Chapter 18

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Let’s work out the strategy.
Rishell spoke.

“… First, Olga. How much do you want Serena to go through?”

“Eh? Umm…”

For now, I would like her to experience as much pain as I have suffered…

“… For the time being, enough to break her will to an extent she wouldn’t want to do something like that again.”

“So violent!”

That’s overdoing it, Celsior.

It’s fine since he’s thinking about me, but Celsior’s overprotectiveness is connected to recklessness, isn’t it…

There’s nothing I can say to that lovely smile of his though…

“… Celsior, this is where you should respect Olga’s opinion. I am of the completely same opinion as you, but let’s hear Olga’s opinion.”

“You are of the same opinion, huh…”

This fellow too? You guys are too violent.

I’m that, you know? A pacifist, so I would like to ask you to do things more peacefully…

“No, you guys are too violent! I’m fine with returning that which has been done to me!”

It’s not a place to go ‘Eh~’ you two.

… Rishell, you seem to be quite dissatisfied with my opinion even though you said to listen to my opinion.

Celsior too, stop looking at me so displeasedly while cutely biting your lip.

“Elder sister, you are too soft!”

“Now, now, Celsior. Isn’t that what’s good about Olga? … To be frank, I want to beat her up so much she won’t be able to recover.”

“Oy, you there.”

Rishell, it’s good that you tried to pacify him, but your true feelings escaped.
You are an open book.

… This fellow can’t hide his maliciousness anymore.
I don’t really mind, but… you are too obvious.

“So, Elder sister. How are you going to return it to her? Are you going to send a letter of objection? Deprive her of her peerage? Assassinate her?”

“I’m telling you to return what has been done to me! I won’t be killing her! Don’t casually mix in something so dangerous!?”

I certainly experienced an attempted assassination, but I haven’t died, alright!
Even though I’m telling to return what’s been done to me!

“I’m fine with her experiencing the pain I did.”

But, it’s not like we can push her off of the staircase too~…

A method to receive the same amount of mental and physical damage without pushing her off of the staircase…

I can’t think of anything…

“Rishell~ do you have a way?”

“Let’s see… you have decided on beating down her pride then?”

“Don’t make it sound so natural… to an extent she could recover, alright?”

… I felt like were having somehow a dreadful conversation.

Just what has happened in those three days I continued to sleep after being pushed off of the staircase?

“… I thought you would say that, so I thought about it just in case.”

“As expected.”

As expected of the genius malicious prince.

He usually hides his maliciousness, so the citizens view him as an angelic and smart prince…

I’m told he’s famous among the nobles as extremely scheming though.

I have a feeling it spread even further during that party.

“So, what’s your plan?”

“Right, let’s see… those girls won’t do anything to you directly when I am with you guys, right?”


If Rishell and others weren’t there for me, the detest of the girls would rise and my stress would reach the peak right about now.

However, if Rishell… the prince is by our side, then they wouldn’t do anything directly.

But, they are probably thinking that I have deceived Rishell…
Even though that’s not the case…

“In that case, I will take a day off from school.”


I unconsciously let out a strange voice.

No, was he listening? I told him, right? That I will be harassed if he isn’t around.

What? In other words, is he telling me to go bald from stress?

“Please don’t make such grim face… of course, I wouldn’t be really taking a day off. I would be looking from somewhere hidden.”

“No, that’s scary.”

Are you a stalker or something? Noticing you suddenly appear behind me would be seriously scary, oy.

… But, Rishell is very scary when he does something like that.

The exchange “Since when were you there!?” “Since a while ago” has happened numerous times already.

“Dante too?”

“Well, they wouldn’t do anything if it was to be reported to me, so the plan would be meaningless.”

Well, indeed.

Rishell would take a day off in order to witness them bullying me, but it would be no good if they were too scared to do anything to me.

“Is that so? But, it won’t be dangerous for Elder sister, right?”

“Well, more or less… please feel at ease, I will protect Olga without a fail.”

Oh my, Rishell-kun, you are such a hunk.

If Rishell says so then I feel quite relieved.

While this fellow is quite malicious, he’s the type of person who is reassuring to have as an ally.

… Though he’s usually just malicious.

“… Let’s return on the subject. Watching from the outside, I will counterattack were Serena and others took some action.”

Rishell said that with a wonderful Demon Lord smile floating on his mouth.

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