Chapter 55

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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37-year-old Can’t Go to The Toilet Alone
Richelle 37 years old
Race: Vampire → Half-elf

“That should be it.”

I have turned Richelle who became a vampire back into a half-elf.
Complexion returns to her pale face, and the fangs in her mouth also disappear.

“H, have you really turned me back!?”
“Fuee, thank you very muuuuch!”

Richelle was overcome with emotions and embraced me.
When standing like this, this fellow is taller than me.

I crouched down a little bit and buried my face into her big breasts.

“What are you doing (anger).”

Tira strikes my head with her staff.

“I’m glad for you, Richelle sensei.”
“Uuuu, like this, I’m able to return to the academy……”
“There~ there, I’m glad for you~”

Filia was riding on Shiro’s shoulders, but she gently patted Richelle who was shedding tears.
I don’t know who is the kid here.

“So, what are you going to do about the materials?”
“Hauu, that’s right…… …… I tried my best, but there’s nothing to be done since I didn’t find any, right……?”
“Please don’t ask me……”

Tira sighs,

“By the way, what is the material you are looking for?”
“In fact, it’s a precious material that you can get only in places swarmed with undead monsters like this……”

Apparently, it’s a material called “Jewel of Malice.”
Various negative feelings condense and occasionally create a lump of gems.

“You are looking for quite dangerous material, aren’t you?”
“Naviko-san, do you know there it is?”
(Let’s see…… when it comes to this dungeon, there’s a high possibility of it being deep inside, in the boss room.)

High ranking undead monsters apparently have strong malice.

“Then, let’s aim for the boss room.”


“Fufufu, look! Like this, the undead monsters are not scary! It’s perfect, right?”

On the way to the boss room, Ellen found full plate armor who knows where.
Tira asks with half-closed eyes.

“What is this about……?”
“I have found this on the display in the corridor!”

Her frightened state because of the undead monsters somewhere disappeared, and Ellen proudly puffed out her chest.
It’s same as when children stop being scared by monsters once tucked in the blanket.
Therefore, I informed her.

“Ellen, that’s cursed. It’s a moving armor.”
“!? I, I can’t get it off!? Uwaaaa, I can hear groaning close to my ears!? Save meeeee!”

This fellow is truly an idiot.
I have immediately dispelled the curse, so it turned back to normal armor, but Ellen ended up screaming.

“Ummm…… it’s really hard to say, but……”

After walking for a while, Richelle timidly raised her hand.

“I, I need to go to the toilet……”

I look at her fidgeting lower part of the body. It appears she’s considerably enduring.

(There’s a restroom after walking for a little around the corner over there. It’s just……)
“It’s not working, right?”
(Yes. There’s no water flow.)
“That being the case, it would be the same anywhere. There should be a suitable place around. Look, the shadow of that pillar for example.”

When I proposed such, tears started flowing from Richelle’s eyes.

“I, I don’t want that! Even though this is an abandoned castle, I would like to do it in a toilet with a proper ambiance!”
“…… Tsk.”
“Did you smack your lips just now?”

We were guided by Naviko-san and arrived at a restroom.
The restroom is dark and filled with even gloomier air than the corridor, even I would hesitate to use it.

“Uuu…… I beg you! Tira-san, please come together with me!”

Richelle clings onto Tira.

“No, I should go.”
“No, leave it to me.”
“You two be silent! …… I understand, I will go with you. tte, don’t push me, please. Why am I on the front lines?”
“B, because……”

I can completely see Richelle as a child.
Soon, when they before the private stalls,

“I will be waiting for you here.”
“You won’t go with me inside!?”
“As expected I won’t go that far!”
“Then, I will!”
“No, I will!”
“Please don’t enter the restroom, you two!”

Richelle fearfully opened the door of the private stall.
Gii, the sound of the rusty metal resounds.

“N, nothing will jump out, right……? I would hate that?”
(Please, be at ease. There are no signs of undead monsters around here.)
“I, is that so…… I’m gla――tte, who’s voice was that just now! That reminds me, the number of voices didn’t match up with the number of people since a while ago!?”

It appears she noticed Naviko-san’s existence just now.

“Richelle sensei. I will explain later, so quickly finish your business.”
“Uuu, I understand…… that, may I do it without closing the door……?”
“You can’t.”
“Tira-san is too harsh……”

Richelle reluctantly closed the door.

“Tira-san, you are there, right?”
“Y, you are, right? …… Umm, Tira-san!? Tira-saaaan!!”
“I’m here!”
“Hands will be coming out from the toilet as promised~”
“Karuna-san, don’t purposely scare her!”
“Tira-sama! How is it, the sound of your teacher urinating!?”
“Don’t ask me weird things, please!”

Before long, after safely finishing her business, Richelle steps out of the private stall.

“Haaaa, that was refreshing……”
“…… Is that so?”

Now then.
We went out of our way, so let’s——

“…… W, wait please!”

——Ellen suddenly cried out.
What, what is it? When we turn around, Ellen was there wriggling with her legs.

“I, I’d like to do it too……”

Do it together.


When we arrived in the boss room, what was waiting for us was a mummy spreading even larger malice than a Wight.

Wight King
Race: Wight
Level: 65
Skills: [Necromancy] [Black Magic] [Magical Power Absorbtion]

“What business, you have in the domain of the dead, living things……”
“T, this fellow talked!?”
“It’s Wight King. A top-ranking undead monster that’s not inferior to a vampire.”
“Please, be careful. I’ve heard that those weak at heart will be dragged into the spiritual world just by hearing its voice.”
“Hieee, how are we going to fight such an opponent!?”
“I, impossible…… someone like me……!?”

Just like usual, it was casually purified by Lucifer.
Boss monster……

“Eh, eh? It vanished……?”

While Richelle absentmindedly stares with her mouth open, I find the Wight King’s staff on the ground.

・Treasure Staff of Hatred: Magical Power +530

There’s a malicious looking jewel on the tip of the staff.

・Jewel of Malice

“It appears that the Jewel of Malice was used to make this magic staff.”
“W, with this, I can return home with the material!”
“Ah, wait. You will get cursed if you touch it directly.”

I hold back Richelle who happily jumped forward in a panic.

“T, that’s right, isn’t it? I was told to put it in this and bring it back!”

Richelle rummages around the small pouch hanging from around her waist and takes out a little box.
She puts on gloves and places the jewel in the box.

“The mission is complete!”


When we escape from the dungeon, Richelle expresses her gratitude again.

“You have really saved me. With this, the demonic hag——the academy director will change her evaluation of me!”
“I’m happy for you, Sensei. However, the mission continues until you return. Don’t lose the material you have worked so hard to get on the way back, all right?”
“I, I know even without you telling me!”
“Since I have not seen you for such a long time, I’m honestly very worried about you.”
“Uu, before I noticed, Tira-san started looking as if you were my teacher……”

In truth, Tira looks more like a teacher by far.

“Rather than that, can’t we go and take a look at that magic academy as well?”

When it comes to the magic academy, it’s the promised development when it comes to a different world.
Enrolling in the academy seems bothersome, so I will refrain, but I would definitely like to see it.
…… There’s something that’s bothering me as well.

“I’m sure you will be welcomed! Fufufu, I will show you my teacher side!”

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