Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Discussion. Part 2
“… Excuse me.”

Knocking on the door, Celsior and I entered the parlor.

… Okaasama and Otousama were already sitting on the sofa.

An attractive older man with some gray hair, these words are perfect to describe Otousama. His hair is brown though.
His name is Gilbert Rifald. The head of the Rifald House.

Even though Okaasama aged, she still deserves her title of “Flower of society”.
Her name is Melia Rifald.
The color of her hair is the same as mine. Eyes too.
… Right, it’s hereditary.

“… You have come, Olga, Celsior… take a seat there.”

Being told so, Celsior and I sat down next to each other, facing the parents.

… Eh, what? Lecturing? It’s not rising against the prince or something, right?
Rather, how do they already know-!?

I waited for the two’s words while frightened.
… Somehow, somehow, at least my life…!

The tension was so high such words floated in my mind.

“… You did well!”

“… Haah?”

And then, no more than thirty seconds later.

Otousama fired such words.

… Eh? What? I did well?

… Pardon?

“You really did well, Olga!”

“Yes! Splendidly! To be able to cancel the engagement with that stupid garbage-faced prince!”

… Okaasama, that was cruel.

He certainly is an idiot, a womanizer and a worthless garbage that has no other merit than his face, but he’s a prince, in a way or another.

… Huh, I feel like I somehow ended up dissing him too, how mysterious.

“Eh, Okaasama and Otousama too, you aren’t angry that the engagement was canceled…?”

“There’s no way we would be angry! Such a worthless man, we would like to excuse ourselves from!”

… Okaasama, you, do you have some grudge against Albert…?
You have been dissing him with things a parent shouldn’t say since a while ago.

“Were you two against that engagement in the first place?”

Asked Celsior.

If they thought so, they should have stopped the engagement from happening…

“… No, when you got engaged to Albert, he was just a little boy… I wouldn’t imagine that he would turn into a person like that…”

Okaasama placed a hand on her forehead and looked up.

Right, my engagement with Albert became official when I was four… no, five? I think.
No wonder they couldn’t guess his nature then…

Fundamentally, the fiancées of the royalty (men), are foreign princesses or daughters from influential Ducal houses.

And this time, that duty fell on our house.

Of all things, with that stupid prince.

“In the end, we weren’t able to see that guy’s true nature until it was too late to withdraw… I am really sorry to you.”

“No, it’s fine. I have recklessly said all that I wanted to say.”

Normally, it would be considered a crime.
If His Majesty and Rishell weren’t at that place, I would be most likely be thrown into the jail.

Our positions are reversed now though.

“I see, as expected of Melia’s daughter…”

Otousama made a distant look.
… Oy~ where are you looking~?

In the past, Okaasama lost the trust in men because of her appearances that were too beautiful, and when proposed to get engaged,

“Who are you?”

“I detest people who only look at my face”

she spat out with a whole-faced smile.
… Scary.

Ah, but my recklessness was even above that.
No, that was in my past life though…
But, you can feel the blood relationship, don’t you…

Otousama, you did well getting engaged to Okaasama…


“… Well, let’s leave that aside.”

With the words of Otousama who came back to his senses, I returned from my thoughts back to the reality.

“… Olga, what do you want to do from now on?”

This question again?
My answer won’t change no matter how many times I get asked.

Even if Rishell and others try to stop me, I will definitely enjoy a slow life!

“From now on, I would like to retire to the countryside and live a life of leisure. Do you know any noble that has a fief in the countryside?”

… Otousama and Okaasama spat out the tea they were drinking.

… Sticky.

While thinking such, Celsior who sat across Otousama got splendidly sprayed by a black tea.

“Uwa!? So hot!”

“So, sorry, Celsior!”

“I, I am sorry!”

… What is this chaotic place?

Celsior is dripping wet from the black tea, Okaasama’s and Otousama’s clothes are also wet from the tea.

“Otousama, Okaasama and Celsior too, it would be better to wash the clothes before the black tea leaves stains… I will wait for you here.”

“Y, yeah…”

“We will do that…”


Each returning a different reply, the three left the room.

… Gee, how frightening, to think there really would be people who do that.

They spat it out so wonderfully, it went parallelly with the ground.

───Knock, knock.

“Y, yes.”

The door was knocked on while I was thinking.

… My voice squeaked because of the sudden knock. Embarrassing.

“… Excuse me.”

It was Keith who entered the parlor.

“What is the matter?”

It’s my first time being all alone with a capture target, so I’m quite nervous.
Dante was there when I was with Rishell after all.

“I heard tea go spilled, so I came to clean up.”

“Ah, I see.”

You explained it like that huh, Otousama, Okaasama…
They “Spat it out” to be accurate though…

With a distant look, I stared at the back of Keith who was wiping the table.

“… Olga-sama.”

“Nieh, yes!?”

… I let out some really strange sound, but don’t mind it.
Keith is really kind for letting it pass.

“… Are you all right?”

“Eh, all right what?”

Is he talking about the tea?
I’m all right ff that’s the case, but everyone else’s clothes got sacrificed.

“… About the breaking off the engagement… were you not hurt?”

… Ahh, about that?

Well, an ordinary young lady would be indeed hurt by that.
They would be questioning their value after all.

But unfortunately, I am the “Aiming for the slow life!” reincarnated young lady.

I don’t mind having my engagement with that shitty prince canceled at all!

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