Chapter 54

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Elf’s Teacher
We have encountered a white-haired ikemen vampire deep inside the dungeon.


Requie Vahar
Race: Vampire
Level: 63
Skills: [Bloodsucking] [Atomization] [Chastity Blood Magic]


“I’m in luck today. So many people suitable to be my followe——

He started saying something while putting on airs, but Lucifer ignored him and fired her heavenly power, making the vampire scream in a loud voice.
But, as expected of a high-ranking undead. It doesn’t seem like he will fall in one hit.

“A, aren’t you cruel attacking me all of sudden!? B, but I’m an immortal vampire. An injury of such degree will immediately heal………… it won’t!? No way, is this light perhaps……”

The vampire recognizes Lucifer’s real nature and opens his eyes wide in shock.

“You are an angel……!? Why are you at such place……!”
“I don’t have any obligation to enlighten a vampire like you wa. Please, disappear at once.”

Lucifer sounds unusually cold.
Vampires are abominable existences to angels, after all.

As if the vampire’s leisure from just a while ago was just a lie, he starts to panic.

“W, wait, please! Please, forgive me! I don’t want to die yet!”

Even more powerful light surrounds the vampire, and his body quickly disappears.
He has been annihilated while writhing in agony.

“You appear with a big-shot like aura and get instantly killed……”

I felt a little bit of pity towards the vampire.

“…… That’s was regrettable wa. Even though I would have overlooked him if he was a beautiful vampire girl.”

Lucifer gender discrimination is terrible.

“T, the mission is complete with this, right!? Let’s immediately return to the guild to report! They are surely waiting for our return!”
“Ellen-san, don’t be so pushy just because you are scared. I’m concerned about the scream from a short while ago.”
“N, something’s there.”

When I look where Shiro is pointing, there certainly was someone collapsed on the floor.

“From the looks of it, it’s not a zombie…… is it perhaps to one who had screamed?”

When I approach, I heard a groan.

“A, aree…… what am I doing in a place like this, I wonder……?”
“You oka~y?”

When Filia called out, the person sprang up about twenty centimeters while sitting.

“D, don’t eat mee! I’m not tasty!”
“We won’t eat you. Please, don’t worry, we are not monsters.”

The person timidly looked at us while leaking out a weird voice.

“I, I’m glad……”

She lets out a great sigh of relief.
I thought her lisping tone was childish, but she’s, in fact, a beautiful adult woman.
Pretty blond hair and noble small face.
Tall, with an hourglass figure and a properly expanding chest.

And her ears are slightly sharp.
Elf…… not, she appears to be a half-elf.

“Rather than that, what were you doing in a place like this, Richelle sensei?”
“Uu, in fact, I was commanded by the spiteful old hag to gather materials of this dung———eh?”

The woman looks up at Tira and stares in wonder.

“Long time no see, Sensei. I’m Tira who you taught magic in the Elf Village eight years ago. I’m the daughter of the patriarch Dias, do you remember me?”

She’s apparently Tira’s acquaintance.
But, the person in question starts magnificently sweating and denying while averting her gaze.

“I wonder what are you talking about? Am, am, am I not just someone else who looks similar? I have never seen or heard of a half-elf named Richelle, you know……?”
“That’s weird. Your hat has the name Richelle embroidered on it, though?”

She seems to be the type to write her name on her belongings.

“Uu, to think I would be exposed because of something like that……”
“No, you would have been found out even without that, but…… why were you lying……”

Tira is amazed.
The woman——Richelle becomes teary,

“B, because! Isn’t it too embarrassing to be seen by a pupil in such a condition! Even though I’m supposed to be a reliable Richelle sensei!”
“I have noticed back in those days, you know? That Sensei is a person that fails in various things.”

She feels like a considerably regrettable person.

“The same regrettable beauty as Ellen, huh. Your characters overlap.”
“I, I’m not as bad as this!?”
“You are in no position to say that……”

Tira introduces her again.

“Richelle sensei is an expert in magic, and she’s working as a teacher in a famous magic academy. I had received her guidance when she dropped by the Elf Village once before.”
“I, I’m Richelle…… umm, I have let you see something embarrassing……”


Richelle, 37 years old
Race: Vampire
Level: 43
Skills: [Lightning Magic] [Fire Magic] [Wind Magic] [Recovery Magic]


She’s 37 years old?
Although she’s a half, the elven blood within her makes her look younger as expected.
And she certainly powerful as a magician, but……

“I don’t care about the materials anymore, I would like to get out of here at once……”
“Are you sure? What about the orders from the school superiors?”
“U…… t, that’s actually right…… moreover, it was a direct order from the academy director….. but, even though I suffer so much and work overtime, I won’t get any raise, you know! Don’t you think that it’s too cruel!?”

Richelle suddenly complains while on the verge of tears.
…… It seems to be a black academy.

“But, if you go out like this, you will suffer pain under the sun, ya know?”
“You have been changed into a vampire.”

When I inform her, Richelle’s face turned blue.
No, I could not feel any blood from the beginning, but.
That vampire slurped her blood and turned her into his follower.
Looking carefully, she has fangs sticking out of her mouth.

“Uuuu, this is the worst…… I won’t be able to marry with such body, won’t I!”
“You are worrying about that……? You will be subjugated before having a chance to marry, you know?”

Richelle opens her eyes wide in shock.

“I don’t want to die yet! What should I do!?”

Looking down at the sad Richelle, Lucifer sighs.

“If you have turned into a vampire, I can’t let you go as an angel wa……”

Richelle falls on her backside and miserably retreats.

“However, I will overlook it since you are a beauty wa! No, rather, I will take care of you by my side! Guhehehe……”

Indeed, her gender discrimination is terrible.

“Don’t worry. I will turn you back.”
“R, really? Please! I will do anything!”

Richelle clings to me with a look on her face as if she found a messiah.

(Turn her back to a living being with [Necromancy・Extremity], revive her with [Recovery Magic・Extremity], or return her to the time before she was converted to a vampire with the [Space-Time Magic・Extremity], there are several ways.)

It’s not a long time since she became a vampire, so rewinding her time seems to be the quickest way.


Race: Vampire → Half-elf


Alright, it went smoothly.

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