Chapter 58

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Academy
“I’m Bramante, the director of the Liguren’s Magic Academy. Thank you for coming over.”

A small old woman greeted us.
She who is the top of the magic city is apparently called the “Ice Witch.”

Bramante, 108 years old
Race: Human
Level: 84
Skills: [Ice Magic] [Water Magic] [Wind Magic] [Summoning Magic] [Chantless] [Magical Power Manipulation]

Oi, 108 years old!?
Putting elves aside, to reach such age as a human is incredible.
Furthermore, it’s my first time seeing such a high level.

“Despite her appearances, she’s apparently over a hundred years. Even though she’s a human, she’s mostly a monster, isn’t she?”

Richelle stealthily whispers to my ear.

“I can hear you, Richelle sensei?”

Bramante smiled.
However, her eyes are not smiling. Richelle’s face instantly turned pale.
Cough, Bramante clears her throat.

“I would like to thank you again for defeating the demon.”

After defeating the demon, we were summoned directly by her.

“Well, we just happened to be passing by.”
“That was really lucky for us. From what I heard, the enemy was an advanced level demon. Even magic guards would suffer several casualties in the process. And yet, there was nearly no damage and zero casualties. It’s thanks to you.”
“I, I have brought them along!”

Richelle recovers and insists on that point.

“I see. That’s a great achievement, Richelle sensei.”
“Ehehe, it wasn’t that much, you know~”

After humbly responding, Richelle whispers “Yaaay! Maybe there will be a reward!?” under her nose.

“However, to have a demon suddenly appear in the middle of the city, isn’t this city quite dangerous?”

It was Ellen who blurted out such a question to the director.
Then, Bramante makes a sorrowful face,

“——Demon summoning.”

She uttered such words.

“In other words, magic that summons demons. Liguren is boasting of the world’s leading city in magic research, but the practice of demon summoning and even the research itself is prohibited. …… That should be the case, but there are only a few magicians who won’t get defeated by the spirit of inquiry.”

This matter is surely the result of the demon summoning practice by such magicians, she conjectures.
The criminal apparently hasn’t been caught yet.

“As a matter of fact, this has been recently a repeated occurrence. Last month, an incident where the researchers of the magic research institute were attacked by an advanced level demon happened. The magic guards somehow managed to defeat it, but there were many victims.”

Normally, a small city would get destroyed when an advanced level demon appears, but they were able to somehow avoid it because of the many skilled magicians that live here.

“I’m sorry. Even though you have come all the way here, something like this happened.”
“No, don’t worry about it…… I have also wanted to come to this city for a long time. Ah, excuse me for late introductions, my name is Tira.”
“So it’s you. The one who’s Richelle sensei’s pupil.”
“Yes. I have received her guidance in the Elf Village before.”
“I see. Since you are here, why don’t you take a look at lessons that may interest you? I will inform the teachers.”
“Thank you very much.”


◇ ◇ ◇


After Karuna and others left.
Richelle alone went to the director Bramante’s office.

“It’s about the materials, though.”
“If that’s the case, I have properly obtained it!”

Richelle cheerfully reports.

In addition to defeating the demon (Karuna and others defeated it, though), she has properly acquired the requested materials (actually, this was also obtained by Karuna and others).
Maybe I will get a salary raise!? No, a promotion at last!? Her mind was completely full of flower fields.

Is that so, Bramante indifferently nods,

“Did you perhaps receive their assistance? You did not, did you?”

Richelle froze in place.

“I have requested you to keep it from others, didn’t I?”

Bramante confirms with a smile.

That’s right. She was indeed told so. In addition, when she was told things such as “In all honesty, I’m really uneasy about sending you, but there’s no one who is free besides you”, she thought that this hag should stop bullshitting her.

However, this has completely escaped from her mind from the fear of entering the den of the undead.

Daradaradara, Richelle’s face starts greatly sweating.
W, w, what should I do? Just how do I escape from this situation!?

In the spur of the moment from fear, Richelle averted her gaze,

“Richelle, dunno~?”
“It’s futile to pretend that you are a child.”

After that, she was terribly scolded.


◇ ◇ ◇


Since we have the opportunity, we decided to take Richelle’s class.

“…… The director is an ogre…… a demon…… stupid hag…… she should become senile and die already……”

Richelle dangerously curses under her nose during the lesson.
…… Did something happen?

The class she’s in charge of isn’t about the time magic she’s fascinated with, but a “Magic Circology” which is apparently the foundation of basics.
About thirty students are taking her class.

Richelle’s way of teaching is easy to understand, but because sitting in one place for so long was a pain, I ended up falling asleep like a log in the middle.

“…… Karuna-san, Karuna-san. The class has finished, you know?”

Tira wakes me up by shaking my body.

“Uu…… as expected, my lecture was boring, wasn’t it……”
“No, it’s properly stored in my head, so don’t worry.”
“Haven’t you slept through the most of it!”

Thanks to the [Eidetic Memory・Extremity] skill, even if I’m sleeping, everything perfectly records in my brain. It’s precisely the sleep-studying thingy.

“That white miss has also been sleeping all the time……”
“Shiro is always like that, so don’t mind her. Oi, wake up, Shiro.”
“…… N? Already morning?”

Shiro who was nimbly sleeping around the top of a chair slowly straightens up.
Incidentally, Ellen didn’t have much interest in magic, so she’s sightseeing around the city with Filia.
Lucifer is most likely hitting on cute girls.

“Would you like to see practical skill lesson instead of sitting in the classroom this time?”
“Oh, that sounds more interesting.”

Richelle guides us to training grounds where practical skill classes take place.
Magic is flying around.
The students are doing mock battles.

“Hee. Their level is higher than I thought.”
“This class is the S group where the best students gather.”
“Oj mx, Richelle. Long time no see?”

While watching the class practice, a woman approached us.

“Geh…… Barbara…… why are you here?”
“Samantha sensei fell sick, so I was entrusted to be a substitute. The S class wouldn’t be able to practice if it were not for me, after all. …… By the way, what about you? Have you finished your odd job safely?”
“I, it wasn’t an odd job!”

A glamorous figure with brown skin.
Sharp, elf-like ears.
I don’t have to look at her status to see that she’s a dark elf.

“…… Even though we were classmates, she was promoted to an associate professor earlier, she got married before me, and she always looks down on me…… she should be killed in an accidental discharge of magic.”

Richelle tells me with a voice only I could hear.

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