Chapter 16

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It’s noisy.
───Knock, knock.

Just as I prepared to start my slow life right away (after healing from the injury), the door of my room was knocked on.

“Come in~”

“Olga, your consciousness has returned!? Are you all right!?”

The one who opened the door and showed his appearances was Rishell.
Moreover, he was gasping for breath.

I heard that he was talking with Keith in the parlor, but… are they done?

“I am fine, alright…”

“I’m glad…”

Rishell smiled in relief.

H, how rare… it wasn’t a Demon Lord’s smile, but a normal one.

Moreover, his face is that of an Angel, so the destructive power is terrific.
If this was modern Japan, he could create a harem just by walking on the street.

… Everyone would probably fall the instant he showed a smile.
I won’t fall though.

“… So, do you have any business with me? Are you just confirming my safety?”

That would be just fine with me, but there’s no way Rishell would end it at that.

He’s malicious after all. It would be impossible for him to end this without identifying the culprit.

“… Yeah, I came to ask whom you were pushed off of the staircase just to make sure.”

“So you know that I was pushed off…”

It’s likely that he already knows.

As expected of (malicious) prince. He works fast.
… Being malicious is unrelated? Is that so?

“N~… Well, I suddenly felt an impact from behind, so I didn’t see much.”

“Is that so… well, the culprit’s objective is mostly clear.”

Why did you come to ask me then?

Well, he would have to take a responsibility if he was wrong.

No matter his status of prince, it can’t end up with false accusations, as we know from the matter with Albert.

“… Wait, but… it might be just my imagination, but I feel that I have seen dark brown hair.”

When I said that, Rishell’s outrageously beautiful face smiled from ear to ear.

… It was the Demon Lord smile.

… Hyaa-, it’s the advent of Demon Lord!
Run away—!

An alarm was ringing in my mind, but I was not in the state in which I could run away.

… I’m sorry for saying that your smile looked like Demon Lord’s, Lance.

Your smile is still on the small fry level…
You are like one of those black “Yee!” fellows (Kamen Rider’s Shocker Combatmen).

“… Then, we were mostly correct.”

He muttered with his Demon Lord smile deepening even more.

“Whawhawhawhat you might be talking about?”

I tried asking, but my voice trembled unusually.

… Huh? Isn’t my field of vision shaking?
Ah, that’s not it. My body is just trembling.

“Huh, Olga? Why are you trembling so much?”

“A, aren’t you just imagining things hahaha.”

I said while shaking like a washing machine.

There’s nothing like that in this world though.

“… Is that so?”

“That ish sho.”

It can’t be helped that speech was a bit imperfect.

Therefore, my current mental state is that of a bunny stared at by a hunting dog.

… Wrong, hunting dog is too still too gentle.
A wolf, it’s a wolf. A man-eating one.

“… Aren’t you thinking about something rude?”

“I’m nosh thinkin’.”

I spoke in broken language again.

I thought he would get angry, but Rishell sighed tiredly and turned around.

“… We have grasped the culprit’s objective while you were sleeping.”

Well, it was quite obvious who the culprit was though, Rishell sighed.

“… Who was it!? Who was the one who tried to kill Elder sister…!”

“Calm down, Celsior!”

The moment Celsior heard Rishell’s words, he stood up and kicked over the chair.

… You did this before too, aren’t the chairs in my room being kicked over too much?
It was my fault the last time because I got scared of Keith…

“… It is very likely that the one who pushed Olga off of the staircase was Duke Aldoria’s daughter, Serena.”

As I thought, I muttered.

Well, she is the person who put a fruit knife in my desk and threw thumbtacks at me…

If said to be obvious then it was too obvious.

“… Where is that fellow’s home? Let’s go take a revenge immediately.”

“I told you to calm down!”

Why did Celsior get so dangerous too!?
It seems that he will start running the moment we let our attention relax…

“That’s right, calm down.”

Rishell said with a friendly smile… although those not smiling eyes of his were frightening.

Where did that normal smile of a little while ago go…
I think he would give off a gentler impression if that was his normal smile… you wouldn’t be called malicious anymore, you know…?

Well, it’s mostly my fault though!

The smiling (eyes aren’t smiling) wolf (Rishell) bared his teeth and barked at the small animal (Celsior).
… And then, there’s the frightened bunny (me).

… The hell is this chaos.

“… Is this a zoo?”

My muttering voice has erased Celsior’s frenzied voice and Rishell’s smile (that wasn’t a smile).

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