Chapter 59

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Elf VS Dark Elf
The dark elf, magic teacher Barbara turns towards us.

“Hee? It’s quite rare to see one of the elves who just confine themselves in the village all the way here. I’ve heard that you have recently begun cooperating with humans, have you become more civilized race since then?”

Tira frowns at the light diss.
As promised, the elves and dark elves don’t get along.
Then, Barbara realized,

“Which reminds me, you have the elven blood flowing through your veins, right? No wonder you are stupid.”
“Whaa? What di——”

Tira clearly stated before Richelle could answer.

“Please don’t blame Richelle sensei’s stupidity on the lineage. The problem is with Richelle sensei herself.”
“Hey, Tira-san!?”

On one hand, Richelle starts complaining, on the other hand, Barbara “Sensei, you said?” tilts her head.

“Yes. I have received Richelle sensei’s guidance before. Because of fate, I was given the privilege of inspecting the academy.”

When Tira simply explained, Barbara said while making a weird face.

“You are unexpectedly proper considering you are Richelle’s pupil, aren’t you? …… This child is?”
“I’m Tira’s husband.”
“He’s not”

While having such an exchange, a girl greatly resembling Barbara approached.

“Did something happen, Barbara sensei?”

The girl called Ashera is a dark elf as well.
She’s probably a student in this class. While she still has immature looks, her proportions don’t lose to Barbara’s.

“How nice, dark elves…… they boobs are huge and erotic.”
“Karuna-san? I can hear you, though?”
“‘Ah,’ what do you mean by ‘Ah’!? Moreover, you just said it while looking at my breasts, didn’t you!?”

Ashera looks at Tira’s breasts and fufu laughs.

“You have laughed just now, didn’t you!? You did, didn’t you!? It’s our first meeting, and you laugh at person’s breasts!?”
“I beg your pardon. Laughing was indeed rude of me. I should have properly pity you””
“Don’t pity me, please! Seriously, this is why dark elves are…… what is with that appearances? Even if it would improve magic, such-male tempting get up isn’t necessary, right!”

Now that she said it, even though other teachers and students are wearing robes, these two dark elves are considerably exposed.

“If you’d like to talk like that, at least say it after exceeding me in magic, alright?”

Considerably proud in her magic skills, Ashera provokes.
Barbara proudly introduces Ashera.

“She’s my niece. She has received my magic teachings since young, and now she’s the top of the second-year S class. In other words, the number one among the students. Fufu, who is the stronger between our pupils, Richelle?”

And then, as if she came up with something good, Barbara claps.

“That’s right. How about you and Ashera have a mock battle? Just looking must be boring, right? Say, Ashera, isn’t that an excellent idea?”
“Yes. I have just been getting bored of the same opponents, it’s just what I needed.”

Ashera is enthusiastic.
On the other hand, gununu, Richelle bits her lower lip and groans.

“…… I, it’s frustrating, but Ashera-san is a prospective future professor of this academy, there are high hopes for her future…… as expected, even Tira-san……”
“Ain’t that fine? It seems fun, how about you give it a go?”
“Hey, don’t say it so carefreely!? It’s clear that she has an ulterior motive of using that to make fun of me in the future!”

When I suggest, Richelle shouts from my side.

“Tira just has to win right, just has to win.”
“T, that’s right, but……”
“I don’t mind, Richelle sensei.”

Tira makes a refreshing expression and turns towards the two dark elves.

“I don’t have the least bit of intention to lose.”

Ashera curls her lips up and says cheerfully.

“Alright, then, the loser has to let me rub her boobs, alright?”
“Of course it’s not alright (anger).”


In the center of the training grounds, Tira and Ashera confronted each other.

“Ashera is apparently having a mock battle.”
“Who is her elven opponent?”
“She seems to be Richelle sensei’s pupil.”
“Richelle sensei? Who’s that again?”
“Remember, the eternal lecturer……”

As the top of the students is fighting, the S class stopped their battles and came over to watch the mock battle.

“Ashera. Show them the strength of the Liguren’s Magic Academy’s top.”
“Yes. That’s my intent.”

In response to her aunt’s words, Ashera responds with confidence.

“Tira-saaan! Since it turned out like this, get better of that annoying dark elf and vent sensei’s anger on her by all means!”
“I have thought so before, but Richelle sensei really is selfish, aren’t you……”

Tira groaned at Richelle’s cheering.

“Well then, let’s begin the mock battle.”

At Barbara’s signal, Ashera immediately started chanting.

“——Assemble, raging red hot flames. Swallow my sworn enemy, and burn her without leaving bones behind.”

That’s the advanced level fire magic——Eruption.

“Advanced magic right from the start!?”
“As expected of Ashera, her chanting is absurdly fast!”
“Rather, her opponent will be burnt to crisp!?”

The students simultaneously raise their voices.


On the other hand, Tira fired chantless intermediate lightning magic.
The flash pierces through the air and directly hits Ashera.


A scream resounded.


The students stare speechlessly in wonder.
Barbara “Ha?” opened her eyes wide.

“T, that’s a…… lie…… right? A, a chantless intermediate magic……!? Moreover, I don’t even understand when the magical power converged……?”

Ashera who fell to her knees groaned with a face full of disbelief.
It appears that chantless intermediate magic is something that even the top students find surprising.

Tira-tan has been doing it on a regular basis, after all. …… Thanks to Lucifer and me.

(Thanks to that, her skill increased considerably.)

To think that daily tsukkomi would raise her skill this much……

“Ku…… however, the power is not that much!”
“I was holding back, after all.”

She sure did.
That attack right now was far weaker than the one she uses against Lucifer and me.
That dark elf has considerably high magic resistance, but she would instantly die under the usual power level.

“I, I can do chantless magic as well! Fire Arrow!”
“Thunderbolt x3.”

While Ashera fired intermediate fire magic, Tira fired three.

“U, au……”

Being bathed in the lightning, Ashera’s body twitches and quivers. Her breathing roughens, her hair is thrown into disarray, and the sweat running all over her dark skin is seriously erotic.

“Please, give up”
“G, giving up…… like I could do something like that…… you, tiny breasted elf……”


There was a sound coming from Tira’s head that wasn’t supposed to be audible because of Ashera’s taboo words.

After that, Ashera who didn’t admit loss was struck over and over by Tira’s lightning.
No matter how easy she’s going on her, any more than this would be dangerous.


“Haa, haa…… t, this might…… feel unexpectedly good……”

——She has been awoken.

“Just like Lucifer and I.”

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Ecchi Products from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

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