Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Alone with a capture target.
“No, I don’t mind it a single bit so don’t worry about it. I would rather read a book than spend it thinking about that shitty prince”

When I muttered what I thought, Keith’s eyes opened wide.

I mean, it’s the truthmon.
I’m not interested in that stupid princemon.

I saw Keith looking at Albert with cold eyes at the school and I hate him too.
Ah, by the way, Keith is twenty years old, but you can attend the school until twenty-two, so he’s still an active student.
The senior high school lasts for seven years. Isn’t that too long?

Isn’t Albert crying in the jail right about now?

“… Haha, is that so… I’m glad you seem to be fine.”

.. He, he laughed…!?

In fact, Keith is an expressionless character and he looks very cold.
However, he also looked at the Heroine with eyes full of affection.

Right, it was during an event time when he showed a smile to the Heroine…

“No, wait a momeeeent!?”


Keith stopped his hand which was wiping the table and looked at my shocked face.

However, that’s out of the question for me.

I mean, Keith was supposed to show his smile for the first time to the Heroine during an event.

Eh!? Was this an event!?
But, there shouldn’t be an event like this in the game.

If I’m not mistaken, the Heroine would make sweets for Keith in the game, and the delighted Keith would spill out a whole-faced smile… that was supposed to be it.

This wasn’t supposed to happen during the family spitting black tea time by any means.

“O, Olga-sama…?”

“I, I am sorry to have startled you… I, I am all right.”

Although still puzzled, Keith returned to wiping the table.

Eh, what’s going on?
This, it’s an event, isn’t it?

… After all, the Heroine was supposed to see Keith’s genuine smile for the first time during the sweets event.
It was reflected in the monologue.

… I have no doubts.

Both the events and the story is changing.

It’s surely because I have dissed that stupid prince in the party hall.
Something like that didn’t happen in the game after all.

… I was careless because His Majesty and Rishell were there.
In the game, the Heroine would only claim that they were false accusations and yet, my remarks towards Albert were so reckless.

Well, I don’t regret it though!

… As I thought, retiring to the countryside is valid.

Rishell and now Keith.
Existing events disappeared and events that weren’t supposed to exist emerged.

In other words, I can’t be sure what conditions lead to the death route anymore.

I might lose my life even if I marry someone.
I might lose my life even if I don’t marry anyone.

Isn’t this a hell!

… I will get screwed the more I concern myself with them.

Alright, let’s leave to the countryside as soon as possible…!


I made such a decision.

“How much longer until Otousama and others come back, I wonder?”

“They will be surely done treating their clothes soon.”

Hee, our maids are excellent, aren’t they?

I probably wouldn’t be able to do it myself even if told to do it… so this is the power of women… no, the power of housewife material?

As Keith said, everyone returned before long.

“Sorry. I was too shocked by Olga’s words.”

Saying that, Otousama sat on the sofa.

After him, Okaasama finished changing as I thought, and Celsior with a displeased face entered lastly.

“… Now then, let’s continue… Olga, will you tell us the reason?”

“… Yes.”

Taking a sidelong glance at Keith who was removing stains from the carpet, I started making up lies.

… No, is it fine for Keith to hear this? I thought so for a little bit, but oh well.

“… I have gotten cheated on by the first prince and my engagement was canceled. I don’t want to see his face. His crimes would rub off on me.”

The stupid prince’s shittiness could be understood from my words.

There’s a great difference between him and Rishell…

“I understand your feelings, but… not all noblemen are like that guy, you know?”

Calling the first prince “that guy”.
Otousama seems to hate Albert quite a lot, huh… me too though.

“Still… I don’t want to see that face ever again. Therefore, I want to go to a place where the probability of seeing his face is the lowest.”

I carefully made up the lies.

No, it’s not a lie, you know? I feel extremely disgusted.
It’s just that not dying is the main reason.

“Elder sister… I can’t go on living if Elder sister is not here…”

Celsior said while close to tears.

… H, he’s looking at me with teary eyes.
However, I shan’t be swayed! If I let myself be swayed here, it may spell the end of my life!

I hardened my heart.

“No, Celsior. You are already a fine adult. You must live without depending on me.”

It seems Celsior received a bit of a shock when I said it.
He started trembling.

… I feel extremely guilty, but I have matters I can’t give up on.
Life, for example.

“Olga… I wanted you to marry happily… but to decide on a marriage with just the reason of wanting to live in the countryside…”

“No, Okaasama. For me, that is happiness.”

I understand the misery of a bad ending from the game, but I will be happy as long as I can keep my life.

I will say it over and over again, but I will rather give up on marriage than die.

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