Chapter 17

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The counterattack commences.
“… Well, I’m telling you to calm down Celsior, but I feel the same way as you. I don’t have the slightest intention of letting Serena off.”


You are the same in the end…

Well, I did think it would definitely turn out like this…

This fellow isn’t someone who would let things go unfinished.
Far from firing back if fired at, he’s someone who would fire back one hundred times more, so there’s no way he would let this matter go.

“Then Olga, are you just going to accept this?”

“No, that’s…”

This and that is different, I think.
I don’t intend on carrying such a radical ideology as he is, but I am not so kind to stay silent after nearly getting killed.

First of all, I think of returning that which has been done to me.

“Right? … Therefore, let’s counterattack.”

Rishell smiled, a splendid Demon Lord smile floated on his face.

… Could you please stop trying to coerce me here and there with that Demon Lord smile of yours, please?
I’m scared.


“Yes, counterattack… you want her to feel the pain you felt at the very least, right?”

I believe that Rishell is capable of anything.
Rather, he will definitely do it. I mean, it’s Rishellmon.

Celsior’s eyes showed a little hesitation too, but since his attitude was like that a while ago, his heart must be inclined to”Do it”.

“Counterattack, you say… Rishell, will you be all right doing that? Your status…”

“It will be fine… it’s me, you know? Isn’t it given that things will only go smoothly?”

He said with a smug face.

… He certainly isn’t mistaken, alright? I believe Rishell will be able to do it smoothly, but what is he planning?

I’m getting a bit irritated, ya know? Because of your smug face.

“… I, is that so?”

Look, Celsior also finds it questionable.

No, although I don’t know whether this world has “smug” in their dictionaries.
You have an example right here.

… Recently, I feel that Rishell’s character has stirred from it originally was.

I wonder if he will be able to talk casually with people who aren’t me or Dante soon?

“… So, how about it? What are you guys going to do? … If you guys say that you won’t do it, I will do it on my own.”

“Stop right there.”

This fellow will definitely overdo his counterattack. Rather, it will be at the level I will feel sorry for the opponent.

Aware of that, Celsior who recovered a little also said: “Please, don’t do that”.

“Then, are you guys in?”

“I will do it.”

Celsior seemed to have decided to do it.

I do find it vexing and frustrating, but… if this plan gets exposed, Serena would use it against me, making others to scorn me.

I wouldn’t be able to refute if that was to happen.
She started it first and I originally planned to strike back.


I don’t know how Rishell concluded that Serena is the culprit or how he plans on striking back, but if it’s not clear that Serena was indeed the culprit, then things are obviously going to be bad for us.

Well, most of the people around are surely thinking that it was Serena’s doing though.

I mean, she was the one with the most hostility towards me…

“… Is that so? What about you, Olga?”

… Eh~

But, there wasn’t such a scene in the original game, right?

My counterattack! There was no need for something like that as I wasn’t pushed off of the staircase in the first place.

… I’m troubled. I’m seriously troubled.

Carry out something that wasn’t a scenario in the game, or remain a spectator without doing anything.

This is what I am troubled about.

But, I might die even if I don’t do anything in the end.

I might as well die after striking back.

… Ah~ my head hurts from thinking. Since it came to this, it’s time for desperation!

“I got it, I will do it!”

I mean, it’s vexing! I don’t know when I will die anyway!
In that case, I should do what I can before dying!

“E, elder sister!? Are you really all right with that!?”

“It’s fine! Probably!”


I can’t say that it will be fine for sure.
I mean, I already ended up half-dead the last time.

“… I understand.”

Rishell wore his Demon Lord smile as usual.

… I hate myself for not being able to get used to it. Why don’t you smile normally…

“… So, Rishell. What about the others?”

“Err… everyone will probably get on board if we ask them”

I felt it would be like that.
I don’t know about Keith, but Lance will definitely get on board if asked.

“Eh? Are you going to ask them?”

“It might be a necessary process to make the plan.”

According to the person himself, it’s not necessary at the moment.

“So, what plan have you come up with so far?”

Already making plans without knowing whether we would agree, as expected of the malicious prince. What a prodigy.

… Well, it’s Rishell we are talking about so although she won’t die, he must have come up with a harsh plan for Serena.

… I mean, it’s Rishell after all.

While thinking such, Rishell begun talking about his plan.

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