Chapter 60

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Director Bramante
“T, this time…… was my loss……”

The dark elf Ashera acknowledges her defeat with regret.

“To think she would defeat Ashera who’s the top student……”
“That elf, just who is she……?”

The onlooking S class students couldn’t conceal the defeat of the academy’s top student.

“Yay, yaaay! As expected of Tira-san! How does it feel, how does it feel!? That girl is my pupil! Did you see? You have seen it, right, Barbara? How did it feel? How does it feel having your precious pupil be defeated by the pupil of someone you look down on?”

Richelle who was yelling before the mock battle started became long-nosed because of her pupil’s victory.
Seeing her so elated because of the win, Barbara’s face severally warped in annoyance.
…… Indeed, that’s so irritating~

“H, however! I won’t lose next time! Fight me again!”

Ashera thrusts her finger towards Tira and declared.

“Alright. I will beat you next time too.”

At Tira’s cool response, the dark elven girl’s lips faintly loosen.

“…… A, again…… with that…… fufu…… fufufu……”

It appears she really did awake.


After finishing the inspection of the magic academy and after recovering Shiro who was sleeping on top of the academy’s roof in full nude, we have joined up with Ellen, Filia, and Lucifer who were playing in the town.

“…… So tired……”

Ellen is exhausted for some reason.

“What were you doing?”
“Filia got lost, and I was looking for her all this time……”

It appears Filia went somewhere on her own again.

“Where did you go, Filia?”
“Filia you see, got on a lo~ng one! Byuun! Race!”


(Regular flight magic tool races are held in this town. She most likely participated in that.)

Naviko-san informs me.
It appears that the speed of the broom vehicle depends on the user’s magical power.
I’m sure if Filia got on it, it would fly at tremendous speed.

“I got vic~tory~!”

Saying such, Filia showed an overall victory trophy that was big as her.
“Liguren・Flying Cup” was carved into it. Probably the race’s name.

(It’s the highest-ranked race. Incidentally, the winning prize is 300 gold coins.)

Moreover, it seems Filia set the best time and won by a large margin.
Rather, how did she even enter that competition……

“Can children even enter that……?”
(The qualification race is unconcerned with age, but the qualification should have ended half a month ago.)

Well, that’s given.

“That was fun~”

Well, the person in question seems happy, so let’s leave it.

“I have properly did ×× with an adorable magician.”
“I wasn’t asking you.”

Somehow, Lucifer’s skin is glossier than usually.

“Everyone, what do you plan on doing? I would like Tira-san to enroll in our academy by all means, but……”
“I’m terribly sorry, Sensei. I don’t have any intention of doing that at the moment.”

Tira received an invitation from Richelle, but she immediately refused.

“You can call it elven nature, I’m bad with places with many people……”
“Uu…… is that so…… that’s unfortunate……”

Richelle drops her shoulders and mutters.

“Even though if Tira-san with her outstanding talents enrolled in the school, I might have gotten a promotion……”
“Sensei, I can hear you?”

This half-elf, she’s quite wicked, isn’t she……

“I intend to stay in this city for a while. There’s something on my mind.”
“? Something on your mind, is it?”


◇ ◇ ◇


“…… The preparations are finally complete.”

In the basement of the Liguren’s Magic Academy.
There was a secret only a small portion of the people of the academy knew about.
Several men and women were gathered in the dim space with small lights.

“We won’t suffer just a little damage if we fail, but we should be able to oppose that country……”
“W, will it go all right this time?”
“It will. The last failure was properly investigated and already conquered. The materials for the summoning are excellent, we will be successful this time.”
“However, we were able to obtain some high-quality materials, weren’t we?”
“Yeah. …… Something unexpected happened in the relation of that, but…… no, there’s no problem. It’s a trivial thing.”

While they are having such a conversation, a person who was quiet all this time raised his hand.

“The preparations are done. We can move immediately.”
“As expected. The arrangement of the magic circle and materials is perfect.”
“Ooh, at last……”

A complicated design was drawn in the center of the room.
In a somewhat sinister shape, magic activated on a different principle than chanting――――a magic circle.

Tensed expressions float on all of their faces as they prepare to pour magical power into the circle.

“Well then, let’s begin the demon summoning.”

But, it happened at that very moment.
A voice of a person that shouldn’t be in this basement resounded.

“Director Bramante……? Surely not, the one summoning the demons was the director of the academy……?”


◇ ◇ ◇


“W, why are you here……?”

The one who opened her eyes in surprise was the director of the academy and the top of the city, Bramante.

The six teachers around her――most likely executives――got startled and the magic circle that was forming under their feet vanished.

“Besides, you guys…… this area should be restricted to non-authorized people?”

Bramante had a severe expression, but her voice was slightly trembling.

“Surely not, the one summoning the demons was the director of the academy……?”

Richelle timidly says.
Thereupon, the director and the teachers with her grimace.
I answered the question on their behalf.

“Precisely. All the recent demon summonings were conducted by the director Bramante.”
“The “Jewel of Malice” has various uses, but it’s a perfect medium for a demon summoning. With the repeated occurrence of the demon summonings, anyone would get suspicious because of the ‘Jewel of Malice’.”

Lucifer follows me up with her words.
Bramante greatly sighs.

“…… Seriously, there’s a limit to misfortune. I haven’t thought there would be anybody who would be familiar with the purpose of the cursed item such as the ‘Jewel of Malice’……”

Therefore, when she asked Richelle to obtain it, she probably judged it as no problem.
She has warned her not to tell anybody, but Richelle coincidentally met with us, and we got to know about it.

“However, why are you bringing damage to your own city?”

Tira asked the natural question.

“…… Because the power of the demon is necessary.”

Bramante says in a gloomy tone.

“Do you know? That just the other day, the Rein Empire from the east which is known for their military prowess has finally expanded its sphere of influence to the neighboring country of this magic city.”

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