Chapter 19

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Doing it.
Yes, one night later, it was the day of carrying out the mission.

Currently, I am on my way to the academy in a carriage together with Keith.

Keith seemed to be worried about my condition as he asked me “Are you really all right?” “Are you not hurting anywhere?” once every thirty seconds after boarding the carriage.

… At first, I was answering “I am all right” seriously, but after the tenth time, I could only reply “Yeah”.

… I mean, that’s way too much! It might be heartless on my part, but everyone is way too overprotective!

“… Keith.”

“What is it? Are you in pain?”

No, that’s not it, alright?

I am not in pain.

“… Today, there might be a slight ruckus at the academy, but… do ignore it, okay?”

“Eh, what is this advanced notice about…”

Sorry, Keith.
I wouldn’t be able to say what will happen even if you ask me…

Only you and Celsior are aware of it for the time being.

“… I understand. Is it related to Rishell-sama?”

“I am in admiration of your insight”

He could tell well.

But well, people who are able to make a huge ruckus are limited…
Rishell being one of them.

“Well, if you pretend not to know even if something goes wrong, everything will end up all right.”

“Will it be really all right?”

Probably. I think it will be probably all right.

Rishell will be there after all.
Celsior… I am a bit worried about him, but well, he’s reliable in his own right.

“… I understand. I believe that no harm will come to you.”

“… Yeah.”

I will feel embarrassed if you look at me with such a serious face though.

But you see~… to put it simply, I am on the bait duty… I mostly certain that something will happen to me.

But, Keith would most likely try to stop me if I said that.

That’s why I won’t say it… sorry.

With the feelings of guilt, I spent my time at the academy while worrying endlessly.




“Olga-! Morning! Are your injuries fine!?”

The moment I opened the door of the classroom, Eliza came flying towards me.

… Her superhuman strength is as usual.

“Ugh… it still hurts a little, but it healed quite a lot… it hurts…”

Today, the person in charge of stopping Eliza, Dante, wasn’t present, so my life was on the line.

“E, Eliza… it hurts, let go of me… ugh…”

“I, I am sorry!”

Hearing my suffering voice, Eliza thought that I really was in trouble and quickly let go of me.

“N, no, I am fine…”

“I am glad… by the way, Dante and Rishell aren’t here today? Lance is also missing…”

Even though the lesson will start soon, Eliza who couldn’t find their figures was restlessly looking around the room.

“… Yeah, Rishell and Dante took a day off today because of official business.”

I purposely said with a louder voice so that Serena and others would hear me.

Serena seemed to be inquiring with the eyes of an eagle and a smile clearly floated on her face the moment she heard me.

… Ah~ you poor girl.
The more you get carried away, the stronger Rishell’s counterattack will get.

While pitying the girl in my mind, a smile unconsciously formed on my mouth.

“Oh myyy, Olga-san. I heard that you have injured your head, but… are you all right now?”

No time for break. Serena clearly forced herself to talk to me.

… Stopping Eliza and Lance (who arrived at the last moment) with my gaze, I smiled friendly.

“… Yes, thanks to you. I have made you worry.”

“No way, I wasn’t worried about you… I couldn’t be worried about your force of will and body that is stronger than that of a wild beast!”

Kusukusu, kusukusu. Laughter spread throughout the classroom.

That definitely wasn’t anything cheerful as it was the scorn of those who thought themselves to be inferior to me before.

… Having a fiancé cheating on me with a Baron’s daughter, and finally having my engagement broken.

That is their sense of superiority against me as their laughter increased.

Yes, that is true. While laughing like an idiot, I was sneering at the girls in my mind.


… And then, after the school.

I stayed in the classroom and studied.

No, today was a terrible day.
When I went to the restroom I was splashed with water and when I returned, my desk was filled with edged tools.

The things heated up, didn’t they?

“… Those fellows still wouldn’t come out, huh…”

Aren’t they late no matter how you look at it?
Serena and others have already returned home…

“Olga-san, you have been getting carried away recently, so I will offer you an advice.”

Ah, I ws wrong.

They haven’t returned at all. They have been seriously waiting.

Eliza went to the student council, Lance went for a stroll somewhere.

… Eliza aside, even Lance left…

“Don’t approach Rishell and others too much. A woman whose engagement has been broken with no worth, just looking at you is painful, you know?”

No, the painful one is you.

I can’t say that though.

Haah, letting out an inappropriate sigh seemed to infuriate her even more.

“Don’t joke with me…! Rather than someone like you, I am several times better than you…!”

“… I can’t say that you are better than me while doing something like this though.”

… Ah, crap. The voice of my heart carelessly went through.

When I timidly looked at Serena, her face warped into that of a devil, and I got cold feet.

“… Don’t you dare talk back to me!”

She grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up.

Thinking that this is getting really dangerous, but seeing the surroundings still, she raised her hand.

Heyyyyyyyy!? Rishell!? Help me—-!
Right now! Right now is the time for you to rescue me, isn’t it!? Right!?

… Seemingly hearing the voice of my heart, a cold voice echoed around the classroom.

“… That’s as far as you go.”

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