Chapter 13

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It’s gentleness.
“Then, I’m leaving~”

A night after talking with Lance, today was the day I went to school again.

By the way, I go to school by carriage.

I can already see it.
The future where my desk is crammed with garbage…!

I mean, Sherina’s followers are scarymon… they will definitely do somethingmon

“… Olga-sama, are you all right?”

Unable to let my depression go unnoticed, Keith called out to me.

“Ah~ I’m fine, I’m fine, there’s no problem. It’s only that my stomach is in pain and I have anemia”

“I don’t think that’s what “fine” means?”

Do you want to take a rest today? Is what Keith asked me, but it’s not like I can do that.

I mean, I told Lance that I will go to the school todaymon… I don’t know how he will retaliate if I broke the promise.

“… Please make sure to tell if something happens, okay?”

“… Yes.”

Keith peeked at my frowning face. Too close.

Keith, you have a pretty face, so people won’t be able to hold themselves back if you put your face so close to theirs… well, that’s the same for all of the capture targets though.

By the way, Olga was quite a beauty herself in the game, but seeing it in reality is amazing.
The hair is smooth and silky, the skin is glossy.

Return my past life’s sorrows! It feels like that.

“Alright, let’s go then!”

Saying that, I boarded the carriage.

30 minutes of being jolted in the carriage.

We have stopped at the school at last.

The school’s appearances are far from the schools of my past life.

The school has a high blue roof, white walls without a speck of dirt, and an angelic gateway at front.

Isn’t this actually someone’s holiday house…

“Ah~ somehow, this already feels nostalgic.”

“You weren’t absent for so long…”

I feel like I am coming to the school after the summer holidays.

No, I was absent only for two or three days though…

“Alright, I’m going to the classroom so this is where we part!”

A staircase was before me.

I chose the place with the least traffic, so it’s quiet here.

“Are you really all right? Olga-sama.”

Keith was still worried.

So overprotective, each and every one of them.

It’s not like I hate it or anything, but it becomes really bothersome when several people do that, doesn’t it…
Incidentally, I am a person with experience, so…

Please, don’t let Rishell and others meet Keith…
Lord have mercy on me…

“… Olga-sama?”

“Ah, yeh, I’m fine!”

Wrong, it’s not the time to be seeking mercy from the Lord.

I have to go to the classroom. No matter how early we left home, I don’t have that much time to dawdle.

“Then! Let’s meet after the school!”

I forcibly said goodbye and started walking towards my classroom.

“Good grief, everyone is so overprotective.”

At this rate, it will be as uncomfortable as Lance said it would…

… What would I do if they accompanied me to the restroom?

I would run away, yes.

“Ah, not good, not good.”

As I walked absentminded, I nearly passed my classroom.

That was a close one.


I opened the door of the classroom.

That moment, the gazes have gathered upon me.
Whoa~ so stuffy.

Well, I didn’t think they would welcome me normally though.
It’s still better than being insulted.



I suddenly heard a voice and got crashed into the next moment.

… The cause of that was a beautiful girl with indigo blue hair done half-up with golden, sparkly eyes.
It’s Eliza Kirtirus.

“Olga, you are late! I thought you wouldn’t come!”

“Gueeeh… release me… Elizaa…”

Eliza didn’t seem to notice my struggling so she hugged me even stronger.

Ugh… she’s merciless…

“… How about you leave it at that?”

“You should stop right about now, Olga is going to die…”

Out of two people, one grabbed me by my upper arm and the other one peeled off Eliza by the back of her neck.

It was Rishell (honorifics mode) and Dante.

… Shiit, I got involved with them early in the morning.
The sharp eyes of the girls are painful.
I feel bloodthirst in the air.

“… Morning, Rishell.”

“Good morning.”

Contrastive to my exchange of greetings with Rishell, Dante and Eliza glared at each other.

“What are you doing!”

“No, I saved Olga from being crushed to death by you? How about you learn to control your superhuman strength?”

Right, Eliza is extremely strong.

She has so much strength I thought my hand would get crushed the first time we shook hands.
I am a person with experience, so I understand…

“Shut up! Go bald!”

“Go bald!?”

“… Those two are as always, huh.”


Rishell and I smiled wryly while looking at the two.

“… By the way, where’s Lance?”

“He hasn’t come yet.”

Rishell averted his gaze.

He might have intended to lie skillfully, but I have noticed.

That my desk was brand-new.

Lance has probably exchanged my garbage, scribble filled desk with another one… I don’t know where he got the new one though…

So, he’s probably carrying my old desk somewhere.

… They have probably planned to take my mind off of it with Eliza’s embrace, but… I would notice once I sat down either way.

Gee, I can only say that Lance is overprotective too.

Gratefully accepting the kindness, I decided to not pursue the matter anymore.

However, I didn’t know.

That certain eyes filled with malice were tenaciously glaring at me.

For such a thing to happen after this…

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