Chapter 63

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Oni General
“Uu…… really, what is this…… what is thiiis…….”

Belfene who was summoned stark naked sniffled like a spoiled child.

“Summoned at the worst time while trying to take a shower…… he knows my real name…… I was subordinated without knowing…… but, what I can’t understand above everything else——”

She glares at me with tears in her eyes and shouts.

“——Why are you stronger than Duke class demon like mee!?”

On the way to the Rein Empire.
I battled Belfene in an uninhabited wasteland.

(If you win against me, I will release you from the subordination.)
(Ha, what a foolish human. Alright. I will make you prostrate in front of my power.)

The peeing bishoujo demon-chan said so full of confidence, but the fight was concluded within twenty seconds.
Her status is roughly equal to Lucifer.
And like demons, she’s using fiendish magic like instant death magic or mind control magic. She’s very diverse.
But, unfortunately, magic has little effect on me because of my magic resistance breaking through the limit.

“There, there, you are our pet from now on.”
“A pet!? At least make me a familiar, right!?”
“We have to teach you how to use the toilet first, don’t we~”
“Stop it!? Don’t rub salt in my wounds!”

My magical power is consumed just by her being here because she was called with summoning magic. But, it’s nothing difficult for me since I have the [Magical Power Recovery・Extremity] skill, but because the person herself begged me to “Return me to the underworld”, I decided to send her back for now.
I plan to summon her when necessary from now on.

“Ahh, feels good. After all, occasionally taking a long bath is――――Oi, I told you not to summon me with such bad timing, didn’t I!?”


◇ ◇ ◇


(Warning. Several hostile individuals approaching from the sky.)

Naviko-san’s warning resounded just as we entered the Samantha country.

“From the sky? Just what is……”
(Because they are still outside of my detection scope, the details are unclear.)
“…… One kilometer away, about hundred meters in the sky, huh. As for number…… Forty-two. Small ones and big ones seem to be forming a pair. Are they riding something?”

I probe around with [Detection・Extremity] in Naviko-san’s stead. Because the effective radius of my detection is about three kilometers, there’s enough range.
Having confirmed their location, I use [Clairvoyance・Extremity] to confirm by sight.

“Ooh~ people are riding birds. There were dragoons before, they even have such units?”

No, looking carefully, they are not humans.
They have horns on their heads.

Before long, they approached the range of about five hundred meters and drew their bows.
The arrows pour like an early summer rain. Their aim is obviously NAVIKO.
The body is hit many times directly.

(Damage is zero.)

Arrows of this degree won’t be able to injure the frame created with a large amount of mithril alloy.

“Shugo~i! It’s rainyrain~!”
“N, delish. Mogumogumogu.”

Finding the arrow rain fascinating, Filia happily runs around the living room. Shiro not being interested in the matters outside a tad bit stuffs her cheeks with the pancakes I have been making since a while ago.

“You are too relaxed, aren’t you……”
“Please, don’t worry, Tira-sama. As long as I’m here, I won’t let them touch you no matter who comes.”
“I would rather not let you touch them.”
“Waun! Tira-sama is sharp as always desu waa! Haa, haa.”

Since we are being ambushed, I climb on the roof of the camping car.

“Flying in the sky is good, but I will have you come to the ground?”

I use the [Coercion・Extremity] skill.
It was useful against the Rein Empire’s army, but they are less in numbers, so I cut on the power.


(Master, why that word?)
“No, I just somehow felt like shouting that.”

The strange birds that lost consciousness fall to the ground one after another.
I have never seen birds like that. When I appraised them, it returned as a monster called “Onisha Bird.”

Among them, I found a superior suspicious bird with a different colored fur. Is the commander of this unit on that one?

“…… T, that now, just what……?”

While many of the birds lost unconscious, the commander is still conscious.
Leaning against the bird and slightly strained.

