Chapter 60

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“I’m home~! … Is Keith-san home?”

I, who decided on inquiring about the love lives of the capture targets in detail decided to start the one I know the least, Keith.

… I felt like I would get killed if I asked Rishell and Lance is a tsundere (?), so he probably wouldn’t tell me.
Celsior probably has no one… I decided by elimination.

“Welcome home, Olga-sama… Keith-san is taking a break in the study.”

Aira unexpectedly came out and informed me. You are cute today as well, Aira.

After hugging and rubbing cheeks with Aira for a while, I went to the study.

───Knock, knock.

“Excuse me, it’s Olga… is Keith-san in?”

When I knocked on the door and called out, Otousama opened the door.

“Ahh, welcome home, Olga… Keith is inside.”

“Welcome back.”

Keith showed up from behind Otousama with his usual poker face.

Seeing the documents in his hands, he must be helping Otousama with work.
How capable.

“I have just returned… Umm, I have something to ask you, Keith-san…”

When I said so, I glanced at Otousama.

Otousama was looking at me as if saying “Eh? Am I in the way?”, so when I lightly nodded at him, he looked at me with a sorrowful expression for some reason.

“… Olga, you are steadily climbing the stairs to adulthood, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, I quite don’t understand what you are trying to say.”

How did this become a story of the stairs to adulthood?
Did I say something strange…

… Ah.

“Otousama, by having something to say to Keith-san, I didn’t mean that I wanted to confess to him, alright?”

“I, is that so?”

He really did misunderstand.
Each and every one of you have love brains…

Otousama made a face of relief for some reason and left the room in a good mood.
What and why?

“So, Olga-sama, what did you want to ask me…?”

“Ah, I am sorry. It shouldn’t be considered anything strange, so please be at ease.”

I told to Keith while laughing.
It’s not like I am going to threaten you to tell me, so please don’t make such a tense expression.

… I have been able to tell Keith’s expressions apart recently, how amazing of me.

“I wanted to inquire about your love life.”


… He was super shocked.
I have never seen him so surprised.

So Keith can make such an expression too huh, how rare. Super ultra-rare.

“W, why is that…?”

“Eh, err…”

Now then, how do I reply?
I have to options.

Because I might die if I don’t ask…? Definitely not. He will think I am weird in the head.

Because I want to get along? … Hmm, I feel that’s a bit wrong. I would be troubled if he’s weirdly conscious of me…


“Umm… Keith-san, you are attending to me, so I thought it would be good to know you at least a little better.”

I feel like I forced myself quite a lot, but let’s not mind it.
I mean, I could only think of this…

… Huh? Somehow, Keith was moved! Or at least he was making such a face.

“To want to know more about me who is merely one of the servants… I am happy.”

O, ohh. You are pure, Keith-san.

His face was shining Paaa…!, so I felt terrible for lying.

… H, his smile is dazzling.

“N, no… that… umm, would you tell me?”


Yeah! I got an OK!

It seems that I will be able to clarify the love life of one of the four.
… Celsior doesn’t count so make it three.

“Err… at this moment, I do not have a girlfriend.”

“Is that so?”

… Tch. Even though I intended on sticking you to your girlfriend if you had one…

It seems that this vulgar idea of mine won’t be able to get realized.
Well, it was naive of me.

“Then, someone you like or are interested in?”

However, I couldn’t give up here.

For humans, never giving up is important. Don’t lose, me.

“T, that’s…”

Oh, his face turned red. This is a bullseye?

Let’s try asking for details.
Unlike Rishell, Keith would probably don’t try to kill me mentally… haha…

“Who might that person be?”

“T, that’s… I won’t tell.”

Keith being bashful… what!?
Wait, this is so rare my eyes are exploding.

… Rather, a bashful Keith is adorable, isn’t he!? I wouldn’t think he’s a man in his twenties!

“Then, at least what kind of person she is…”

If he won’t even answer this, then I do plan on giving up.
I don’t want to ask until I get hated.

But, fortunately, it looks like Keith is going to answer this question of mine.

“Err… her hair is long, eyes are big… she’s younger than me.”

Ohh, a younger one, huh.

I wonder where did he meet that person…?
He works and lives here, so I don’t think there’s much chance of an encounter.

Ah, did he fell in love at first sight in the school?
I could understand that.

I told the bashful Keith with a whole-faced face.

“Is that so… thank you very much! I will definitely support your love, so please do your best, Keith-san!”

… A sad smile floated on Keith’s face as he looked into a distance for some reason, but I did not have the means to understand his reason.

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