Chapter 12

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There’s no meaning.
“Nonono!? I’m fine!”

“Why? Didn’t you want to live in the countryside?”

That’s right! That’s right, but!

It’s so that I could be separated from you!
There’s no meaning if I’m to cause trouble for your house!

“Why is it no good?”

“Eh, umm…”

“You won’t tell me that you don’t have a reason, will you?”

Your eyes! Scary! Lance-san!

As expected of Oresama! It feels that he won’t consent unless he hears a proper reason.

This fellow won’t listen unless you start talking after all…

“Ahh~ umm… that! I would be a causing trouble to your Otousan and Okaasan were I taken care of by your family any more! See!?”

I have been taken care of by Lance’s Otousan and Okaasan severely. But, I will be soon an adult too. It’s not like I can continue causing them trouble.

This is not the problem with the people, but a problem of my heart.

… Well, I have even more important reason though.

“No, it would be fine. My Father and Mother like you very much after all.”

“Is that so…?”

I never thought about it.

When I was little and went to play over, I was given sweets (extremely high-class ones) and drinks (also extremely high-class ones) to bring back home.

I thought they were like this to everyone, but it seems that I was wrong.

“Lately, they have been noisy to receive you as a bride…”

“O, ou…”

That’s troublesome.

Moreover, I, unfortunately, can’t meet the expectations of Lance’s Otousan and Okaasan.

I want to live in the countryside soon…

… In a place that doesn’t belong to Lance’s family!

“So, is there any other problem?”

“Eh, err.”

Crap, I can’t think of anything!?

Work, my head!
Move, my brain cells!

Not good, it’s going to burst!

“I, it’s that thing, you know!? W, wouldn’t that cause… some weird rumors between you and me!?”

“Hee, what kind?”

T, this fellow… he definitely knows but he’s trying to make me say it…!
While grinning, as expected of Oresama…

… I’m sorry, my prejudice against Oresama is terrible.
But, he has been like this since old days… I could at least complain about it…

“… Like we are married… or lovers… things like that…”

Hanging my head, I moved my mouth unwillingly.

… A bad smile floated on Lance’s face as usual.

… You, I will remember this.

“Hee~? Will you be troubled if such rumors spread around?”

“I will!”

Take a responsibility and marry her! What am I going to do if such a situation happens!

The Capital of this country might fall into ruins because of that, you know!?
The fate of the country hangs on my speech and conduct, you know!?

“Why would you be troubled?”

“Why, you ask…”

I hesitated to answer Lance.

It’s not that I can explain him the truth…
I mean, he would definitely not believe me, he wouldn’t believe that this is a world of an Otome Game.

“W, well… having my engagement just broken off, were rumors of me having a lover spread, wouldn’t people look at me as an amorous woman?”

Although I said that, this is also comparatively true.

Since I’m already treated with hostility because I’m close with Rishell, as if I could stand being bullied more than this!

Well, I think it will decrease a little without Sherina around though.

“No, it will be fine, right? Rishell and Dante will be probably protecting you to the death from now on.”

“Eh? Why?”

They have been certainly protecting me up until now, but… to the death? Why?

Rather, I will be fine even if they don’t protect me… just let me live in the countryside…

“I mean, your engagement with Albert… Rishell’s elder brother has been canceled, right?”


“… If you are spoken badly of because of that, the castle would have a complete loss of face.”

Ahh, I see.

I did not blame the royal family because of prejudice, but it will be obviously their fault the next time.

I mean, I have lost face with Albert’s canceling our engagement.

It can be said to be the royal family’s fault because I have been engaged to Albert because of them, but I was not shamed.

Well, in short, I have been bullied because of the first prince… because of the royal family, so it’s not like they can afford to overlook it anymore.
Bearing the consequences is also difficult, isn’t it?

“Ah~ those two were indeed quite protective of me until now, so I wonder how things will turn out from now on…”

“… Won’t they be accompanying you up to the restroom?”

That’s ridiculous, is what I wanted to say, but it doesn’t sound so impossible.

I mean, it’s those two, you know? They are capable of anything…

“”… Haah””

I and Lance sighed simultaneously.

… It appears that on top of running away from Sherina, I will have to run away from those two as well.

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