Chapter 64

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Another Reincarnated Person
“I, I have a report…… General Ouka has encountered the target in the vassal state of Samantha…… however, she was defeated and currently held captive……”

An Oni soldier reports with a trembling voice.

“Seriously, each and everyone useless. With this, three of the four general were defeated?”

The one who answered was a man sitting on a throne.
He’s about twenty years old or so.
A youth with no characteristic features who looks ordinary from every angle.

But, the fact is, that this man is the Emperor of the Rein Empire.
It happened only a year ago.
The young man appeared out of nowhere, cruelly defeated the Empire’s elite forces and shocked the nation.

Thus, the young man dethroned the previous Emperor and made the imperial throne his own.
Since then, he has been ruling over the country with overwhelming power and fear.

“Certainly, that woman was the hero of Oni? Wouldn’t it better if I make her a prostitute or a sex slave instead? She has a good body, I think everyone would want a turn…… Alright, let’s do that when she returns. Oi, you said she was taken a prisoner?”

When the man speaks ill of the hero of Oni they are so proud of, the soldier’s face turns red in anger.
However, he strongly endured. He clearly understands that he’s not the young man’s match if he turned his sword against him, and moreover, there’s a likelihood that he would bring harm onto his brethren.

But, as if ridiculing the soldier’s innermost thoughts, the Emperor said.

“By the way, I have to punish you, the Oni for this time’s failure, don’t I? Rather, you have been quite disobedient recently. It’s obvious even if you conceal it, ya know?”

The Oni soldier gasps.
The Emperor looked at him weirdly and ordered one of the ministers beside him.

“Onihime-chan, was it? Bring her here.”

An expression of despair floats on the soldier’s face.
He immediately appeals to the Emperor.

“P, please wait…… s, somehow…… anyone, but that person!”

The minister was bewildered by that reaction, but Emperor continued without minding.

“Also, gather everyone as usual.”
“P, please don’t…… I don’t care what happens to me! However, not that persooon!”

The soldier was already half-crazed.

“So noisy.”

The Emperor swatted his hand sideways in irritation.
The next moment, the robust Oni soldier’s body got blown away like a ball.
The soldier crashed into a wall and remained silent.

“Looks like we will have a good show today.”


◇ ◇ ◇


Many people gathered before the Emperor’s throne.
High-ranking officials and military officers of Rein Empire and representatives of the vassal states.

Everyone’s expression is gloomy.
Everyone is holding great displeasure with the Emperor sitting on the throne.
However, everyone endures their feelings and lower their heads in submission.

“Um…… umm…… just what is going to happen from now on……?”

A girl restricted by soldiers is carried in.

It’s a beautiful Oni girl wearing traditional Oni clothes.
She is around 14-15 years old.
She nervously looks around the people gathered in the throne room with an innocent expression on her face.

“Ku…… Onihime-sama……”

The Oni people who gathered in front of the throne grind their teeth.
The Emperor views their state with a grin.

The reason for the gathering is the defeat of the Oni General, in other words, a lesson for others.
The Emperor holds the daughters of the Empire’s officials and princesses of the vassal states hostage.
The defiance has been growing recently, so the Emperor intends to show them what happens when they disobey him.

“Well, besides anything else, I just want to simply enjoy myself.”

At that time, zun, loud footsteps start resounding.
The gathered people leak voices of surprise unconsciously the moment they appeared.

They were Ogres.
Not just one, but three of them.
They are recognized as monsters because of their violent natures and low intelligence.
But, they seem to be trained as they are listening to the orders of the monster tamer behind them.

The Ogres stopped right in front of the girl called Onihime.
Fuufuu, they are breathing roughly in excitement.
The girl looks at the over two-meter tall bodies in fear, a, ah and leaks a soundless voice.

“S, surely not……”

Soon, somebody notices the Emperor’s intentions and groans in shock.
Immediately after, on the monster tamer’s command, the Ogres easily rip off Onihime’s clothes.


Onihime screams.
With her clothes torn, her beautiful, white skin has been exposed.

“Ahahahaha! That’s quite a wonderful show, isn’t it!? They say Oni have evolved from the Ogres! So to speak, Ogres are a lower organism of Oni! To think that the beautiful Onihime will now get violated by such primitives! It’s surely a blasphemy against God! Isn’t this the best show!”
“Y, you bastaaaard!”

A soldier of the Oni tribe shouts in anger and launches at the laughing Emperor.
People of various races who also couldn’t endure it anymore attack the Emperor too.

“Fools. Do you think that insects like you can beat me?”

The Oni soldier who was about to cut the Emperor with a sword has crashed into the ceiling the next moment.
The skilled warrior who followed after him has his arm twisted and got thrown against the floor, and the youth from Empire who rose in revolt was fluttering through the air without being able to do anything.

Next, magic circles appear beside the Emperor, and he shoots two advanced magic attacks.
The terrifying cold air that was released immerses those who were trying to jump at the Emperor in an instant.

Among them, resistant against the cold, a huge bipedaling lizard landed a strike on the Emperor.
He, a lizardman is the last of the “Four Generals,” the Beast General Baroa.

“Hmph, even you are trying to oppose me?”

But, even though Baroa striked the back of Emperor’s head with all his might, Did I leave a fly behind? said with a calm expression.

“Thus, the Four Generals were annihilated, huh. Well, I just wanted to use those fellows for a bit, I don’t care whether I have them or not.”

The huge body of the Beast General Baroa flew through the air outside of the throne room.
That was the end.

“Then, shall we continue?”

After overpowering the strongest class mages and warriors from many countries, the Emperor laughed as if nothing happened.
M, monster…… someone whispered.

“No…… s, stop it…… stop it please……”

When Onihime desperately cries for help, the Ogres start ripping the clothes off of her in an even bigger excitement.
No one is willing to help her anymore. There’s no one who can help her.

——But, right at this moment.

“Saying that you are a scum is an understatement.”

Suddenly, such voice could be heard from behind the Emperor.

“…… Who are you?”

The Emperor looks back and frowns.

There, he saw a man he has never seen before.
When did he get there?
The Emperor was quite surprised that he didn’t notice his presence before.

“Although I’m unwilling to admit it, I’m a person from a different world just like you.”

The man spat out.

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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