Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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He appeared.
The following day.

I rose up early, brushed my teeth… while doing the usual routine, there was a knocking on my door.


When I gave a reply, Aira’s face peeked in.

… She looked like a little chick. So cute.

“Olga-sama~ you have a visitor~”

“Eh, who?”

I kindly asked Keith to do something for me.

I haven’t been to school since the party…
Well, it was just two to three days though.

Besides, Keith who is usually accompanying me to the school also wasn’t going, so I informed him that we will be going tomorrow.

“It’s Luxein-sama’s son.”

“Ah~ Lance?”


… That fellow, he’s troublesome…

An egoistic Oresama.

Letting out a sigh, I stood up from the chair I was sitting on.



When I opened the door after arriving at the parlor, Lance was sitting there on a sofa.

Lance Luxein.
My childhood friend and heir to the Luxein Ducal House.
Red hair, violet eyes, a snub nose… and, a mouth that always appears to be smiling in self-confidence.
Well, to put it simply, a hunk. But, Oresama.

Luxein House’s mansion is close to ours, you can easily visit it on foot if you feel like it.

“What business do you have so early in the morning?”

“There’s no business dammit, why are you not going to school?”

No, consider it carefully. And sympathize.

How unpleasant… there are definitely weird rumors floating about…

Though I don’t mind the disengagement itself, being insulted behind my back is quite tough.

Young noble ladies are vicious, after all…

“Is it that thing? The thing about the disengagement?”

“Of course it is. So you do understand.”

Why do you ask if you understand?
Are you so free? I was planning to go to school today though…

“Were you someone who would mind something like that?”

“No, I don’t mind the disengagement even the tiniest bit, but I don’t like being talked about behind my back…”

“Ah~ women are vicious after all.”

“Are you saying that in front of me?”

I’m, more or less, a woman too, you know?

Well, I can’t say that aloud in front of other people though…

“Eliza is missing you, ya know?”


Eliza is my friend.
Her full name is Eliza Kirtirus. A daughter of Marquis.
She’s a beautiful girl with indigo blue hair that resembles a night sky, golden eyes and an attractive body.
By the way, she attends the same class.

“I also want to see Eliza~…”

“Then, quickly come… that fellow is depressing when you are not around.”

Haah, sighed Lance.


“Besides, I feel lonely too…”

“Eh, what is it all of sudden? A sudden dere? Are you a tsundere?”

I feel that his character is basically is that of a pure Oresama though…
To think his attributes would change to tsundere!?

“Wha… who’s tsundere…!”

His face got dyed red.

I chuckled at Lance who averted his head with Hmph!

This is something that hasn’t changed about him since the old days… he’s quick to get embarrassed.

“… Well, I planned to go to the school tomorrow in the first place… I will be there tomorrow.”

“Ohh, I’m glad to hear that.”

Lance who somehow recovered from his boiled lobster status showed me a smile.

… Ohh, as expected of the capture target.
About thirty people may fall for that one smile of his…

I won’t fall for it though! I’m aiming for a slow life!

“Come to think of it, you… I’ve heard from Rishell that you want to live in the countryside?”

“Ah~ that’s right.”

Rishell already told about it to others?

We get along with Lance well, so it’s not that strange.

“Somehow, I felt that Rishell’s ‘I won’t let her go’ aura was quite frightening…”

“… Hahaha.”

He’s opposing it after all…
But, my life is on the line here, Rishell-san yo…

If you get rolled up in the disaster, you might die too…

“Well, I won’t object if you have a good reason though.”

“Wha!? Seriously!!”

A supporter has finally appeared!

Because even Keith who I thought would support me opposed, I thought of giving up…

… Well, it does not mean that Lance will agree though…
It’s the problem of my heart…

A wry smile floated on my face.

“… So, you. Do you have any connections in the countryside?”

“… I don’t.”

Right, that’s the problem.

If Rishell agreed, he could have find a fief of a nobleman who is not in a faction that opposes him…

“… That’s what I thought.”


I don’t have words to retort…
Yes, sorry of my lack of planning…

I apologized to Lance in my heart.

… Lance grinned and laughed.

“… Shall I do something about it?”

“Oh!? Really!?”

Seriously Lance-san thank you very much sorry for calling you tsundere-!

… It took only a second for such feelings to appear.

“My family has a territory in the countryside… want to come?”

Therefore, there would be no meaning theeen!?

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