Chapter 68

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Didn’t Wish For Such Growth
“That being the case, I have decided on you!”
“E, eee, m, m , me desu kaaaa?”

When I (and Filia) nominated him from the royalty-nobles sitting in a row, he screamed in disarray.

After a lot of thinking, I have decided on the Eight Prince of the Emperor Light has stolen the throne from.
He’s still only twelve years old boy.
Rather, otokonoko.

Glittering silver hair and lovely blue eyes. A small and slender body.
Noble and sweet facial features. No matter how I look, he looks like a girl.
His name is Gina.

“That’s right. You are the next Emperor, Gina.”
“W, why me desu ka……?”

She, or not, the question is reasonable.
He’s low in the inheritance line, his mother is a commoner. Moreover, he doesn’t have any special talent――he’s too ordinary.
Normally, he wouldn’t have any chance to get on the throne.

But, I told him with confidence.

“Cause you are cute.”
“On what criteria are you deciding———!?”

It’s Tira’s tsukkomi.

“Not. Umm, it’s that. That. Right. My senses were tingling.”
“Ha, haa……”

Actually, it’s the result of [Appraisal・Extremity].
He’s the only one possessing the [Wise Emperor] skill among the royalty.
Although he’s unreliable right now, he will surely become a good emperor.

Well, when I checked the other royalty with [Appraisal・Extremity], all of them were good-for-nothings with many minuses, so I really didn’t have another choice……

“T, that’s not possible desu yo……”

However, Gina who doesn’t know that restlessly shakes his feminine neck while fidgeting with his thighs.
That action is completely girl-like. Cute. I want to embrace him softly.

“It’s all right. I guarantee it.”
“D, do you really think that someone like me is fit to become the Emperor desu ka……?”

Gina timidly asks with wet eyes.
Whoa, the hell is this. Extremely cute. I want to embrace him tightly.

“Yes, don’t worry. I will teach you with great attention…… haa, haa.”
“Hey, why are you getting excited!? What do you intend to teach him with great attention!? I can’t help, but worry!”

Ha, not good, not good……
He was so cute just now that I have totally thought that I’m fine even with otokonoko.

“…… H, he really is a bisexual, after all……”
“Moreover, a shotacon……”

Oi, you there, I can hear you.
I just lost my mind for a bit.

“Y, yes! I will do my best……!”

Gina tightly clenches his fists in front of his chest, he’s making the girlish “I will do my best!” pose.

“Let’s do our best together guhyuhyu……”


◇ ◇ ◇


As one would expect from〈Wise Emperor〉skill holder, Gina is excellent.
He absorbed everything I taught him like a sponge.
We are also fostering talent who can support him at the same time just in case, it seems the day we will yield the throne to him is not far.

Simultaneously, he is also receiving sword lessons from Ellen.

“I, I want to become more manly desu!”
“My training is strict!”
“I, I am resolved desu!”
“All right, I will make a man out of you then!”

Somehow, I heard quite a hot-blooded conversation.

Well, no matter how much he trains, he won’t be able to lose his girliness.
Is what I thought, but――



——In just two weeks, Gina has become a macho ikemen (Sorrow).

A bulky chest, bulging biceps, thick forearms, ripped abs.
Almost as if to show off his muscles, he who is wearing a thin tank top,

“Karuna sensei. Did I become a little bit more suitable as the next Emperor?”

Even his way of speech has changeeeed!!

“Yes, way to go, Gina! No matter how I look, you look like a man among men!”

I draw closer to Ellen with all my energy to Ellen who declared with confidence.

“What have you done, Ellen! You…… this is no good, right!? This is wrong!?”
“…… What are you talking about? He has proper muscles, doesn’t he have a proper manly body now?”

I don’t understand you at all, Ellen is making such face.

“I’m telling you that that is wrong! Making a macho ikemen out of otokonoko is meaningless!? Even though he was so cute! Even though he was so cute! Even though he was so cute!”

I have no choice, but to weep.

“Return my Gina-tan baaaack!”


◇ ◇ ◇


“Work hard as the new Em~pe~!”
“Ha, I respectfully accept.”

