Chapter 56

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic City
“Wha, wha, what is this thing!?”

In front of NAVIKO, Tira’s magic teacher, the half-elf Richelle raises her voice.

“You can go inside? Eeeh, so spacious!?”

She who entered the camping car opened her eyes wide in wonder.

(Welcome to NAVIKO.)
“Hieee, a voice out of nowhere!? A ghost, by any chance!? Is it a ghost!?”

Each and every one of her reactions is big and fascinating.

“(I’m not a ghost. I’m called Naviko. Pleased to make your acquaintance.)
“Ha, haa…… s, same here……?”

Though blinking with surprise, Richelle ambiguously bowed her head.
Unfortunately, it’s slightly difficult to explain the Naviko-san, the skill〈Navigation・Extremity〉to people of this world.

In the first place, the general idea of “skill” is not common.
There are people who have〈Navigation〉skill, but there are no which show such individual character.
Even Tira and others probably don’t understand it well yet.

“We have begun moving!? Is this perhaps a magic tool?”

When the camping car starts moving, Richelle raises her voice.
She’s absentmindedly muttering while looking at the moving scenery from the window.

“A, amazing…… there are magic tools that automatically move in the laboratory of the magic academy, but something this big and fast…… is this perhaps of the legendary ancient civilization……? Just where did you get your hands on this……?”
“I made it.”
“Incidentally, she can also fly. Naviko-san.”
(Understood. Transforming into the third form.)

Naviko transforms into the flight type.
Two wings appear, and she takes off.

“In this way, we will get to our destination faster.”
“We are flying!? We are really flyingggg!?”

For a short while, Richelle continued being plastered to a window while doing hie~ and fuo~ noises.

Eventually, she calmed down and sat on the sofa in the living room.

“Karuna-san, just who are you……?”
“Just an ordinary C-rank adventurer.”
“There’s no way that just an ordinary C-rank adventurer would be able to change me back from a vampire or make a magic tool such as this!”

Well, certainly.

“If you come to our academy, you will be immediately promoted to a professor, you know! …… Uu, how envious! Even though I have been a lecturer for eternity and keep getting surpassed by my juniors……”

Richelle glares at me with tears in her eyes.

“T, that’s right! Karuna-san! Please put out this magic tool on the market together with me by all means! It will surely sell big! Ahh, if we do that, I will quit the academy, and I will be released from the troublesome lessons and students, and I will even be free from the unreasonable director……!”
“Ha!? T, that was a lie just now, a lie! Therefore, don’t say anything before the director or the professors!”

Noticing Tira’s stare, Richelle panics and withdraws her previous remark.

“Re, research, research is pleasant, isn’t it~♪”
“…… Don’t try to cover it with forced actions.”
“I, it’s the truth, you know!? Because I’m able to research, that’s why I kept on staying in that academy! Small salary, bullying, and sexual harassment is no big deal~♪”

This person, she might actually be a strong-willed one.

“By the way, Sensei. What are you currently researching?”
“To be precise, it’s time magic! Called phantom magic, its existence has been recently doubted, but I truly believe! I mean, isn’t it dreamy! To freely stop and rewind time as you please! Besides, space magic exists. Therefore, time magic surely exists as well!”

Phantom, huh……

(Currently, a magician who uses time magic doesn’t exist.)

I can use it, though?

(Yes. Master has [Space-Time Magic・Extremity] skill, so the use of time magic is possible.)


“It might take my whole life to find proof! But, I would like to invest all of my life!”

Richelle breaths roughly through her nose and tells us about her dream passionately.

…… Yes, let’s be quiet about me being able to use time magic.
Rather, didn’t I use it to turn her back from a vampire?

“Incidentally, what would you like to do with time magic?”
“I want to return to my school days when I was at the height of my life!”

It was quite ordinary reason.


Magic city Liguren.
We have arrived at the city-state that is said to be the world’s most prosperous magic research place.

There’s usually a strict immigration inspection, but we were able to pass through smoothly thanks to Richelle. As expected of the magic academy’s teacher.

(Most of the people in this city study magic since young. Among them, at most five percent which is considered the top can enter Liguren’s magic academy. The chance to become a teacher at this academy is as low as 0.1 percent.)

Although she was crying that she was a lecturer for the past ten years, she’s unexpectedly an elite.

“Originally, Liguren’s magic academy was one of the research institutes of a country called the Sharuna Kingdom, but the country has fallen, and only this institution remained. Thus, a new city with the institution at its center was built. Because of that, the director who is the head of the academy is also the representative of the city~ There, look over there! That’s Liguren’s magic academy!”

There was a huge building towering in the middle of the city in the direction where Richelle pointed.

“Incredible. There’s a barrier stuck on the whole building.”
“It’s a powerful barrier that can withstand even the Red Dragon’s breath!”
“…… I can destroy it with one punch, though.”
“Fuee? Y, you are joking, right?”
(It’s possible.)

Being a magic city, magic seems to be used anywhere.
Girls riding on brooms immediately pass by us.

“Ooh, moving through the city on brooms, how magical.”

Rather, they use brooms even in this world.

(Flying on brooms is considerably outdated, but it seems to be a recent fashion.)

Is that so?
Rather, if they fly just a bit higher, I could see inside their skirts.

(Unfortunately, because of the problem of output, it can’t fly over the above-mentioned height.)

Too unfortunate.

Magical equipment and magic materials are sold at the street stalls, and the atmosphere on the streets isn’t comparable to the towns I saw before.

“Magic tool manufacturing is an important industry in this city. There are many small-scale workshops, and various articles are produced day and night.”
“He~ Even that puppet?”
“That is a puppet made with the cutting-edge magic technique! You won’t believe it, but it can even reply to our words!”

There was a slightly realistic type bisque puppet on top of a counter of one street stall.
When Filia approaches,

“It talked~!”
“Please, tell me your name.”
“Filia is Filia, you know!”
“Filia. Hello. My name is Annelotte.”
“Annelotte~ hello~!”

The elderly shopkeeper who saw their exchange was proudly smiling.

“Hahaha, do you like it, Ojouchan? Isn’t Annelotte clever? I made her.”

…… The little girl you are talking with right now is a puppet that is moving with magic as well, you know?

Rather, no every article on every street stall is nothing special.
Things I make will be of far higher performance.

(The magic crafts of this city are not on a low level, it just happens that Master is abnormal, don’t forget about that please.)

It seems to be such a thing.

While advancing since there were no products I was attracted to in particular,

“…… What is this, this presence?”

My detection skill perceived a bizarre magical power.
A moment later, Lucifer also apparently sensed something.

“It appears to be a demon.”

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