Chapter 62

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Angel and Demon
“Geh!? You are Lucifer!? Why are you at a place like this!?”

The peeing bishoujo demon screams.

“Your acquaintance?”
“Yeah. In fact, Belfene——Bel-chan and I have an unbreakable relationship.”

Lucifer says with her cheeks dyed red.

“Hey, don’t make such expression that would cause misunderstanding! Also, don’t call me so familiarly!”

On the other hand, the bishoujo demon——Belfene rejects Lucifer with a rough voice.

“Ahh, I can remember it clearly even now wa. The Tenma war between angels and demons several hundred years ago. Seraphs like me and Duke class demons like Bel-chan lead many subordinates to battle, understandably, as enemies wa. Even though we mutually loved each other, we couldn’t fight the tragedy that was the war……”
“We haven’t loved each other, and I was trying to seriously kill you, though!?”

It appears the two’s perception of the events is completely opposite.

“However, during that, we have sneaked out of our armies to secretly ascertain our love desu wa.”
“Weren’t you selfishly coming straight to me in the middle of the demon encampment!?”
“Our lips would occasionally overlap.”
“Didn’t you forcibly kiss meeee! Moreover, it was my first kiss, even though it was my first kisssss!”
“At times, we would stealthily exchange our panties.”
“That was your doing!? I thought that some stranger mistook my panties for theirs!”

Lucifer was apparently an abnormal pervert in those days.

“I wanted to see you desu waaaa!”
“I didn’t want to see you! Oi, don’t come any closer!”

Lucifer tried to embrace her, but Belfene hit her.
The angel who fell to the ground shouts with a face of ecstasy.

“Aaahh, holy water! It’s Bel-chan’s holy water desu waaa!”
“Don’t sniff ittt!”
“Collect! I have to collect it wa!”
“I had enouuugh! Return me to the underworld at onceeee!”

It doesn’t seem that Belfene can accompany Bramante and others in front of the wild Lucifer. …… In a sense, the demon was sealed thanks to the angel.

It appears that Bramante and the teachers gave up on enslaving her and decided to send the demon back without delay.
It succeeded as a magic circle appeared under Belfene’s feet.

“Ah, going back!?”
“Ahh! We are becoming separated once again desu wa!”
“Shut up! Someone like you——”

The bishoujo demon disappeared before she could finish speaking.
She has returned to the underworld.
With this, the case is closed.

“Bel-chan’s holy water has remaineeeed!”

——A trace of pee was left on the ground.


◇ ◇ ◇


“Oi, where is this!? Why didn’t I return to my previous location!? The wet panties are uncomfortable, I want to quickly take a shower and change! Aaah, a mosquito bit my butttttt!”


◇ ◇ ◇


“…… We were saved thanks to you.”

After the demon left, Bramante deeply bowed and thanked us.

“After all, summoning the supreme demon was reckless, wasn’t it……”

This failure must have hit her hard.

“P, please cheer up! There are many excellent magicians in this magic city! We won’t lose even to the Rein Empire!”
“Thank you, Richelle sensei. However, even if you say that…… that’s too optimistic of you.”

Rein Empire, huh.
I have crushed their army that marched towards the beastmen country Ekbana, we have beaten their assassin at her own game, they have kept us quite occupied. What a troublesome country.

(It was a large Eastern country throughout the history, but they had relatively good relationships with other countries. However, a new emperor ascended to the throne in recent years, their militarism rapidly expanded, and they started invading foreign countries one by one.)

Naviko-san teaches me.
U~mu, I intended to leave it as it is, but it’s about time to do something about it. It seems to have an adverse effect on my future enjoyment of the different world.

“Let’s go to the Rein Empire next?”
“Eeh? Y, you better not?”
“At any rate, we are already being pursued by the ‘Four Generals'”
“…… Ha?”
“No, that’s our business.”

Thus, we have separated from Richelle and Bramante and left the magic city.
We board NAVIKO and depart to the Rein Empire.
We plan to go through the neighboring country, Samantha. They apparently surrendered and became a vassal state just recently.

“Tira-sama, I’m really sorry wa.”
“? What are you talking about?”

While relaxing in the living room, Lucifer suddenly apologized to Tira.

“Even though I have Tira-sama who is my master, I have been disloyal and got excited about my ex-lover desu wa……”
“No, far from caring about it, I wanted you to disappear to the underworld together with her.”

Tira says expressionlessly.

“Ah! You are angry, after all! However, this is in a way a proof of jealousy desu wa!”
“I think you are misinterpreting people’s feelings way too much, though!?”
“Please, cheer up! As an apology, I will lick you anywhere you command wa! Feet, lips, buttocks, anywhere!”
“Then, please go lick the floor.”
“Understood wa! I will think of it as Tira-sama’s body and lick it in all sincerity! Lick, lick! Ahh, thinking that it’s Tira-sama, even the floor tastes delicious! A delicacy desu waaaaa!”
“I think this fallen angel is too high in various ways and lost control!?”

She really got excited while licking the floor, this fallen angel……

“Nevertheless, that demon was full of misfortune, wasn’t she…… even I wouldn’t be able to regain my footing for three days if suddenly summoned in front of people while on the toilet.”

Ellen pities the demon girl.
I think three days is surprisingly short?

“There are cases where people suddenly appear while you are bathing, aren’t there?”
“That would be you, right!? I was seriously startled that time!”

By the way, I have [Summoning Magic・Extremity] skill.
That director had to gather various materials and draw a complicated magic circle, it took considerable preparations to summon an advanced level demon, but I don’t need such troublesome labor.

I can summon the demon as long as I know its real name.
Like this.

“Belfene Satania Diabolos, Summon.”

The living room ominously shines, and a girl’s silhouette appears.

“Haa…… I’m finally able to take a shower…… seriously, what a terrible day———hoeh?”

The bishoujo demon was summoned completely naked this time.

“Why am I always summoned at the worst timiiiiiiing!?”

By the way, I got her real name from the appraisal.
Like this, I’m able to summon her as I please!


◇ ◇ ◇


A group of suspicious “Onisha Bird” is flying through the sky.
They have sharp horns on their heads.
They are Oni who live on an island in the far east. But, they are currently in the country of Samantha, and they are headed to the city-state in the southwest——Liguren.


A young man riding the Onisha Bird returned from the southwest and said. He’s one of the scouts.

“The target has departed from Liguren this morning and heading in the mysterious magic tool towards us. If we stay on course, they will come directly to us.”
“I see.”

The person he called Ouka-sama is a young woman leading the group. When she receives the report, she meekly nods. There was a feeling of tragedy lingering on her face.

“…… An opponent that defeated both Dragon General and Shadow General…… but, we can’t afford to lose.”

She’s one of the Empire’s “Four Generals.”
Oni General, Ouka.

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