keith is waiting…”



What is this assembly line!
The mutual understanding of you two is way too smooth!

Is this what happens when you are together at all times…?
A middle-aged couple…?

I might already start thinking that Rishell and Dante should just marry each other, alright?

“… Yes, now there’s no problem, right?”

“… No, there isn’t.”

… In the end, I was dragged into the royal family carriage by Rishell, and we departed towards the castle.

“… So, what is this about?”

I, who was forcefully pulled into the carriage asked Rishell while pouting.

Rishell smiled wryly at me who was acting like a child.

“Well, don’t be so angry… Olga, you will tell me the real reason, won’t you?”


… I wished that he would forget about it, but as expected of Rishell.
It seems unlikely.

… He will definitely get angry if I talk about it, so I really don’t want to talk about it though…

I mean, people of this world don’t know that I am likely to die…
It might be fine to speak about it, but I am scared that it might be some kind of a trigger too, and mostly that they won’t believe me.

“… I will have you tell me about it. Take your time, alright?”

… A chill ran up my spine.
Not good, I will be done in.

At this rate, I will be seriously done in.
Rishell is in opposition to my countryside life after all…

If at least Dante who has the role of a stopper was here…
He has been incompetent recently though, as even he could not stop Rishell from doing certain things.

“… Rishell, is it fine not to wait for Dante?”

“I had Dante persuade Keith for me, so he will run after us later.”

Run after us later, how?
On feet?

No, that would be really pitiful, so how about sending someone for him?
But, Rishell is mysteriously strict towards Dante, isn’t he…

Well, let’s leave it at the flip side of trust.

While thinking such, the carriage began moving.

“… How long will it take to arrive at the castle from here?”

There was a mysterious silence, so I selected a safe topic to get rid of it.

The castle seems quite far from here…

“… Hmm, I am not quite sure since I always sleep on the way, but probably about thirty minutes?”

No, you sleep?

But, that’s convenient for me. If he fell asleep like that, he wouldn’t be able to question me in the carriage.

“… Fuaah.”

Whether it was because of a habit, Rishell let out a small yawn.

… Please fall asleep by all means.


“Are you sleepy, Rishell? It’s fine to take a nap, you know?”

I am not able to imagine Rishell sleeping in the public.
Is it that? He would feel exposed to killers if he fell asleep among people?

“… No, it’s not like I can sleep with you here…”

Even though he was saying that, he yawned again while a tear formed in the corner of his eye.

“No, no need to hold back. You are lacking sleep, are you not? You were working late in the night again, right?”


See, I was right.
Rishell is diligent, so he performs his official duties seriously.

… That is also fine, but he is recently taking care of Stupid-dono’s share of work as well, so he has quite a lot of work to do.

“… Haah, I cannot win against you.”

“There’s no way you would be able to deceive me, right?”

I meaninglessly puffed out my chest with a smug face.
I don’t understand quite well, but it seemed like I was praised or something.

“… Then, I will accept your offer.”

He will obediently lie down at last…!
With this, I can spend my time in the carriage peacefully!

Just when I was delighted thinking about that.

… Rishell placed his head down on top of my lap.

“… No, waitwaitwaitwait.”

“Is something the matter?”

No, of course something is the matter.
What’s up with this posture of yours?

Did you feel like making me into your lap pillow or something?

“What is this posture!?”

“Lap pillow.”

Rishell said with a nonchalant face.

… No, don’t be so nonchalant about it.
Get up, please.

“Why do I have to act as your lap pillow, Rishell!?”

“N~ advanced payment for your punishment.”

… The hell that means?

Will this make the scolding lighter when we arrive at the castle, by any chance…?

Wanting to ask, I lowered my eyes towards Rishell who was laying on top of my lap…

“He’s already asleep…”

Rishell must have been really tired as he already became a citizen of the dream world.

… His face is pretty as always, he does not look malicious at all when he sleeps too.

I stared fixedly at Rishell’s silky black hair, long eyelashes, and white skin.

… Your face is seriously pretty, Rishell.
It’s hiding your maliciousness though.

… And, I wasn’t able to wake up Rishell until we arrived at the castle.

… I think it’s not my fault that the guard who helped me wake him up misunderstood.

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