Chapter 15

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The moment I felt like waking up, I had a terrible headache.

“… Ugh, ouch…”

Slightly opening my eyes, I confirmed where I was.

It appears that I am lying on the bed in my room.

… Why am I here…

The moment I tried to recollect, a sharp pain ran through my head.


… At the same time, I remembered what happened.

… I have been pushed off of the staircase by someone while on the way to Keith’s classroom.

“… Ah~ I was careless.”

I might have been pushed off just because I was at a deserted place.

… No, normal people don’t push others off of the staircase in the first place.
Was I targeted by a hit man?

… But to think that I would get pushed off of the staircase.
Something like this wasn’t supposed to happen in the game.

Is this the influence of the game story being changed?

… First of all, I have to call for someone and confirm the situation.

The moment I thought so and tried to get up from the bed, I noticed someone sitting in the chair near me.


It seems that Celsior is deep asleep and has no signs of waking up either.

… He’s making a cute face as usual. How envious, you bastard.

I stared at Celsior’s face while thinking such.

“……… N.”

It was approximately two minutes later that Celsior noticed my gaze.

Probably feeling my staring, Celsior opened his eyes.

“… E, Elder sister!? You have woken up!”

“Y, yeah. How…”

“I will call the doctor!”

How long did I sleep for? Is what I tried to ask, but Celsior rushed out of the door at a tremendous speed and left the room.

“… You became fast at running.”

While feeling a strange direction of Celsior’s growth, I awaited the arrival of the doctor.

“Th, three days!? I was asleep for three days!?”


After Celsior brought the doctor and the medical examination finished, it was the time for questions.

There, I heard something shocking.

… Shockingly, I was sleeping for three days straight.

“I have slept for so long? I don’t feel like that at all…”

“It felt even longer for people watching over you!”

“I, I am sorry about that.”

Celsior seemed to be very worried about me as he asked the doctor lots of questions while restlessly walking around the room.

No, he’s cute as a small animal though, you know?
His body is large though.

He felt despondent because I told him that he was interfering with the doctor’s work.

… What are these feelings of guilt?

“Well, I think you will be all right now that you have woken up… make sure to contact me immediately were something to happen.”

Saying that, the doctor left the house.

I lowered my head to Celsior who remained behind.

“I’m sorry, Celsior. I must have caused you trouble, right?”

“N, not at all! Please raise your head!”

I must have caused lots of trouble to Aira and Keith too… I have to properly apologize later.

… Still, by whom and what state was I discovered in?

“Hey Celsior, I would like to ask some things.”

“Yes, please do.”

… So, after asking Celsior.

I was found collapsed under that very staircase.
The one who found me was Keith who went to look for me after not finding me in the classroom.

The panicked him somehow carried me to the carriage, rushed home and called for a doctor.

… No way, I was carried by Keith?

We were definitely conspicuous, right… and he definitely thought that I was heavy, didn’t he…

I’m sorry, Keith…

“I have to thank him later… by the way, where is he?”

I have not seen Keith even once since waking up.

It might be only given since I was in my room all this time, but… I felt that he would come.

“Ahh, if it’s Keith then he’s currently speaking with Rishell at the parlor.”


Rather, does that mean that Rishell is currently here?

It seems that Rishell made friends with Keith through either me or Celsior.

This also didn’t happen in the game.
It might be a behind the scenes setting, but I don’t recall anything like that.

… Not knowing where or when the story might change is frightening.
Not being able to anticipate the events means that taking countermeasures is that more difficult.

“I think they are talking about the criminal who has pushed you off the staircase, Elder sister.”

“Oh, great.”

Have they already cracked the person’s identity?
As expected of the genius malicious prince. He’s fast at work.

I feel that I have seen a long, dark brown hair just before falling down, but… was it just my imagination?

If it’s not my imagination then the probability that it was Serena is high.

… This time, I nearly died even though we have not arrived at the ending of the story.

I have luckily survived, but my life could be exposed to danger from now on too.

… Dying without even reaching the ending… isn’t this impossibly hard difficulty?

It appears that there was an update that makes it possible for me to die at any moment even without reaching the bad ending.

… I don’t need such an update.

It seems that there’s a need to start my slow life right away.

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