Chapter 61

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Great Demon (♀) Summoning
“In order to protect this city from the Rein Empire, we need more war potential. Considering that, I thought I had no choice, but to summon a powerful demon.”

Director Bramante sighed.

“We have already accumulated a considerable amount of data regarding the summoning thanks to the previous demon summonings. I believe it’s now possible to put an advanced demon under our control.”

And she stealthily advanced the demon summoning project.

“Put under control…… didn’t you just fail?”
“Few failures were expected. Besides, we were ready for sacrifices from the beginning.”

Richelle’s voice roughened up, but Bramante answered calmly.

“And this time’s summoning is the culmination of so far. For the sake of those who were sacrificed, we have to succeed. …… Therefore, I won’t let you hinder us!”

Bramante raised her right hand and many magic circles appeared around her. It’s summoning magic.

“A demon!?”
“No way, has she already succeeded connecting!?”

Ellen and Tira gasp.
Five demons appeared.
All are intermediate demons.

“Remove them.”

These specimens are apparently the success of Bramante’s previous experiments. In response to her command, the demons rush towards us.

It appears she intends to resume the demon summoning while we are dealing with the demons. The teachers start pouring magical power into the magic circle.
But, we won’t allow her to resu――

“How naive desu wa. Intermediate demons, do you think you can oppose this me——aaah, succubus! It’s succubus desu wa!”
“Ooh! Really! It’s succubus! Lewd dream! Show me a lewd dream!”
“Oi, what are you doing————!?”

Distracted by the succubus, Lucifer and I left the front lines.

“We can’t rely on those perverts! Let’s stop the summoning on our own!”
“I, I understand!”

The always useless child Ellen takes the lead and opposes in order to stop the summoning.
While Tira and others keep the intermediate demons at bay, Ellen springs at Bramante and the teachers.

“I won’t let y——”

Ellen’s body instantly froze.
It was the deed of Bramante, the “Ice Witch.”

At that moment, the magic circle was invoked at last.
A sinister light swells up in the basement and overwhelming presence advents in the center of the magic circle.

“Hieeee, it has succeeded!?”
“The summoning was successful. All that’s left is the contract……”

And then, what appeared――

“Fuu, I somehow made it in time! I was about to leak myse………… lf?”

——it was a bishoujo demon-chan with her panties half-way lowered.
Very lovely bottom!

“Eh? What? This? What’s going on? Eh? The restroom? The toilet?”

She looked in wonder around in the posture of taking her panties off.
However, she immediately notices that everyone’s gaze is gathered at her bottom and her face instantly turns red.

“Kyaaaaaaaa!? What, what, what!? What is this!? Who are you guys!? This is the restroom, right!?”

She crouches down while pulling up her panties in panic.
It appears she was just about to sit on the toilet.
Summoned at a time like this. This is the best.

“…… A, anyhow, it’s a success. Advanced——no, we have summoned a supreme demon.”
“She’s firmly under your control, Director! All that’s left is to form the contract!”
“I understand. …… Now, supreme demon. Tell me your real name.”

Bramante pulls herself together after being reminded by others and orders the demon.

“Who are you guys!? Is this perhaps a summoning!? Human scum has summoned a demon duke like me!? What a humiliation! No, although you have managed to summon me, at least consider the timing!”

The bishoujo demon starts ranting.
But then, it’s reasonable. Well, but there’s no way to know what the person being summoned is doing at that time, though.

“!? Moreover, I can’t return to the underworld!? Why!?”
“You are currently put under my control. Like this, your magical power will keep on drying up until you die. The only path left for you is to become my familiar.”
“Why do I have to become familiar to a hag like you!? Stop being so selfish!”

Just after shouting, the bishoujo demon’s cheeks cramped.
Her face quickly turned pale.

“Q, quickly…… r, return me to the underworld……”
“We can’t do that.”

Bramante rejects.
The bishoujo demon shouted with tears in her eyes.

“But, I will leak! I will leaaaak!”

As expected, even Bramante and others were shaken up by the demon’s earnest plea.

“Q, quickly form the contract! If you do that, I will let you go to the restroom.”
“No! Noo! Such humiliation———くぁwせdrftgyふじこlp.”

The rejecting demon is apparently already at her limit. Her speech became weird.

And finally, she broke through the critical point.

“N, noooooooooo! It’s coming ouuuuuuuut!”



A large puddle appeared under her feet.
Because of the sudden development of the summoned supreme demon peeing herself, everyone including Bramante was stunned.

“Mama~ That One~chan’s feet are wet, you know~?”
“…… Filia-chan, let’s pretend we didn’t see anything, okay?”

The cruelty of child’s innocence.

“Sniff, sniff…… sniff……”

On the other hand, the bishoujo demon who was disgraced by being summoned in public is crying with her lower part of the body wet.

“…… Unforgivable.”

Malicious words escaped from her sweet lips in between her sniffles.

“Unforgiveable, unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable!!!”

A terrifying magical power envelops the demon’s entire body.

“!? T, the domination magic has been cracked!?”

Bramante and others started panicking. The bishoujo demon apparently cracked the restriction in her rage.
And simultaneously with a terrific explosion, the domination magic of Bramante and the teachers was broken.

“I will kill you…… I will murder you……”
“Hi, hiiii!”

The teachers wanted to escape, but they fell on their backside because of the supreme demon’s coercion. Only Bramante was able to activate ice magic, but

“It’s futile.”

The magical power vanished like a mist at the demon’s single word.

“E, even director is not her match……”
“T, the magic city is finished……”


The teachers soiled their pants.
Oi stop it, no one wants to see that.

“Don’t think you will die a comfortable death after angering this me!”
“Please, leave it at that.”

Lucifer interrupts the demon.
The bishoujo demon turns around irritated.

“To give me orders, don’t you have quite the nerv——”
“Fufufu, long time no see, Bel-chan?”
“Geh!? You are Lucifer!? Why are you at a place like this!?”

These two are apparently acquaintances.

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