Filia hands over the proof of Emperor, a Saint Crown to Gina.
It’s the moment Emperor Gina was born.
Heavy applause reverberates.

“…… Ah, with this, I won’t be able to fulfill the unreasonable yet somehow arousing orders of Her Imperial Highness Filia anymore……”
“…… I wanted to be abused a bit more……”
“…… Filia-tan haa, haa……”

I can hear some regretting voices among the praises for the new Emperor.
No, isn’t the number of perverts quite a lot?
I worry about the future of this country.
Well, it’s only around 20%.
…… Is 20% a lot?

“Thank you very much, Karuna sensei. It’s thanks to sensei that I have been able to become the emperor.”

After the coronation ceremony, Gina calls to me first.
He’s still a macho ikemen. Damn it……

“I, is that so…… But, it will get only harder from now on. There are a lot of fellows who don’t want you to be the emperor.”
“Don’t worry. I have become strong. I just have to send those guys flying.”

Gina says while showing off his macho biceps.

“Eh? No, you normally wouldn’t solve that by violence? I know it’s coming out from me, though……”

Huh, that’s strange?
I have properly educated him, didn’t I?……?

Ellen who approached interrupts while I stare in confusion.

“That’s right, you have become strong! I commend you on going through my hard training!”
“Master Ellen!”
“Settle everything with power just as I have taught you!”

It seems he was converted into a musclehead by Ellen.
Yep, re-education seems needed in place.


◇ ◇ ◇


A lot of unexpected things have happened, but we have decided to finally depart from this Rein Empire.
We are outsiders in the first place. It’s not good to interfere with this country any longer, and they have the foundation to pull through even without us.

When we went to the throne room to give our last greetings, Gina on the throne suddenly starts crying.

“Fuee…… you are really leaving desu ne…… so regrettable desu……”
“Yes. We never planned to stay too in the first place. But Gina, the present you should be able to become a magnificent Emperor.”
“Uu…… I’m really uneasy, but…… I will somehow do my best!”

Gina wipes his tears, he tightly clenches his fists in front of his chest and makes a girlish “I will do my best!” pose. Cute. I want to embrace him while stroking his hair.

“Oi, how did Gina return to his original character———!?”

Tira’s voice suddenly resounds around the throne room.

“Moreover, how did his appearances restored to the original?”
“I turned him back. It’s no good if Gina-tan is not otokonoko, after all.”
“You turned him back!? How did you do it!? Where did those muscles go!?”
“T, to say it with my own mouth…… e, embarrassing……”

Gina’s embarrassedly hangs his head down with his cheeks turning red.

“Tira. There are many things in the world that are better unanswered.”
“I’m extremely curious about what you really did, though!?”
“Ku…… even though I made him strong with great trouble!”

Ellen regrettably clenches her fists while Tira shouts as if roaring.

“Ah, right, right. If you run into troubles, you can rely on this fellow.”

The one I introduced was me.

“Eeeh!? There are two Karuna-sans!?”
“Hello, I’m Karuna No.2.”
“Well, you can think of him as my twin.”

[Shadow Clone・Extremity], as the name suggests, it’s a skill that allows me to create a shadow clone of myself.
Although it is possible to create any number of bodies at the same time, and there is no time limit, there is also a disadvantage that the ability is divided into equal parts.

Therefore, I only gave the minimum combat capability and skills necessary for this country to this clone.


Karuna No.2
Race: Shadow Clone
Level: 40
Skills: [Political Economy・Extremity] [Command & Leadership・Extremity] [Superhuman Strength] [Enemy Detection] [Kinetic Vision] [Sword Gift] [Brave General] [Chantless] [Great Wizard] [Paraller Thinking] [Magical Power Recovery] [Natural Recovery] [Coercion]


Nevertheless, it still is more powerful than an A-rank adventurer.
In addition, most of the skills are skills I stole from Light.

By the way, the looks of the shadow clone can be customized a little.
It has a serious character.
And, it’s facial features are slightly clumsier than mine.

(…… Selfish, aren’t you?)

Eh? Did you say something, Naviko-san?
Well, I’m originally an ikemen, so the clone is plentily good-looking!


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