Chapter 57

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Advanced Level Demon
The magic city got noisy.
The reason being the sudden appearance of a demon in the crowd.

“D, demon!”
“Quickly escape! ——!? M, my body……?”

The people who tried to escape all stopped moving simultaneously.

“Fufufu, did you think you could escape from me?”

A gentleman with jet black wings on his back said so happily while giving commands to low-level demons.
His name is Harbal.
Although he doesn’t have a title, he’s counted as an advanced level demon.

And, Harbal’s special skill is magic that allows the manipulation of the target as he wishes.
Although the people are citizens of the magic city, they can’t oppose something with such colossal magical power as the advanced level demon.

“S, save me……”
“Stop it pleaaase!”

The people who became aware that it’s the demon’s doing could only imagine what will happen from now on and started panicking.

“Everyone, please be at ease. Unlike the low-level demons, I won’t do something so unsightly as kill・ing you straight away. I will first c・o・o・k you deliciously.”

Harbal graciously opens his arms and says as if singing.

“Now then, let’s take off the clothes first.”

Men, women, and even children, all get humiliated by Harbal’s magic they can’t go against and start undressing.
Stark naked bodies line up in front of the demon.
Harbal licks his lips,

“Ahh, fresh ingredients are the best, after all! Especially that young miss over there, you have a nice amount of fat, you truly have a body to my liking. U~mu, I’m troubled. Do I make you into sashimi or do I cook a steak?”

A huge knife suddenly appears in the demon’s hand out of nowhere.

“Let’s think about it while processing?”

Hearing the woman’s scream, a smile of ecstasy floated on Harbal’s face.

“Fufufu, I won’t give you the feeling of utmost pain. I mean, if I do that, you might die before I could savor your fear, you know? I love the expressions of my ingredients when they are chopped to pieces.”

Harbal aims at the incision of the abdomen, turning the tip of the knife against the woman’s chest.
The woman closes her eyes, but Harbal doesn’t permit that. She can’t even faint.

But, the woman’s skin wasn’t hurt.
The knife fell to the ground before the knife could stab.

“…… N?”

Harbal frowns at the situation that was against his intentions.
Did I let go of the knife? But, I wouldn’t do such blunder.

First of all, he tried to pick the knife up, but immediately, his body slowly fell backward.
He tried to support himself with his legs, but he didn’t have any strength.
Harbal crashed onto the ground just like that.

“Just what has……?”

A young man was looking at Harbal who’s face was stuck looking up at the sky.

“How is it? The feeling of being shown your own body being chopped to pieces while alive.”

There, Harbal finally noticed.
That his right arm up to the shoulder and lower body from waist down were missing.

“Gy, gyaaaaaaaaaa!?”


◇ ◇ ◇


Harbal who attacked the people of this city acted as a demon would, but he shows a stupid face under my feet.

“How is it? The feeling of being shown your own body being chopped to pieces while alive.”

The demon showed a puzzled expression at first, but he seems to have understood the situation immediately.

“!? M, my body is—— Gyaaaaaaaaa!?”

There’s no arm attached to his right shoulder.
It fell down to his feet while grasping the knife.
Furthermore, his upper half of the body and lower part of the body beautifully separated, and his upper half of the body fell to the ground with a little delay.

“Please, don’t worry. Everything’s all right now.”

Tira rushed to the woman who had been about to be cut open by the knife and covered her nude body in a mantle.

“Y, you bastaaard!? Just what have you done to my bodyyyy!”

The unsightly demon laying on the ground shouts.
His polite tone he used until a while ago completely disappeared and his true character came to light.
No, when cut in half, as expected even Gandhi would snap.

(Wouldn’t he die long before that?)

Well, right.

“What I did? I just lightly cut you?”
“Don’t bullshit me! A human like you shouldn’t be able to inflict a wound on an advanced level demon like me!?”
“You are saying that, but haven’t you ended up like this?”

Well, as one would expect, even I wouldn’t be able to cut advanced level demon’s body in half with a normal sword.
I have used [Absolute Cutting・Extremity] skill.
I cut him smoothly as if cutting tofu.

“Rather, you can talk even in a state like this. As expected of a demon. Shugo~i.”
“Shut up! I don’t know what trick you used, but I will make you regret making me go through something like this!”

Oh, he’s using some kind of magic.
It’s the magic he used on the citizens.

“Hahahaha! With this, you are my puppe——Fuga!?”

I stamped on his face.

“Why is it ineffective!?”
“Of course it wouldn’t work.”

Because my magic resistance easily exceeds 3000 when I break through the limit.

“L, low-grade demons! What are you doing!? Kill this fellow at once!”

Harbal calls for his demon subordinates.
But, they won’t come to help.
All low-level demons have been already eliminated.

“How foolish desu wa.”

Lucifer who exterminated dozens of low-level demons in several seconds approaches with a sweet smile.
Harbal opens his eyes wide in shock.

“A, advanced level angel……? W, why are you in a place like this……”
“Even if you ask, I have no obligation to answer a male demon.”
“So it would be fine if it were a female demon……”
“Rather, bishoujo demons are my favorite food!”

This fellow, is she really an angel……?

“Ku, kukuku…… kuhahahahaha!”

Harbal suddenly started laughing.
Has his mind snapped? Is what I thought, but his whole body suddenly started emitting an ominous magical power.

“! This is not good wa. This demon intends to self-destruct!”
“Kukuku, if I can take an annoying angel with me, I will be satisfied! And, you humans! Be afraid of the coming death and start screaming and crying!”

Provoked by the demon, the citizens start screaming in terror.

“Fuhahahaha! Cry more! Scream! And di——”
“…… eh?”

I use transfer magic and jump together with Harbal to a wasteland several kilometers away.
Because of the sudden change of scenery, the demon becomes stunned.

“In here, you can self-destruct all you want. Ah, incidentally, I won’t die even if the explosion swallows me up.”
“Y, you bastaaard!”

Immediately after, the critical point exceeds, Harbal’s body releases a terrifying amount of magical power and explodes.
I wouldn’t die even if I got dragged into it, but because there’s no need to get dragged in, I used transfer magic on the verge of explosion and returned to the town.

“I, I can move……?”
“To think the advanced-level demon will get defeated……”
“Thank you!”

It appears that the domination magic got broken with Harbal’s death.
The citizens thank us while crying.

“We are the Magic guards!”
“Where’s the demon!?”

Just at that moment, the city security unit arrived on the scene.
It has already been defeated, though?

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