Chapter 21

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“I, in the first place, do you have a proof that it was my doing!?”

Serena who was cornered managed to speak up.

How stupid~ to say that when the opponent is Rishell.
He will return you double of what you asked.
No, isn’t it far from double…

“I will reverse that question to you, do you have a proof that you did not do it?”

… See, I told you so.

You should have kept silent with that blue face of yours.

“You don’t think that I will accept it if you don’t present me with any evidence whatsoever, do you?”

“… Ugh.”

That’s why I told you that you are stupid.
… In my mind though.

“… T, then, does Rishell-sama have a proof!?”


Rishell instantly replied to Serena who tried to bite.
Moreover, his Demon Lord smile has revived.

“… First, I have several witnesses who have seen you running from that very staircase. In the first place, unlike you, there shouldn’t be anyone who holds a grudge against Olga…”

Rishell presented the evidence while smiling at Serena.
His character is malicious as always~
He gives off the feeling of “THE Meanie!”

“… Ahh, also… this had fallen on the staircase, you see?”

Rishell said that and took something out from his pocket.

… What is that, it’s sparkling… a thumbtack!?

“Which reminds me, that day… I don’t know who, but someone was throwing thumbtacks on Olga, right…?”

“… Ugh.”

Well, we already know that it was Serena throwing the thumbtacks.

It’s too late to regret it now.

“Surely, over ten of them were thrown at her… it wouldn’t be strange if someone dropped one of them, no?”

… No good, I am sure that Rishell really picked up the thumbtack from the staircase, but… the doubt that he stole it from Serena’s things floated on my mind.

… That fellow is capable of anything.
I feel sorry for doubting him though…

“T, that can’t be… I was sure I brought them all back home…”

“… Oh my? You seem to have an idea.”

… Ah, this fellow, she took the bait.

Indeed, he didn’t name the person who dropped the thumbtack on the staircase, he didn’t even say who was throwing them.

He only spoke of the fact that thumbtacks were thrown at me.

Serena seemed to finally notice and her complexion already looked like that of a zombie.

… It’s so pale I might start worrying about her. I won’t though.

“Wha… no, I haven’t done anything!”

“I was told that your throwing form was very good… you might sure that I wouldn’t be able to see, but Lance and Dante saw you perfectly.”

… The eyesight of those guys is good after all.

“Ahh, today’s affairs were all reported to me by Lance as well… he overheard everything clearly, you know?”

… Was Lance arriving late arranged by Rishell and others by any chance?

No, if you have been reported to, come out at that point in time.

… Well, Rishell certainly wanted to pin as many crimes on her head as possible… her House is apparently quite defiant of the royal family.

He might have had hidden intentions of striking down their House on the occasion as well.

“T, that can’t be…”

Serena got weak in her legs and flopped down to the ground.

The girls around sat down one after another and started weeping.

… What a spectacle. Girls frozen in place and an Angel with the smile of a Demon Lord before them in an imposing stance.

… If the situation is misunderstood, people might think that he was extorting them.

… Even though you have saved me, I am sorry.

“… I… can’t have my life ruined in a place like this…!”

Shouting such, Serena slipped through Rishell and I and escaped from the classroom.

… But, the moment she managed to reach the entrance, her legs stopped.

It’s not that Dante or Lance stopped her.
They were just watching.

… The reason her legs stopped is because of the people she discovered on the other side of the door.

One of them was Celsior.

I was thinking where he was… so he was watching from over there.

And, the other one was… the Director.

He looked like a good-natured man with a wide body, dressed in well-tailored clothes, with grey hair and an abundant beard of the same color.

He looked like a Santa.

I would get expelled from the academy if I said that, so I will keep it to myself though.
In the first place, there is no Santa in this world.

The moment Serena recognized Director and Celsior, she suddenly halted and opened her eyes unusually wide.

“Di, Direc… tor…”

“… Serena Aldoria. I have seen and heard all of your performance in this place. You cannot be possibly forgiven… effective from today, you have been expelled.”

“Why… just whyyyyyy!?”

Serena sat down on the spot and started crying in a loud voice.

… As the surroundings were dumbfounded, I watched the situation with cold eyes.

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