Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Elf Girl Escaped Even Though I Saved Her
When arrived at the 50th floor, the preceding visitor was fighting the bosss――Cerberus.

It was a girl dressed up as a magician.
A glossy blond hair was flowing from under her pointy hat.
And, a pointy, sharp ears――

An Elf appearedーーーー!

Tira, 21 years old
Race: Elf
Level: 36
Skill: [Lightning Magic] [Fire Magic] [Wind Magic] [Bow Technique] Life: 846/901
Magical Power: 628/1132
Strength: 274
Endurance: 265
Dexterity: 301
Agility: 298
Magic Resistance: 314
Luck: 178

After appraising her, she certainly is an elf.
She visually looks about 15, but she’s 21.

(Elf’s life span is approximately three times of a human. It’s said to be around 200 years.)

The heads charge towards that elf girl, trying to bite her delicate body to death.
However, the girl evades with light steps.
She chants at the same time, and a magic circle appears on the tip of her staff.
A bolt of strong lightning that burned one of the Cerberus’ heads was released.

(That right now was an intermediate grade lightning magic. Elves are fundamentally strong only with wind magic, but she seems to be a little unusual.)

It was a direct hit, but an attack of that power won’t inflict a fatal injury.
The girl understanding that desperately takes a distance and starts chanting again.

Rather, she has such movements despite being a magician.
The status also seemed to be high, so she’s considerably used to fighting.

Still, with three heads as her opponent, she can’t be careless.
Besides, her movements are gradually becoming slower.
Her breathing is rough so she must be struggling with stamina.
The girl attacked the Cerberus with intermediate magic many times over, but Cerberus’ life force is not quite decreasing. Each head has its own life force, so they distribute the damage between them.


Finally hitting the limit, the girl staggers.
Cerberus approaches the girl not missing the opportunity.

“As if.”

I instantly close down the distance and jump in front of the girl.


While hearing a gasping voice from behind, I sweep sideways with a hand enveloped in a fighting spirit.


9999 damage to the right head!
9999 damage to the middle head!
9999 damage to the left head!

Together with the sound of a slash, the three heads of the Cerberus got crushed.

Level Up: 25→26

Immediately after, the mass of meat changes into ashes and a gray fog surrounds the area.

“Upe! It entered my mouth Pe, pe…… ah, are you alright?”

I spit what has entered my mouth out, and turn around.
The elf girl sinks down on the floor and looks up at me.
Her cheeks instantly flush.

As if looking at a gallant hero who rescued her from a pinch.
This by chance, has she instantly fell in love with me?



But, on the contrary to my imagination, the elf girl suddenly raises a high-pitched scream and starts running away.

“Wai, eh? W, why are you running!? Wait for me!”
“D, dame desu! Please don’t come close”

I chase after her in a hurry.
However, even after telling her to wait, the girl tried to separate from me at full speed. She ran out of the boss room just like that.
I appeal to her who is escaping through the corridors of the dungeon.

“I’m not someone suspicious!”
“You are suspicious no matter how I look!? No, I don’t want to look at all, though!”

What does she mean?
Even though I’m such a nice guy.

(…… Master. Her reaction is reasonable.)

Hey, Naviko as well?

“Fuee, you won’t escape me~?”
(That way of speaking is even more dangerous.)

I kick the floor with all my might and instantly overtake the girl.
After the elf girl stops her legs in panic, she backs off with a deep blue face.

“T, to think I would be attacked by a pervert this deep inside the dungeon……”
“No, I’m telling you I’m not a pervert. Please, believe me.”
“There’s no way I would believe you! W, with appearances like that……”
“Appearances……? Ah.”

I was startled by the girl’s words.
That was so! Right now, I’m not equipped with anything! Not even underwear.

(…… I didn’t really think that master’s brain was rotten to this extent.)

No, remind me that sooner, okay?

“Sorry! I just forgot that I was stark-naked!」
“You wouldn’t normally forget, right!? In the first place, why did you take off your clothes in the dungeon!?」
“It’s such a play (In a game-like meaning)」
“Ah, Otousan, Okaasan, please forgive your unfilial daughter…… it appears that I will now become a plaything of the worst pervert……」
” Hey, don’t cry. I will immediately cover myself!」

I cover my crotch with both of my hands.

“You can feel at peace like this, right?”
“How!? Please wear clothes immediately!”



I put on my clothes.
However, the elf girl doesn’t relax her guard at all.


Nevertheless, bit appears that she’s alone.
Did she perhaps reach an upper floor like this alone?

“Have you come this far solo? The record is 34th floor, that’s unbelievable.”
“You who have defeated the 50th-floor boss in one hit is unbelievable.”

The girl immediately retorts.

“Everything up until now was with a single blow you know?”
“Wha…… just who are you……? …… in the first place, to reach upper floor like this alone with no weapon, you are not just a pervert, are you……”
(He’s not just a pervert, but the strongest pervert. Bad disposition has its limits.)

The girl gets surprised at Naviko spewing venom.
Certainly, a pervert with max stats and limit break would be dangerous.
Huh, who’s the pervert!

(If Master’s is not a pervert wouldn’t no one have the right to call themselves that?.)

How rude. I’m rather a gentleman.

(That’s right. Master is a gentleman (lol), aren’t you?.)

Don’t attach (lol).

(You are right. Master is a gentleman (nude), aren’t you?)

Could such a doubtful gentleman even exist?

Nevertheless, as expected of an elf.
She’s a terrific beauty.

Blond hair that is glittery like the night sky, and sky-blue eyes.
Terrific noble facial features and white porcelain skin.
And the signifying her race, long pointed ears.

“Won’t you let me touch you your ears for a little bit, please?”
“Dame desu.”

Rejected instantly.
Shit, even though touching elf ears is my dream!

(Elf ears are sensitive. Elves seldom let other people touch their ears. Much less Master who’s such a pervert.)

However, it’s said that it’s human nature to want things that are difficult to obtain.

“Don’t be saying that. Just a bit is fine.”
“Dame desu.”
“Just the tip, just the tip.”
“D, don’t speak so indecently.”

Her face turned red. Cute.

(…… Master is a pervert as expected.)
“R, rather than that, are you also capturing this dungeon?”
“Yes. I’m challenging for the first time, though.”
“And coming this far? …… We, well, I can understand after seeing that power from a little while ago……”

There, the girl lowered her head.

“Anyhow, you have saved me. Even if you are a pervert, it’s a fact that you have saved me, so please let me say my gratitude. Thank you very much.”

After sincerely expressing her gratitude, the girl says “Well then” and takes her leave.
I make a suggestion to the girl.

“Since we have met here, let’s go to the top floor together.”
“I will decline.”

She rejected me instantly again.
But, having realized something, the girl’s legs stop,

“…… Is what I would like to say, but I have a reason because of which I must capture this dungeon by all means. However, I won’t be able to reach the top floor with my current strength. The power you possess is the best I could ask for. It’s the best I could ask for, but……”

Ah, if you only weren’t a pervert…… the elf girl mutters under her nose.
After being troubled for a short while, the girl made up her mind and,

“I’m Tira……. won’t you form a party with me for a while if you’d like?”
“Of course! It’s my first time working in a group!”
“…… As expected you haven’t worked with anyone before.”
“I lied, I lied! It was just a joke!”

I withdraw what I said in a panic and introduce myself.

“Incidentally, I’m Karuna. Best regards.”
“Ah, yes. Same here, please take care of me.”

Thus, Tira has become my companion.

“Then, as a sign of our friendship, your ears.”
“Dame desu.”

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