Chapter 67

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Making Everybody into Pets?
“Im, im, im, impossible…… t, t, t, that can’t be true……!”

Light’s lips tremble from fear.

“It’s on you whether you believe it or not.”

I ended up talking sort of like Mr. Urban Legend.
I approach Light regardless of his fear.

“Hi, hii! Do, don’t approach meeee!!”

When I approach, Light tries to turn around and to run away.
But, he just wriggles and swims in the sky, unable to move from the spot.

“You can’t run away? After all, you are floating only thanks to my flight magic.”
“Wh, what do you mean? Shit, transfer magic……! Transfer magic! Ugh!? Why it doesn’t activate!?”
“I told you, right? That I have [Extortion・Extremity], a superior rank of your [Steal].”
“Y, you didn’t……”
“I have already taken away e・v・e・r・y skill you had.”

Light opens his eyes wide in shock.
However, it seems like the reality still didn’t hit him as he yells out loud.

“[Steal]! [Steal]! [Steeeal]!”

However, no matter how hard he shouts, he can no longer use his skills.

“R, r, return them baaaack! Please! No, I beg you! Return them back to me pleaaaase!”

I reject Light who finally shouts as he falls in despair.

“No way.”

No way I’m returning them.

“Please, I beg of you! Somehow, somehoooow!”
“I will tell you just in case, but did you think I will forgive you just by taking your skills?”

Light’s cheeks cramps from fear.
I tell him with a grin.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A pe*is of an Ogre for a pe*is of an Ogre. Well, don’t worry. I will neatly heal you if you start bleeding from a*us.”
“Hi, hiiiiiiiii!”









◇ ◇ ◇


“It has been decided that I will become a temporary Emperor of this country, the name’s Karuna. Best regards.”

I sit on the throne and casually inform the gathered people.

“T, to think he would defeat that Emperor……”
“Yeah, unbelievable……”

The high-ranked officials and military officers of this country mutter all kinds of things.
They all have pale faces.

They are extremely scared of me.
Well, it’s understandable.
The previous Emperor was a fellow like that, after all.

“…… Ahiyahiya…… ahiya…… a pe*is of an Ogre…… in…… inside me…… hiyawa……”

The previous Emperor is rolling and groaning at my feet.

“Just what did you do?”
“He’s muttering some terrible incoherent words, but……”

The one who asked in amazed expressions is Tira and Ellen.
If they want to know, I will teach them later in detail, fufufu……

“Shugoi, shugo~i! Papa is Em~pe~!”
“…… This country, hot.”

Not just them, Filia and Shiro are also here.
Filia looks at me with sparkling eyes while Shiro with her usual uninterested expression is taking her clothes off. Oi, hey, don’t undress in such a place.

I have returned to NAVIKO with transfer magic and returned with the transfer magic again. Incidentally, Lucifer was here just a little while ago, but she ran towards the inner palace while shouting “I smell the scent of beauties desu waaaa”.

I mean, bringing the girls would show my splendid humanity, leading the others to trust me more easily, right?
Is what I thought, but Filia dropped an outrageous bomb.

“Papa~ Are you going to make everybody into pets~?”
“Wha, Filia-tan!?”

What are you saying in such a situation!?
I beg you, read the mood!

“Ku, does this Emperor also plan to make the whole nation his slaves too, after all……”
“No, let alone slave, but a pet……”
“Look! There’s a girl with a collar behind him……”
“He made even a little girl his pet……”

Uooo, crap!
The persuasive power because of Shiro’s collar……!
Moreover, they have completely misunderstood Filia.

“We, in that way……”
“No, as expected, the men……”
“But, look, the previous Emperor is like that…… that is probably……”
“No way, is he bisexual……”

No, I’m not. Definitely not.
Rather, I hear you all even if you are whispering?

“D, do not worry. I don’t have such intentions.”

I try to repair the situation in panic, but their expressions are not changing.

I thought about doing something for the country that became in a terrible state because of the reincarnated person just like me, but I wish I had not volunteered to be the Emperor……

“Papa~ Filia wants to be Em~pe~ too~!”
“Oh, is that so? Then, I will leave it to Filia! Do your best! Our house’s policy is to respect the independence, after all!”
“You are joking, right!?”

No, I’m quite serious?


◇ ◇ ◇


“Listen to what Papa says~!”

As I have received permission to speak from Her Highness Filia, I decided to start the reforms at once.
By the way, my position in the country is currently “Super important person”. (It’s a new official position Filia has made)

“First, all hostages are to be released. Every vassal state that has been colonized by this fellow is to restore their independence.”

The representatives of the countries make a stir.

“I, is that the truth……?”
“H, however, as expected, it isn’t unconditional……?”
“No, it’s unconditional. Far from that, we will pay reparations. All countries have been forcibly robbed, after all.”
“Reparations!? Not us, but you are going to pay!?”
“Wh…… what!”

Each country representative gets shocked by my proposal.
However, the officials of this country are in a panic now.

“I, if you do that, our country is going to decline this time……!”
“War expenditures costs a lot of money, you know……?”
“I won’t permit talking back!” Zugo~n! (←Sound of Filia stomping the floor)
“…… I have a plan regarding that matter. Rather, in the first place, the useless expenses of this country——”

——Well, just like this I have made several drastic cuts and reforms.
Naturally, I have no experience with governing, but I have skills like [Political Economy・Extremity], [Command & Leadership・Extremity]and [Future Prediction・Extremity], so I probably didn’t do anything bad.

Also, Filia is only a temporary Emperor, so I have to prepare a suitable successor.
The candidates for the next Emperor are the Imperial Family that ruled before Light came.
That would be the best choice, but the royalty also has quite a lot of questionable characters, so I rack my brains. Of course, they are far better than Light.

“That being the case, I have decided on you!”

I (and Filia) nominated the previous Emperor’s Eight Prince.
A breathtaking bishoujo———or not, he’s otokonoko.

“E, eeeh, m, m , me desu kaaaa?”
“Yeah. Because you are adorable.”

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