Chapter 10

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Great laughter.
“… Well for the time being, think it over one more time, Olga. Let’s decide after a bit longer… Melia and Celsior, calm down too.”

“… Yes.”

I don’t think that my aspiration for a slow life will change though…
Anybody’s life is important, right?

Okaasama and Celsior each gave a reply.

Both of them somewhat unconsenting expressions though.

However, while the two don’t want to let me go, they are both precious to me as well.

I think that they should give me a way here though…

Well, everyone doesn’t know my circumstances, so it can’t be helped…

I sighed.

Then, two hours later. I was thinking about slow life in my room.

Hmm… a noble who has a territory in the countryside…

Although there are many nobles in the nobility school I attend, the children whom I could hang out has been mostly decided on beforehand, so I have no idea who has a fief in the countryside.

I should widen the range of my friends a little more…
I’m sure it would be easy if I asked Rishell, but he’s opposing my idea so that’s not possible.

… Haah, so difficult.

───Knock, knock.

There was a knocking on my room’s door.


Is it Aira?

I gave a reply because I thought that, but it was Keith who appeared at the door.

“Uowaa, what’s the matter!?”

I got startled and kicked over the chair I was sitting on.

… The chair fell with a loud noise and a delicate atmosphere flowed.

… Shiiiit, I will remember this, chair! (Unreasonable)

“No, that… your desire to live in the countryside was on my mind, so I came here…”

Keith, somewhat embarrassedly, said.

… Come to think of it, I did say Keith something like”No, I don’t mind the disengagement at all!”

Keith was here when I was explaining myself to Otousama and others, so it’s only natural he has questions.
Now then, how do I deceive him…

“U, umm! I, that… it’s not that I want to live in the countryside because I’m worried about the disengagement, I just dislike seeing that guy’s face! I feel sick just from looking! I think I would observe a frog rather than look at him!”

… Crap, I feel like I might have overdone it a little.
Even though I hate frogs… that’s not it!

Keith is surprised… I think.
It’s hard to tell because of his expressionless face…

How could I say only something so weird!?

Then, while greatly perplexed in agony by myself.

“… Pu.”


… Keith burst into laughter…!?

Why!? Was there anything laugh-worthy in our exchange!?

… There was, I kicked the chair.

However, I think it would be strange to laugh now… why this timing…?


Noticing my puzzled face, Keith replied while laughing.

“Fu… s, sorry. To think that much of the first prince of this country… kuku, slaying him with a single stroke too… to think you could say it… fu, moreover, your way of speech was amusing too… fufu…”

In front of the dumbfounded me, Keith told me the reason while laughing excessively.

… Eh, was my way of speech that strange…?
Friends in my past life did indeed laugh at me “Your vocabulary is abundant in a strange way!”, but…

To think I would suffer in the same way here…

I stood still dumbfounded until Keith stopped laughing.

“… I’m truly sorry for losing my composure.”

“No, it’s fine…”

In truth, it’s not fine at all…

Rather, I’m worried whether your abdominal muscles didn’t burst…

“… Anyhow, I’m glad to see that Olga-sama isn’t worried about it.”


I’m rather worried about your strange sense of humor though…

How much have you used your mimetic muscles today…?
Weren’t you super expressionless just yesterday…

… Well, I can’t ask this the person himself, so let’s keep that question in my heart.

“… Olga-sama, you want to live in the countryside, no?”

“Fue, yes!”

Because of the sudden change of the topic, I let out a strange shriek.

Moreover, it was the most timely (for me) topic.
Since Keith is asking this, does he has any good ideas?

Thinking such, I looked at the expressionless Keith with slight expectations.

“… I object.”


No, what did you just say? Pardon? One more time?

“… I object for you to live in the countryside.”

“Eh!? W, why!?”

This is an unexpected situation.
I met three capture targets so far since awakening the memories of my past life.

Even though only Keith was left after Rishell and Celsior objected…!

To be precise, I was absolutely sure he wouldn’t object…

“… Why, I wonder? I don’t want to let you go.”

“That can’t be…”

How unreasonable.

You won’t save my life by saying such easy-to-misunderstand thing.

I mean, I heard that Keith is the most difficult to capture among the capture targets.
When I actually tried, he really was a considerably difficult character.

Yeah, the dance that deeply moved me at the time of his capture… no, that’s fine.

I have no idea what Keith is thinking about…

… Anyhow, what I have concluded so far.

… My chances to actually live in the countryside at the moment are approximately 0.

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