It’s a woman.
Furthermore, what a beauty.
She’s wearing a kimono-like clothes and a single horn sprouting on top of her head.
She’s from Onizoku who live on an island in the far east.

Her breasts are noteworthy.
They are huge.
Aren’t they bigger than Ellen’s?
I want to rub them. I want to rub them thoroughly.
She notices me and scowls with a glint in her eyes while I stare at her with impure thoughts.

“Y, you are……!”
“Ossu. I’m the target Karuna, Oni General Ouka-tan?”
“!? How do you……”

She’s one of the Empire’s “Four Generals.”
She’s probably targeting me in place of the Shadow General from the other day.

“…… Is this perhaps your doing? Just what kind of black magic have you used?”

Big breasted Ouka-tan cautiously asks while looking at the situation in the surroundings.

“I just shouted a bit.”
“D, don’t lie! I wouldn’t become like this otherwise!”
“Like this? Did you perhaps pee yourself?”
“That, there’s no way something like that could happen!”

I feel like she did.
Beautiful girls often leak themselves recently……
Nice, let me see more.

“I didn’t! I didn’t, okay!”

She gets down from the suspicious bird while earnestly denying.
This bird appears to be purely for transportation.
However, having lost strength in her legs, she drops to the ground in the middle.

“…… A, are you all right……!”

The other Oni around call to her with feeble voices.
They have retained their consciousness, but they can’t move because of my coercion.

“Are you okay?”
“…… Of, of course!”

Ouka somehow defies the pain in her legs and draws the katana from her waist.


She kicks the ground and springs towards me with a shout.
Even though she couldn’t move just a little while ago, what a great fellow.
I dodge her swing with my upper body and lend a light fist on her stomach.

“Gawa…… gu…… ah……”
“I think it’s impossible for you to defeat me in that state? No, it would be difficult even if you were fine.”
“Y, you still, don’t know……!”

Shouting while scattering saliva, Ouka swings the katana.
I decided to stop the blade with two of my fingers.


Ouka is shocked.
I feed her one more fist in the same place.

“Ga…… cough…… cough…… oeeeh……”

Her body bends, and she vomits.
Ouka’s knees give up, and she collapses.

“W, we can’t be defeated…… fo, for Princess’…… sake……”

Nevertheless, she still stretches her hand towards me.
However, it cut the air without reaching me.

Ouka crumbles down in place.
And her movements stop. It appears she lost consciousness.


◇ ◇ ◇


Onizoku is a tribe that lives on an island in the far east.
They have become a vassal state after being invaded by the Rein Empire, but they shouldn’t have a reason to fight themselves.
I ask Ouka who has been keeping silent since a while ago.

“You should be hating the Rein Empire who have invaded Onizoku’s country, right? Despite that, why are you so desperate? Have they grasped some kind of weakness?”

However, Ouka keeps silent with an expression of anguish on her face.

“If you don’t answer, I will fondle those bigger than Ellen’s boobies.”
“Ku…… they are certainly bigger than mine…… at this rate, my value to society……”
“You have said before that chest has no use whatsoever, didn’t you?”

Tira tsukkomi’d the shocked Ellen.

“…… Do as you please……”

Frail words leaked from Ouka’s lips.
Eh, seriously? I can do as I please? I will really fondle you?

…… Well, leaving jokes aside.
It can’t be helped if she doesn’t want to talk.
I didn’t want to use it that much, but let’s use that thing.

I approach Ouka.
Tira “Are you really doing it!?” shouted. She doesn’t trust me at all……

“I will check in detail for a bit.”

It’s possible to find out even more detailed information with [Appraisal・Extremity] when touched the target.
Thus, I feel around Ouka’s memories.
Her memories flow into my mind.
I unconsciously frown.

“…… I see. I understand the reason why Ouka-tan is so desperate.”

As expected, it’s quite a bad for heart story.
And, if my conjecture is correct——

Rein Empire.
There’s a reincarnated person just like me.

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