Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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High Tension Elf
The elf girl Tira and I advance through the complex dungeon.

Because on the way, a skeleton knight has dropped a sword, I hang it on my waist. Because capturing the dungeon with no equipment has failed, leat’s fight using the sword from now on.

“I have previously gone up to the 40th floor by myself. However, I wasn’t able to defeat the boss at that time…… So, I was able to take revenge on it when I challenged it this time, but I had a hard time against the 50th-floor boss this time……”

It appears that she has challenged the dungeon many times before.

“I guess I helped you there.”
“…… That’s right. But then, I think I would be able to defeat it even without your help.”
“No, no that was clearly dangerous?”
“T, that’s not true. I finished the chant for the spell……”

This child hates to lose.
…… She resembles a certain female knight.

“By the way, why is the highest record on the 34th floor?”
“I’m not an adventurer, so I have not reported it anywhere. Therefore, it’s said that the official record is the 34th floor by the Alsara’s Princess Knight.”
“So it was that fellow!”

It appears that the record holder is Ellen.

“Your acquaintance?”
“More or less.”
“I heard that her original plan was to reach the 50th floor, but she got caught in the trap, so she gave up on the 34th floor……”

Yeah, that fellow seems like someone who would fall for traps. Her wariness seems thin.

“Rather, swordsman aside, you did well coming this far solo as a magician.”
“Elves living in the forests usually hunt for a living. Although I’m magician, I’m confident in my physical ability.”
“Incidentally, Karuna-san is a swordsman, aren’t you? …… I can’t understand why you were unarmed…… no, not wearing clothes is the problem…… leaving that aside, can I leave the vanguard to you?”
“Yeah, of course.”

I can actually use magic too.
Well, since Tira is with me, let’s leave the magic to her.


After that, we smoothly advanced through 60th, 70th floor.
And, at last――

“――We ran out of food.”

“Ain’t that bad.”
“Huh, it’s Karuna-san’s fault, isn’t it? Even though I brought enough, it’s all gone because I have shared it with you! In the first place, why have you not brought any food into the dungeon?”
“Well~ I thought I could return by evening.”
“Are you stupid? This is not an excursion?”
“Your angry face is cute as well.”

Being criticized by a girl is slightly exciting.

(You are an M on top of being S? I don’t know where master’s sexual disposition ends. I’m starting to greatly doubt whether you don’t possess [Hentai・Extremity] skill.)

To be frank, I didn’t think capturing a dungeon would take this long.

Also, if you don’t eat your life decreases, but I’m okay since I’m at 9999.
Additionally, I have〈Self-healing・Extremity〉so even if it decreases, it will immediately recover. As a result, I can live without eating.
How do laws of physics of this world function when I can live even when I don’t eat?

Eh? Despite this, why I received Tira’s food?
Because it seemed appetizing!

But, Tira will die of hunger at this rate. I will be really troubled by that.

“What do we do…… we won’t be able to reach the top floor like this. On the contrary, will we have enough strength to turn back……”
“Can’t be helped. Shall I use the last resort?”
“Last resort…… is it?”

――Thus, one minute later.

“Why did it turn out like thiiiiis?”

Tira’s screams echoed around the dungeon.


◇ ◇ ◇


I who put the last resort in operation, connected with Tira.
…… Speaking correctly, I’m carrying her on my back.

“――Huh, why am I on your back?”
“I will run at full speed. We will be able to reach the top floor in an hour doing that.”
(Yes. Master has plenty speed and stamina to make it possible.)

I have〈Body Reinforcement・Extremity〉to enhance my body.
Moreover, I won’t lose my way thanks to Naviko-san. To the top floor using the shortest route.

“R, run you say, do you know how far it is?”
“I’m confident in my stamina. Besides, Tira is light. Also soft.”
“Sof…… p, please lower me down.”
“It’s alright, it’s alright.”
“…… I, I didn’t take a bath these few last days…… I probably smell……”
“I greatly welcome that!”
“This person, a pervert, as expected―――!? P, please put me down immediately!”
“But, I decline.”

I tightly grasp Tira’s thighs.
She’s noisily struggling, but I won’t let her escape. As if I could let her escape!

Rather, I smell no strange smell at all.
Kunkun, su~ ha~ su~ ha~ un, rather a good smell.

“Wai, don’t sniff me, please! ―― Hiya?”

I take the crouching start posture.
Re~ady, don!
Instant acceleration.


Tira screams.
I thought she would try to get down, but when I turn my neck, she was clinging to me with her all.
Thanks to that, the feeling of her breasts on my back…… wasn’t quite there.
Regrettable. It appears that Tira has tiny breasts.

Height: 154cm
Weight: 43kg
B65 W54 H66

Ah~, A cup I see……

“…… Right now, haven’t you thought something rude?”

I felt a sharp stare from the back. This child, is she an esper?

“Rather than that, monsters ahead. I’m plunging in.”
“Plunging in, you say…… wai, you are serious?”
“I’m always at least half-serious.”
“That’s quite appropriate isn’t it!?”
“Tira, support me with magic.”
“Ah mou, I understand.”

One-eyed giants appeared in front――I charge straight into the group of Cyclops.
Tira chants an intermediate grade magic.
The air around the Cyclops freezes, and their movements become dull.

“Nice, Tirarara!!”
“Please, don’t call me weird names.”

I run through the Cyclops with Tira on my back.
Because some of them were obstructing, I beat them up with fists while passing through.

The monsters chase after us one by one.
I would normally keep them occupied, but I disregard them and keep on running.

“Just what kind of stamina do you have……?”
“Just having Tira on my back gives me infinite energy. Probably, the thing called the power of love?”
“What kind of stupid things are you spouting!”

She hits me on the back of my head repeatedly.

We were already on the staircase to the next floor before I noticed.
I run up the staircase at once, onto the next floor.
And, while ignoring monsters again, I run towards the next staircase.

We steadily advance on hard to believe pace.
I easily pulverized the boss on the 80th floor.


When stepping on the 90th floor, I perceived an abnormality.

“Tira, are you alright? …… Tira?”

She who would squeal “Hii” or “Kya” at the beginning, became silent before I noticed.

“Tira? What――”
“Aha…… ahahahahaha!”

This child suddenly started laughing out loud, though!?

Did she perhaps turn weird because of fear?
Crap, I should have run a little slower……

(Master is perverted so you are at fault.)

No, being a pervert is unrelated, right?

“That….. Tira-san? Umm……”
“You really are a bullshit person!”

After that, Tira kept on shouting on and on.

“You can keep on running like this without getting tired, you charge into a large group of monsters like a fool and easily instakill bosses! There’s a limit to bullshit! Compared to those poor monsters, you are the real monster! My common sense seems absurd thanks to you!”

Is she praising me?
Or is she speaking ill of me?

“Let’s go to the 100th floor! And instakill the last boss too!”
“Y, yeah.”
“What is with that weak reply! Hey, increase your speed, please! You can go much faster, right!? Go~ Go~! Ahahahaha!”

Ti ra has go ne mad !

Ah, but.
She was flatly refusing me before, with the current high tension, she may allow me to touch her!

“What is it?”

I made up my mind and asked.

“Won’t you let me touch your boobs a little?”
“Why did the hurdle increased from before!?”
“Just the tip, just the tip.”
“Extra dame desu!”

It’s no good……

(Rather, I don’t understand how you judged it would be possible.)

This and that happened, and we finally managed to arrive at the top floor.

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