Chapter 66

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Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills
The fifteen magic circles I have created easily push back Light’s magic circles.

“…… W, what is the meaning of this……?”

After a while of absentmindedly standing as if time stopped for him, Light managed to squeeze out a voice.

“No way, you can use chantless magic too……? Shit…… in that case, how about this!”

Light casts Ultra Grade magic subsequently.
He’s still motivated. What an unreasonably stubborn fellow.

“Ultra Grade Magic [Hellfire].”
“Ultra Grade Magic [Hellfire].”

I oppose him with identical magic.
The two flames collide and create a terrifying hot wind that rages around the surroundings.
Uo, as expected of Ultra magic comrades…… it’s awfully hot……

“……I, impossible…… M, moreover, I’m being pushed back……!? …… ku!”

Light evades the approaching flames at the last moment.

“Haa, haa, haa…… H, however, the consumption of magical power of Ultra Grade Magic is enormous! You won’t be able to use it often! However, I have [Magical Power Recovery] skill! Hahahaha!”

Light’s breathing speeds up, and he laughs triumphantly.
This fellow, does he feel like he’s got the upper hand even in this situation? Just how big is his pride?
I decided to completely smash that hope of his.

“God Grade Magic——[Flames of the Purification Purgatory of Deadly Sins].”

“G, G, G, God Grade Magiiiic!? I, it, it’s magic even I can’t use!? Ku, kuhahahaha, I see, it’s just a bluff! In the first place, God Grade Magic’s magic power consumption far exceeds that of Ultra Grade Magic, there’s no way you can use it after all the magic you have used befo——”

The moment a super large magic circle manifested from thin air, Light’s smile froze.

“I, it’s a lie, right……?”
“You will die if you don’t avoid it, ya know?”

The world got dyed in deep red.
It’s almost as if the sun fell to the ground.

A high-temperature fire tornado gushes out of the magic circle.
A phenomenon similar to a solar flare swoops towards Light.

“Hiiiii! T, t, t, transfer magic……!”

Light desperately escapes with transfer magic. This fellow seems to be already more or less exhausted.
The next moment, a huge cataract of flames swallows the place Light was standing at a little while ago.

Although I used God Grade Magic for the first time, what a bullshit power.
I don’t think there’s too much damage to the surroundings since we are in the sky, but……

A voice suddenly resounds from behind.
Light who used transfer magic stood behind me.

“Ha, hahahahaha! Stupid fool! Stupid fool, stupid fool, stupid fooool! You have been careleeess! Carelesssss! That out of the norm magic skill of yours, I have taken it from you! Ahahahaha!”

Apparently, my [Spontaneity Magic・Extremity] has been stolen.
Because of that, I have lost flight magic, and my body started falling.

“Ahahahahahaha! Bad luuuck, huh! This will be over with you falling to the ground!”
“Then, I will have you return it”

I use [Extortion・Extremity].
[Spontaneity Magic・Extremity] returns.
I also took back [Black Magic・Extremity] on the occasion.

When I once again regain the ability to fly in the air, Light says with ridiculously stupid looking face,

“…… W, wh, what is going on……?」
“I took it back with the skill I possess——[Extortion・Extremity]. By the way, as the name suggests it’s a higher rank of your [Steal].”
“W…… what……?」
“Ah, I will tell you on the occassion」

I push Light deeper in the despair with my next words.

“I have a superior rank of your [Sword Gift] which is [Bushin],
A superior rank of your [Brave General] which is [Fighting God],
A superior rank of your [Chantless] which is [Chantless・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Great Wizard] which is [Spontaneity Magic・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Paraller Thinking] which is [Paraller Thinking・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Magical Power Recovery] which is [Magical Power Recovery・Extremity].”

“Wha…… wha…… wha…… wha……”

“Not only just that.
A superior rank of your [Natural Recovery] which is [Self-healing・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Coercion] which is [Coercion・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Superhuman Strength] which is [Body Reinforcement・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Enemy Detection] which is [Detection・Extremity],
A superior rank of your [Kinetic Vision] which is [Five Senses Reinforcement・Extremity].”

“Wha…… wha…… just what…… you, just how many skills do you possessss……!?”


“Hu, hun, hundreeeed!? Do, don’t talk shit! There’s no way you can possess so many skills……! According to the Goddess, one would be able to get one, two max three skills from her! ….. I, I see! You definitely stole skills from others with〈Extortion・Extremity〉! This hypocrite! In the end, aren’t you the same as me!”
“I didn’t do something so boorish.”

I shrug my shoulders at Light who has saliva scattering from his mouth.

“Stop lying! It’s unexplainable otherwise!”
“By the way, which Goddess have you received your skill from?”
“Goddess Sona! So what!?”

Goddess Sona, huh…… I certainly met her……?
I search through my memories with [Eidetic Memory・Extremity].
Ah, that fellow.
When I finally remember,

“Ahh, I remember, I remember. She was quite an impressive fellow. Her right and left eyes had different colors, and her hair was rainbow-colored if I’m not mistaken, right?”
“You have met the same Goddess……!?”
“I’m sure she was the 87th.”
“87th……? W, what are you talking about……?”

Well, of course.
Normally, you wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about.
Even I didn’t understand at first.

“You see, I have met one hundred Goddesses in charge of reincarnation.”
“…… Ha?”

I truthfully tell Light who’s making a stupid face again.

“Because There Were 100 Goddesses in Charge of Reincarnation, I Received 100 Cheat Skills.”

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