Chapter 20

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My condolences.
“Ri… Rishell, sama…”

“W, why…”

Serena who wanted to hit my cheek lowered her hand which she raised overhead and stepped back.

Wow, her face is blue.
Somehow, it feels like she got drained of her vigor at a dreadful speed, but is she alright?
She’s trembling.

Rishell stepped into the classroom. Dante seems to be just behind him. He doesn’t stand out though.

Also, for some reason… Lance is there too? Why?

“… You girls, what were you doing just now?”

The words that left from Rishell’s mouth were terrifyingly cold.
He’s the personification of absolute zero.

I gulped down my saliva while Serena and others retreated even further.

“Did you hear me? … Or perhaps you have no mental capacity to reply to my question?”

He advanced towards Serena and others while spitting out merciless things.

Step, step, step… step.

Serena and others who were cornered at the wall huddled up together.
Rishell, however, continued mercilessly approaching them.

“… How many times do I have to ask? You guys, what did you do to Olga?”

Rishell looked down at Serena and others who had shrunk and huddled up together.

Dante and Lance stood at the entrance without moving.

I stood between Serena-Rishell and Lance-Dante.
In other words, in the center of the classroom.

Somehow, am I not the only one in a wrong place? Should I move?

Is what I thought, but Rishell’s questioning… rather, interrogation, condemnation, and counterattack have begun, so I continued standing there all alone.

“… Well, I could tell just from watching. Jealous of Olga who is liked by others, you have selfishly abused her verbally and tried to hit her, no?”


… It’s the advent of the Demon Lord.

Rishell drew closer to Serena others with his Demon Lord smile at full power.

That is the perfection of a Demon Lord. It can’t be called anything different.

I thought such while looking at the sky from the window.
Ah~ there’s a bird flying~

While absentminded, Rishell (Demon Lord) cornered Serena and others with a whole faced smile.

“… I also heard more. Of your voice. What was it again? You have no worth, I am far better than you… you said something like that, right?”

Ah~ she did say something like that.

Because I was ignoring her, she responded appropriately and got caught.

“… Please don’t be ridiculous. Which part of you is better when compared to Olga? Character, pedigree, appearances, behavior… I think it’s your complete loss in all of them though”

“T, that is not true…! I did not have my engagement broken… hii!”


Serena tried to retort in some way or other, but she was silenced by Rishell’s piercing glare.

… Somehow, Rishell’s gaze is like a freezing beam though.

I would probably freeze were I exposed to that.

“… Breaking off the engagement with that thing, what’s wrong about that? In the first place, the person who fooled around was at the fault.”

Ah, the point of your argument is there, huh.
Regarding the breaking off of my engagement, huh.

Even though I don’t mind it at all…

“N, no, it is the fault of the charmless woman! Therefore, Sherina-san and Albert-sama are not in the wrong at all!”

Whoa, she finally spoke about that woman.

Rather, what an incredible remark… he was fooling around because I have no charm, huh.

I don’t know whether I have a charm or not, but my fiancé has been decided on since the old days. I believe that this is definitely the fault of the person who disregarded that and fooled around.

“… Shut up.”


At last, Demon Lord smile disappeared from Rishell’s face…

He’s a perfectly normal human with Demon Lord eyes… he’s not smiling though.

In the completely still atmosphere, Dante was looking at Serena and others with “They have done it now” expression.

I have not made Rishell angry before… and definitely, don’t want to make him angry at all.
I mean, he would definitely be scarymon.

“What are you guys? Can you still call yourselves humans if you can’t even distinguish what’s wrong and what’s right? … No, it’s evident that you guys have no use, but would you at least keep silent?”

Wow, what a display of abusive language.

Exposed by Rishell’s below freezing gaze, Serena and others crumbled down on the floor while trembling.

There were girls who were already close to tears. I don’t feel anything because they reap what they sow though.

“… Haah, it will be useless no matter what I tell you, I see. Useless… I will report this to the Director… especially you, Serena Aldoria. I will report your deeds to His Majesty and have him give a judgment.”

“T, that can’t be…!”

Well, I believe they were valid crimes.

Serena did attempt to murder me after all.

“W, why only me…!”

“… Isn’t that precisely because you have attempted to kill Olga?”

Rishell said after letting out a deep sigh.
His eyes aren’t seeing a person anymore, it was as if he was looking at a creature that didn’t understand his words.

“… I, I haven’t done anything like that!”

Eh, seriously? You are going to deny it after coming this far…?

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